29 November 2013

Published November 27, 2013 by rochellewisoff


As always, writers are encouraged to be as innovative as possible with the prompt and 100 word constraints.

Henry David Thoreau said it best.

“It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.”


Write a one hundred word story that has a beginning, middle and end. (No one will be ostracized for going a few words over the count.)


Make every word count.


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Copyright - Ted Strutz

Copyright – Ted Strutz


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Genre:  Literary Fiction

Word Count: 100


            Dawn broke over the estuary. Marion watched her husband launch his fishing boat and head out to sea.

            She drank in his image, every beloved line and crease. The sunlight reflected off the water and limned his white hair. He waved and smiled.

            In the weeks following, detectives interrogated her.

            “He left? Just like that?”



            “To spare me his suffering.”

            “Admit it. You murdered him for the insurance.”

            “And you got your badge from a Cracker Jack box.”

            They never found his body.

            Marion walks along the beach. Sunlight reflects off a white seagull. She smiles and waves.  




© Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

© Rochelle Wisoff-Fields


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Yussel's menorah

© Rochelle Wisoff-Fields


thanksgivingTHANKSGIVING (for us Yanks)

It’s the perfect time to say I am thankful for Friday Fictioneers. All of you have a special place in my heart.


Happy 1971 Bride


42 years married to Jan Wayne Fields

004I love you, Pop-Pop

127 comments on “29 November 2013

  • Since today’s a travel day and I don’t want to spend our family time online over the next five days, I won’t be writing a FF story this week. However, I’ve been asked about the trip to Branson and meeting other FF, so here’s my story about that instead.. Rochelle beat me to it, so I waited a bit so that it didn’t seem that I was copying. 🙂 So re-live the moments if you like and whatever you’re celebrating this week, even if it’s “just” being alive, may it be blessed.




  • Rochelle,

    Fabulous story. I decided he is an old Eskimo or Hawaiian lovingly drifting off to meet God where the sun kisses the horizon. Shark Dialogues-esque. Ignoring the mythology of course, to properly romanticize your story. A friend of mine’s boss committed suicide via kayak in such a fashion to leave his wife the life insurance from his “accident”.

    Happy Chanukah, Thanksgiving and Anniversary. A lot to celebrate there.



    • Dear Dana,

      I couldn’t have received a better review of my story. The mythology in the title, in this case, is meant to be a garnish and not the entree. I’m pleased that you understood and liked it. Thank you for all the greetings and well-wishing.




  • Extremely beautiful, from your title choice to your ends repeat of the sunlight reflections: “Sunlight reflects off a white seagull,” just as the sun reflected off the water to light up her husband’s white hair. Another great offering.


  • Hello Rochelle congratulations on your anniversary tomorrow. The characters in your stories are always so full of warmth it’s no surprise to hear you have such a happy and enduring marriage.


  • Since many of the greek gods took human lovers, it only makes sense that the Ferryman would do this too. A bittersweet story. I like that she waves at the seagull in the end.

    Happy Anniversary!


  • Loved the opening imagery: whitening sunlight; then BAM!! change of pace for the questioning – sharp, neat dialogue with humour; then the return to the beautiful whitening sunlight. Makes for a very satisfying read. Good stuff, Rochelle.
    (Oh, and Happy Anniversary)


  • Happy Anniversary, Rochelle, and here’s wishing you both many more happy years. As for your story, the grief is palpable; you leave many mysteries in my mind and I wish you could have given me more clues.


    • Dear Jennifer,

      Thank you for the anniversary wishes and taking the time to comment.

      The main thrust is that she loved him enough to let him go and he loved her enough to spare her the agony of his wasting disease.




  • Happy Chaunukah, Thanksgiving, and Anniversary! What a foxy bride! Nice pic of Jan and that kid is either going to be a police detective or a writer… what inquisitive accusing eyes.

    I’m glad you liked my photo. The other day you and someone (Sean?) talked about thinking of a photo being FriFic Worthy when taking a photo. That is what I thought when I took this one. I will explain it when I write my story.

    I will remember you at the Thanksgiving table tomorrow, because you are someone every FriFic is thankful for.


      • Dear Ted,

        Thank you for the use of your stunning photo. I was waiting for just the right time to use it. As you can see, it inspired some unique stories.

