Erie Canal

Uploaded October 6, 2014 by rochellewisoff

3 comments on “Erie Canal

  • This is the Erie canal, reminds me of the Pound River, that runs from Kentucky through Pound and on up toward the Breaks Interstate Park before it is intercepted in Dickenson County, Virginia’s Flanagan Dam. With the stores lining the river just like here and I can see myself standing on the Chant B. Kelly bridge looking toward downtown Pound and remembering the days long gone when Pound was thriving community for the surrounding farms. I thought it would continue to grow and prosper but with excess government regulation that had forced the closure of several coal mines. Things have changed in a big way and for the worst. People had been forced to relocate so they and their families may not only survive in these uncertain times but thrive.


    • Welcome Amy,

      Of course it’s the Erie Canal. This was taken in Upstate New York a couple of years ago. This photo is not to be confused with the photo prompt. 😉 Thank you for the added info.




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