6 September 2013

Published September 4, 2013 by rochellewisoff


As always, writers are encouraged to be as innovative as possible with the prompt and 100 word constraints. 

Henry David Thoreau said it best.

“It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.”


Write a one hundred word story that has a beginning, middle and end. (No one will be ostracized for going a few words over the count.)


Make every word count.


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Copyright – Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

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In celebration of my big birthday which is happening as this page goes live, I chose one of my own photos. Lots to see and write about here. My response time will probably be pretty slow this week since I’ll be on vacation (on holiday for all our UK friends 😉 ). Also  Yom Huledet Samayach to Randy Mazie who shares the same birthday. 

On Monday, 20 May 1957, an F5 tornado leveled Ruskin Heights, a suburb of Kansas City, MO. Thankfully our subdivision, although fairly close,  was not effected. However, impressions of the day still remain.

Genre: Historical Fiction

Word Count: 100


            One Monday afternoon in 1957, four-and-a-half-year-old Glinda filled glass creamers in Daddy’s restaurant. If there were enough, Mommy let her save one for Spike.

            A customer pointed to the window. “Twister weather.”

            Outside the sky had turned greenish-yellow.

            “Take cover!” cried the voice on the radio. “Touch-down. Ruskin Heights.”

             “Daddy… Spike?”

              Later he turned into their debris-strewn, houseless driveway. Mommy shook her head. “Poor Spike, I’m afraid he’s…”

            “No!” Glinda sprang from the car, ran to a pile, dropped down and held out the creamer. “Here kitty.”

            With a loud meow, Spike peeked out, purred and hungrily lapped the cream.  

Ruskin Heights Kitty

old creamerI really did fill creamers at my dad’s restaurant “Bob’s Place”. This may be the pitcher I used.  


114 comments on “6 September 2013

  • Rochelle,
    First: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you have a wonderful celebration and don’t spend it all on FF.
    Second: I’m first. Woohoo! I should come to the UK more often 😉
    Third: I loved your story. The little nudges towards the wizard of Oz were sweet but not sickly, the true-history elements powerful and the whole story nicely rounded off. I like a happy ending; even my story has a happy ending this week!


    • Dear Jennifer,

      Thank you for the birthday greetings. I’m on my way out the door to go swimming and then find other ways to celebrate.

      Also, thank you for the comments on my story. Always nice to know that for someone I’ve achieved my goal in story telling.

      Nice that we both had happy endings. Have fun in the UK.




  • Happy birthday, Rochelle! This is a great picture with so much possibility in it (I hope I didn’t make it too creepy with mine). This is a great inspirational story too. It reminds me of a story I saw after the recent tornadoes where a woman was looking for her dog, who was under the rubble but was okay. I hope you have a great time on vacation~


  • Happy birthday Rochelle!
    I’m glad to be back with a story on FF after all this while. That’s quite an assortment of knick knacks you’ve stored away. Would love to hear the story behind each piece 🙂


    • Dear Managua,

      Some of it’s memory, some of it’s plain old story tellin’. It did bring back a lot of memories for me. But I’m in a reflective space today. Thank you for coming by and commenting.




  • Dear Rochelle,

    Sad this story contains elements of your hometown, but glad of the good ending! By the way, the Twilight Zone television set caught my eye (best show ever) 🙂 Have a great birthday and vacation!



    • Dear Shainbird,

      Happily, Ruskin Heights was rebuilt and no trace of the devastation remains. I’m excited to see what different stories will come from my little collection of artifacts. Thanks for the birthday wishes.




  • Cute story. That looks like an original Fiesta milk pitcher. They are valuable and expensive these days to buy new (reproductions). My mom had one just like it. I collect little antique milk creamers and pitchers and pick up some here and there at flea markets or garage sales. Of course I love antiques of all kinds. 🙂 The milk creamers have a rich history too, as was the cream served in them. 🙂


    • Dear Joyce,

      Glad you like my story. Yes, the pitcher is an original. I used to have a whole bag of those creamers from my dad’s restaurant but lost them all. Years later I found two at a swap meet. I remember filling them at the restaurant and then sticking the little cardboard circles on top. Lot of good memories in those things.




  • Wow! This is so heartwarming and true?!! I love it. I love that little kitty and that dear little girl! And if I could draw like you, I’d never use another stock photo again! LOL! Have a very Happy Birthday Rochelle! 😀


    • Dear Linda,

      I actually took elements of two true stories and wove them into another one entirely. True Story #1: I was four-and-a-half in 1957. My dad owned a restaurant and I did fill the little glass creamers.
      True Story #2: A six year old who lived in Ruskin Heights had a kitten that survived the storm.
      Happy you liked the story and my sketch. And if it rings true I’ve been successful as a story teller.
      Thank you.




    • Dear Joe,

      This story is fiction. The only part of it that’s true for me is the part about filling glass creamers in my dad’s restaurant. Fortunately the only things that are part of my own memory are the yellow-green sky and the panic in the radio announcer’s voice. But if this rang true for you as a reader, then I’e succeeded as an author.

      Thanks for the birthday wishes.




  • Hi Rochelle,
    I remember those creamers and I’ve found and bought a couple to help remember when mom and dad used to let me drink them when we went out to eat. And I was only 34 at the time. Just kidding, I was just a kid. Liked the happy ending to your story and thought centering it around the Ruskin tornado was creative. I just read an account of that same storm in a bio of Sam Walton. He owned a variety story that was wiped out by the twister. Coincidences are weird, or maybe they’re not coincidental at all. Maybe there’s a pattern to our lives. Naw!!! Ron


    • Dear Ron,

      Your comment has me laughing. Glad to know those creamers hold significance for another baby boomer.

