About Rochelle

P1140632Shalom! I am Rochelle Wisoff-Fields , author  and illustrator.

I attended the Kansas City Art Institute and still consider my greatest works of art to be my three grown sons. Of course I didn’t create them alone. I’ve been married to their father, Jan Fields or over 40 years.

My first book, This, That and Sometimes the Otheran eclectic collection of short stories and original artwork was published by High Hill Press in 2011.



Please Say Kaddish for Me, my debut novel, published by Argus Books was released in May 2015. To purchase, click any of the links below:


PSK Cover

The sequel, entitled From Silt and Ashes, also from Argus Books, debuted n December 2015. It is available at most of the same places.

FSAA Front Cover


Both books are represented by  Jeanie Loiacono of Loiacano Literary Agency.

AOMOC titled cover art

The third novel of the Havah Gitterman Saga

Available at these sites: 

Amazon  Amazon AU  Amazon UK  Amazon CA  Amazon DE  Amazon IT  Amazon FR  Amazon ES  Amazon IN  Amazon JP HPB  Hudson Books  B&N  BAM  IndieBound  Waterstones Marketplace  Angus & Robertson  Smashwords  Powell’s  Waterstones  KOBO  Scribd  Goodreads

201 comments on “About Rochelle

  • Rochelle,
    Congratulations on being featured in WP’s Daily Post today. Your weekly challenge has awakened my latent desire to tell some stories and stretch my comfort zone. I look forward to this week’s challenge.

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  • Hi, I’m a first time blogger and I found you via Daily Post. Been wondering how I can participate and share more. Would also appreciate to have some feedback on my blog. Thank you! 🙂

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  • Dear Rochelle, I continue to have problems with my website and had to install a backup which meant I had to recreate my FF post. It is done and at the bottom #92 but I need #79 deleted as it is a broken link and I can’t delete it. The comment problem is still there and am waiting for the forum to help me. Thanx, so much. Susan:)


  • Hello, Rochelle. I’m glad to have found your blog and the Friday Fictioneers. I enjoy writing prompts and am looking forward to participating in more.


  • Hi Rochelle, I hope this isn’t a bother, but I have a question that I think you might be able to answer. I’ve noticed some bloggers (e.g. you) mention they have an award free blog. I’m still a bit new to WordPress. What does having an award-free blog mean and what are the awards people receive? From what I can tell, the awards seem mostly superfluous, but I could be misunderstanding the purpose.

    It feels strange to put this in a comment, but WordPress doesn’t seem to have a private messaging system without a plugin. Hope you are having a great day. 🙂


    • Dear Laura,

      I’m sorry it’s taken me a while to get back to you.It would be nice if WP had a private messaging system, wouldn’t it? At any rate, if someone else reads this it’s okay.

      As you can see by my margin on my page, I’ve participated in a few of these “blog awards.” While I’m flattered when someone “nominates” me, it’s a time suck and, in my opinion, not really an award. It usually requires copying and pasting and then answering a list of questions. In turn, it also requires nominating at least ten other people. So really kind of a blogging chain letter. So after doing a couple I decided to be award free.

      I hope that makes sense and explains it for you.




    • Hi Jennie,
      To send a photo for a prompt, attach it in jpg form and email it to runtshell@gmail.com. Please make sure your name shows up either as a signature at the bottom or it or in the name of the jpg. Something like jennie.jpg. I’ve photos that I know were sent by FF’rs but I can’t remember who.
      Shalom and thank you.



  • Hi Rochelle,
    While I regret to say I haven’t read either of your books, (A mistake I look forward to correcting shortly), I was hoping, you could take a look at my blogs and let me know what you think of my writing. I would a peer’s opinion.
    I look forward to participating in Friday Fictioneers.



  • Hey Rochelle, hope this finds you fine. I sometimes come across good abstract pics that could be used as prompts for fictioneers. I do not know if suggesting one would disqualify me from that week’s attempt but I wouldn’t mind. How can I share some with you?


  • Hi there, I’ve nominated you for a Mystery Blogger Award as I’ve enjoyed your blog so much! Accepting the award was actually quite a lot of effort so I completely understand if you don’t want to accept it 🙂 If you do, all the (quite detailed…) instructions are on my blog. Cheers, Barb.

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    • Dear Robert,

      I almost missed this. For whatever reason it went to my spam queue. You’re more than welcome to ‘mooch’ around. Feel free to leave comments on stories and pages as well. 😉 That’s the reason I post a blog. Thank you for coming by. Make yourself at home.



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