        Thanks for you sweet comments. I am also thankful for regular Friday Fictioneers such as yourself. Foxy bride indeed. (blushing)

        Glad you liked the story. We both learned a new word, then. 😉




  • happy anniversary! your characters always stand out. and i always feel like i somehow ‘know’ them just by reading your 100 words. and i love the description during that moment when she looked at him. 🙂


    • Dear KZ,

      Thank you for such beautiful compliments. My characters are very real to me and it’s gratifying to hear that they’re real to a reader as well. Yes, Marion adored him and wanted to remember everything about him.




  • A very moving story, with a crisp contrast in the dialogue. There was a similar story line in a series we get over here, Doc Martin, (you won’t have seen it – it wasn’t exported) and your story brought that back. Beautifully done.


  • I was going to mention Charon in my story today, in fact, the secondary character is kind of based on him. If I’d had more time, I probably would have written something different based entirely around him, and the coin they used to place on the tongues of the dead to pay him. I loved Greek myths and legends when I was younger, and had this amazing illustrated book of them.


  • My oh my… you went left of center this time, Rochelle! Quite unexpected… I choose to believe in Marion. Love the way you have me guessing! Do you know where this photo was taken? It looks very local to me… Washington state ferry, or possibly BC? Happy Thanksgiving, Rochelle. I am so grateful to you, for your efforts with Friday Fictioneers!


  • Dear Rochelle,

    This one made me cry. You know my beliefs run to just such happy coincidences and your story hit all the right buttons. I’m on record as saying I’m going to check out that way. Look for me on the wind.





  • I try to write my story before I read yours, Rochelle, so I’m not unduly influenced by your great ideas. However, this time we were on the same wave-length. I came back to read your story and found that we were both bumping off the men this week. I loved your character’s sass and smile at the end. Now, I’m off to get me some Cracker Jack! 🙂


  • Dear Esmeralda,
    I loved your story. The time will come when we all will cross that wide expanse to that undiscovered country from whose born no traveler returns–except, of course, seagulls, doves, and birds of paradise. Happy multi-holiday, and most especially Happy Anniversary.
    – Delbert C. Flat


  • Hi Rochelle,
    Taking a break from writing this week. Just going to enjoy reading stories by some of my favorite writers. I thought your story this week was particularly well written. The pacing and clues were just perfect. Congrats on your anniversary. Maintaining a relationship for that long is quite an accomplishment. Ron


    • Dear Ron,

      Hope you’re enjoying your break as much as I enjoyed your comments. And happy birthday.
      Your compliments and observations on my story mean a lot.

      As for the long term relationship: we’re two very stubborn people. Divorce has never been an option. 😉




  • I’m thankful that you’ve hosted us every week! It’s really a lot of fun. I also liked your story a lot. The main character did a noble thing – and you can sure drop a zinger when you want to! The cracker jack comment was great.


  • What a beautiful story with such intensity-loved that he came back to her though others could not see him as she did-so apt and symbolic:-)

    Wish you and your husband a very Happy Anniversary Rochelle-42nd-wow!Must be so wonderful to be celebrating your special day together with so many beautiful memories and heart full of love-God Bless you both and may you celebrate many more ! I am half way there-celebrated my 26th on 4th July:-)

    Happy thanksgiving to you and your’s as well:-)


      • Ah,true but we belong to another era-my parents had 50 years of married life :-)Fortunately it is still not an aberration to be celebrating 25 yrs or more of marriage in India -as yet but divorces ,previously unheard of- is slowly making it’s presence felt-at least in Urban India-sigh!

        Yes,I did and I thought that it was so beautiful and full of love:-)


  • As a believer in reincarnation I thought your story was delightful. I know plenty of people who would do what he did. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Also, hope your day yesterday was magnifique!


  • Great story as always, and happy anniversary!
    The old man must have loved her very much to just sail off into the sunset (as it were) to save her watching him die (that’s the way I read it anyway!).


  • Quite a story, Rochelle. I feel like I shouldn’t even write one after reading yours (ha ha). Happy Thanksgiving and Chanukah, and Happy Anniversary, too! Wow, wonderful. I hope I can write one this week. If not, I’m just so glad I stopped by! Have a happy celebration.


  • Love it 🙂 It brought thoughts of Tolkien’s ‘Grey Havens’, mixed with all kinds of reincarnation beliefs that he is now the seagull, starting over on his quest for Nirvana 🙂 To me, it was a tale of hope in a new life 🙂 (I hardly ever see things the way most people do 😉 ). Good writing!


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