30 November 2012

Published November 28, 2012 by rochellewisoff

Ready or not, here it comes the holiday season is upon us and I’m not at all prepared.  On the upside this is my sixth week as facilitator for this wonderful group of blogging authors. 

As this page goes live it’s November 28, the dawn of my 41st wedding anniversary.  (No. This isn’t this week’s photo prompt 😉 )

Now that you’ve oo’d and ah’d over my vintage wedding picture here are the “rules”:

  • Depending on your preference, leave your blog link  in the comment section or use the linkz tool (or both ;)). My story follows for those who’d rather not read it before writing their own.
  • Please make sure your link works. If you find that you’ve made an error you can delete by clicking the little red ‘x’ that should appear under your icon. Then re-enter your URL. (If there’s no red x email me at Runtshell@aol.com. I can delete the wrong link for you).
  • If your blog requires multiple steps for visitors to leave comments, see if you can simplify it.  Please, for the sake or our writerly nerves, disable CAPTCHA –that wavy line of unreadable letters and numbers.  It’s frustrating to have to leave a DNA sample, your blood type and your shoe size  just to make a comment. (So I exaggerate. But hopefully you get the picture).
  • Challenge yourself to keep stories to 100 words. (There’s no penalty for going over or under).
  • Make note in your blog if you’d prefer not to have constructive criticism.
  • Be kind in your comments to others. Exercise discretion.

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Many thanks for all the well wishing on our anniversary. As always, Jan sent roses to the restaurant. I have to kvell. My husband’s an incurable romantic and hasn’t missed a November 28th in all these years. 

Now without further adieu, here’s my story. 


           “One more cheesy rendition of Jingle Bells and I’m outta here.”  

            After seven hours of checking out surly customers on swollen feet Carla’s holiday spirit reached its lowest ebb.  As she slammed her register drawer a burst of warm fluid soaked her pants.

            An associate helped her to a pallet on the dressing room floor. Another called 911.

            A hard contraction sent pain-waves through her spine. The paramedic spread her legs and shoved his hand between them.

            “Ten centimeters.”

             Carla pushed.

            “It’s a boy!”

            The overhead speakers blared with Burl Ives singing.    

            “Jingle bells, jingle bells. Jingle all the way…”

96 comments on “30 November 2012

  • You must of been one of those child brides. Connie and I will have our 38th in January. It only seems like 60 or 70 years ago when she swept me off me feet and made me her love slave.


  • Congratulations on forty-one years and on six weeks! I’m one more who initially thought your wedding picture was the prompt. I could have made it work for a story I’ve been formulating… but your husband might not have liked the role in which I would have cast him. 😉 Enjoy your momentous day! Praying many more happy milestones in your marriage and in your role as Friday Fictioneers hostess!


  • Another baby coming into the world on Christmas. I particularly liked this sentence: ” After seven hours of checking out surly customers on swollen feet Carla’s holiday spirit reached its lowest ebb” and the use of the jingle bells song at the end, which I took as a welcome to the new baby (or also relief that it was done that quickly!!)


  • This is good. I felt as if I was a spectator invited to watch his birth. Oh, how I miss the Country Club Plaza lights at Christmas. All the different stores and buildings outlined in the different colored bright colored lights. No other place can do it up for Christmas like they can and what a classy place it was to shop. No ‘Walmart’ fare there.


  • Dear Rochelle,

    Have to say I agree with Ron, and reading over your story I think it’s what you intended. A very subtle and doubly entertaining story. (As a child I heard so many Burl Ives songs that the very mention of his name makes me cringe.)

    I think it is interesting that the FF’ers as a group wanted to use you wedding picture as a prompt. I would have gotten stuck with that one. The hair styles. I remember the days.




    • Dear Doug,
      Thank you, thank you for not using my wedding picture as a prompt. Posting it seemed like the thing to do at the time…oh well.

      As for Burl Ives and holiday songs, I’ve been inundated with them at work. Fortunately after two days they turned down the volume.

      Thanks for your comments that mean so much,


  • Just wait until you hear my version of Jingle Bells. It more the Frank Sinatra style with a lot of “heys” and “jingle chick” thrown in. It would make you appreciate Burl Ives.


  • (Belated) Happy Anniversary. I think your beautiful wedding photo would have been an easier one to work with this week.

    I love the way you set your story up and led us through. I just hope Carla comes up with a suitable non-seasonal name. 🙂


  • Well, Merry Christmas! What a wonderful present. My sister was born on Christmas. Great story, Rochelle. I enjoyed that! Happy Anniversary to you and your husband. Wow, congratulations. What an accomplishment to be married for 41 years. Amazing.


  • A Christmas baby! You know, I might have been there for that. I used to manage the clothing department for a well-store. The hours they made us work during the holiday season were nasty. This could have easily happened at one of my register stations. LOL. Lovely, uplifting story.


  • First–a gem of a wedding picture! Congratulations ( a couple of days late) on 41 good years together! Second, congratulations to Carla for surviving the birth of her Christmas babe–definitely not the way she would have chosen, I’m sure.


  • First of all, lovely wedding picture!

    My only question is “who are those nice young people?” I was never that young and neither was anybody else I know.

    The story actually had me fooled. I thought the burst of warm fluid was a cup of McDonald’s coffee she spilled all over herself. One question: will she name the baby after Burl Ives? (the two people in the picture would never have heard of Burl Ives!)

    Nice warm story from our nice warm Fictioneers Quarterback …


    • I thought so! 🙂 The husband and I live just outside Kansas City over where Blue Springs, Independence, and Lee’s Summit meet (470/I70ish). 🙂 I enjoyed reading the story, btw! 🙂 Happy to “meet” a fellow local blogger!


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