      I didn’t know about Sam Walton. A lot of stories around the RH tornado. I agree, there’s a pattern.

      Thanks for dropping by.




    • Dear Sandra,

      It’s always a pleasure to receive your comments, particularly when they’re good ones. 😉 It was a good birthday. I suppose any of them celebrated this side of the grass can be considered good ones, yes?




  • Happy Birthday, Rochelle!

    This is a neat photo, full of a variety to spark ideas. I like your story, too — a happy ending to what must be a very scary time, when a twister touches down. And a nice tip to The Wizard of Oz with Glinda as the character’s name!


    • Dear Dave,

      I’m happy the wind carried you here. Glad you caught the Wizard of Oz references. Fortunately, our neighborhood wasn’t effected by the storm. So many horror stories connected. The kitten story, captured me. Really did happen for a little girl in Ruskin Heights.
      I’m pleased you liked the picture which has special significance for me.

      Thanks and Shalom,



  • I am running out of superlatives to describe your stories. but this was one of my favourites. I just sit and scratch my head at how you manage to leave me feeling full and satisfied with such a tiny bite. 🙂


    • Dear Joanna,

      Although based on fact, this is a work of fiction. Although there was a little girl in RH whose kitten survived the tornado.

      As with any birthday celebrated this side of the sod, it was a good one.




    • Dear Maggie,

      Thanks for the birthday wishes. Funny how those pets are like family. I’ve lost a few who still live in my heart. The happy ending is based on an actual incident in the RH tornado. Happy findings in research. 😉




  • Loved your story this week! I want to take this moment to apologize for mine this week. I meant well. I am just not a poet, but I do try. I hope you will enjoy your birthday present from me to you this week. If nothing else it should give you a chuckle. Happy Birthday kind lady! 🙂


    • Dear Jackie,

      Glad you liked the story. You have nothing to apologize for, sweet girl. I enjoyed the poem and even printed it off to tuck away in my notebook that I keep of my flash fictions. A very special gift. Thank you.




      • Thank You! Rochelle, I’m glad you liked it, I enjoyed writing it. You have always been kind in your comments to me and I wanted you to know I appreciate it. 🙂


  • Dear Rochelle,
    Happy Birthday!! Yes, don’t spend it all on FF. I hope you have a fun celebration. I’m sorry to hear about the tornado. Mother Nature is fierce and so powerful. I thought it was brilliant how you incorporated the milk containers into your story and that it ended happily. I went with happy this week, too. It’s a beautiful box of memories.


    • Dear Amy,

      Ironically, I’ve had plenty of time to write and keep up with FF–more than when I’m working full time and trying to maintain on the side.

      Fortunately, for my family anyway, we weren’t greatly effected by the tornado. The creamer story is autobiographical, but the rest is fiction.

      Sometimes happy is good.




  • Happy Birthday and thanks so much for the Friday inspiration! I thoroughly enjoyed your story. When I lived in MO I was so worried something would happen to my cat if a tornado hit. Thankfully my house was not hit by one so that worry was unwarranted. I did attempt to join this weeks challenge, but not sure I submitted it right! Hopefully it gets to you.


    • Dear LadyHarvey,

      You did a fine job submitting. It is okay to copy and paste the photo prompt into your blog.That way your readers will see your inspiration.

      Thankfully I’ve never suffered a tornado’s devastation.

      Thanks for the birthday greetings.




  • Dear Rochelle
    I loved your sketch and just wish i could manage something half as good – I have difficulty drawing a straight line!
    Loved your story too, for the feel good factor after the terrors of the twister – one thing we don’t have to worry about here in the UK.
    Hope you enjoyed your Special Day and welcome to the 40 Again Club…
    Take care


    • Dear Dee,

      I was a visual artist before discovering my passion for written art. Actually I can’t draw a straight line very well either. 😉

      Glad you liked the story. And thanks for the birthday wishes.




  • I enjoyed the prompt and enjoyed your story. It is a reminder that a child’s faith is powerful stuff. And a kitten named Spike sounds like he’d be tough. I hope your birthday was extra special.


    • Dear Erin,

      I liked the irony of naming a kitten Spike and he did prove to be tough, didn’t he? Glad you enjoyed the prompt and my story. I guess at this stage, every birthday topside is a good one. 😉




  • Sweet, sweet, SWEEEET!

    BTW, I DID see the picture as you painted it … I FOUND THE FACE!

    Figures … I had to see it all BIG and up close so I could catch the detail. I almost gasped out loud, it was an excellent discovery! Awesome drawing.


  • Glad the tornado missed your neighborhood (and your pets)–I’ve had twisters pass close by but never a full-blown tornado. Twisters are bad enough. Congratulations on a feel-good story for your special birthday.


  • Love a sweet story! I’m thinking you probably were the F5 and that was your Birthday… I’m sure you had the same dramatic effect on the town.

    I love looking at those shadow boxes. My son-in-law has a couple… full of memories. What’s up with the 1-A-Day?


      • Dear Ted,

        Me? An F5? Hmmm…well, I’ve had a reputation, from a young age, of being something of a drama queen. I know that’s hard t believe, right?

        Notice the style of the 1-A-Day bottle. When was the last time you saw one of those? It’s nostalgia. 😉

        Glad you like the drawing, too. I’m thinking I might start including some sketches from time to time.

        Glad you’re back.




  • I’m a sucker for stories like this. Something similar happened this year. An elderly woman was sifting around the ruins that once was her home for her little dog. He’d been missing in the rubble for 2 days. She was being interviewed on camera and her little dog popped out! I admit it – I cried buckets! You did this very well in only 100 words.


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