24 April 2020

Published April 22, 2020 by rochellewisoff

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Yeah, I know, the frog’s not blue and the following story is a rerun (the story, not the photo) from March 2013. Hard to believe as of this month, I’ve been writing Friday Fictioneers stories for 8 years. Many writers have come and gone since then, but still there remains a handful of us die-hard FF’rs. Thanks for participating one and all. 

Genre: Realistic Fiction

Word Count: 100


            Boxes overflowing with rusted ten-penny nails, camping equipment and car parts cluttered the garage. Judith hated the chaos, but other things got in the way of Greg’s promise to organize until the day he deserted her.  

            It took months to sort through the cardboard jungle.

            Then she came across a crate with “Judith” painted on the lid. In it she found her class ring, his first speeding ticket and a bottle of cognac—same vintage they’d shared on their honeymoon.

            A note in his uneven scrawl read,

            “Damned cancer. Wish I were there to toast forty of my happiest years.”

97 comments on “24 April 2020

  • Always sad when loved ones leave us.
    “Deserted” her- he actually fell prey to cancer. Wish there was no cancer and no such dreaded diseases…
    Sad but beautiful story. Judith must feel so loved as her husband values their time together.

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    • Dear Linda,

      A recently widowed friend of mine reminded me that all those habits that annoy will be the very things most missed should the unthinkable happen. I’m also married to an ADD-afflicted pack rat. 😉 Thank you.



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      • Dear Josh,

        Up until last year, I printed each story and put it into a notebook. Somewhere along the line I left off. I’ve no idea how many stories I’ve written. Although from time to time I do like to take a break and post a rerun. 😉 Or add words to FF stories for Pegman. I remember when you and your alter ego joined. (Took me a year to figure that one out, but I can be a little slow on the uptake.) I believe I remember the week you missed.
        In any event, I’m glad you like my story. It’s still one of my favorites. Thank you for being a part of FF and for commenting. 😀




    • Dear Susan,

      One of my favorite MASH lines came from Radar when he said something to the effect of, “I was always mad at my dad for dying until I realized dying wasn’t his idea.” Thank you.




    • Dear Sandra,

      There’s nothing like an occasional misdirect to keep readers on their toes. 😉 Thank you for a lovely comment and for being one of the first to welcome me to Friday Fictioneers and standing by me these past 8 years.



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  • A sad ending, but on the other hand, what more sincere way to let her know the best years of his life came with her. So sad she lost a loved one, but her time with him was meaningful. Lovely story, Rochelle!

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  • Dear Rochelle,

    Saw Josh’s comment so I looked and I’ll be durned… I’ve been here since March 2015 myself! So… two years after this was originally posted means it’s new for me. And such a punch in the gut, too. Death is a desertion of sorts. Beautifully penned,

    Shalom and lotsa love,


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  • You’ve left me wondering how I would feel if I found a crate like that after my wife had died. It would be bitter-sweet, for sure, but it would also feel like a wonderful gift from the person who loved me most. Well written.
    Shalom and stay safe!

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    • Dear Penny,

      A friend who was recently widowed told me the very things that annoyed her about her husband in life were the very things she finds herself missing. I imagine finding something like that heightens the grief and deepens the love. Blessings to you and her.

      Shalom and good health,



    • Dear Ali,

      I enjoyed your departure from aliens and silliness this week. There must be something about photos of Paris. 😉 (Truthfully, I wrote this for another photo prompt, but it just fit this one, too) I knew you’d been with FF for some time. Glad you’re a part of it. Thank you for the comment and for you participation.



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  • That feeling of desertion over the death of a loved one is real. I was so sure it was heading for a break-up or a heart-breaking affair. You are the leading veteran writer of Friday Fictioneers, Rochelle. Well done! We so appreciate you keeping the torch (and the midnight oil) burning for us newbies.

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    • Dear Michael,

      This story is a rerun from March 2013. I joined the group on April 12, 2012, with no idea that 6 months later the baton would pass to me as facilitator. One of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Thank you re my story.




  • Dear Denise “The Purple Menace” W(T)F,

    I often wonder what our kids will find when the go through our stuff. Connie denies being a pack rat and prefers the term “collector.” Whatever the case, we have way too much “stuff.”

    Let me know if she needs help disposing cognac. I can help with that.

    I’ll be glad with the covid is behind us. It’s hard leaving a comment with a mask on. Perhaps I’ll ask Connie to leave some eye holes in the next one she makes for me.

    Happy Quarantine,

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dear Vern,

      I’m not too fond of the mask. Makes my face itch and I feel like I’m suffocating. Although I get a charge out of it when people laugh at the mouth I painted on it. If ya gotta do it ya might as well make it fun, right?

      Alas, Jan and I are both pack rats. Not to mention the art and art prints are taking over my office. Yeah, I feel for the kids. On the other hand, they’re free to also collect the crap in the basement that they didn’t take with them when they deserted us.

      When this is all over, perhaps the four of us can share the cognac. It’s our turn to visit the Land O’ Goshen.

      Sheltering up in this hear place,

      Denise “The Purple Menace” W(T)F

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    • Querida Isadora,

      Mission accomplished. 😉 You went where I wanted my readers to go. I think he knew she would’ve tossed the box had it not had her name written on it. Gracias para tus palabras amables, mi amiga.

      Shalom y abrazos y cariño,


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  • Ten-penny, interesting choice. I wasn’t sure what to think of this story till the end. Second time around? I’ll have to go see the prompt for the first one, see if I wrote one. I wonder what she felt when she found that bottle, wept profusely with joy and sadness as she drank, I expect.

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  • Such a sad ending. Old Will got it right when he said “Parting is such sweet sorrow that I shall say goodnight till it be morrow.”
    I just figured that this week’s entry is my 250th FF submission.

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    • Dear Subroto,

      That’s an accomplishment! I knew you’d been with us for a long time, but I lost track of how long. I honestly don’t know how many FF stories I’ve posted. Over the past couple of years I’ve posted a few reruns, too. This one was a favorite of mine. I agree. Will said it best. Thank you for your comment and your participation. 😀




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