South KC Sky Banner

Uploaded August 15, 2014 by rochellewisoff

5 comments on “South KC Sky Banner

    • Dear Rosemary,

      The link for the current prompt closed two hours ago. The next prompt will be up tomorrow morning 02:30 CDT. The genre is open to the individual. I tend to write a lot of historical fiction because it’s my favorite. Some write humor, some poetry or murder mysteries and fantasy. The only rules are that your offering be 100 words or less and go with the PHOTO PROMPT which will be marked. Look for it on my main page. I hope that helps. Welcome to Friday Fictioneers.




      • I should add that the link closes every Tuesday at 6:55 PM CDT. Some are obsessive about posting on Wednesday. Originally the concept was to get the prompt on Wednesday and post your story on Friday, taking two days to write and polish. Somehow it has denigrated into a race to be first. I look forward to seeing you this week, Rosemary.

        Shalom again,



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