1 August 2014

Published July 30, 2014 by rochellewisoff




Dawn Landau and Amy Reese

Friday Fictioneers: Dawn Landau and Amy Reese. Cheers!


Friday Fictioneers Rules.

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PHOTO PROMPT- Copyright Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

PHOTO PROMPT- Copyright Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

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Genre: Realistic Fiction

Word Count: 100


            “Are you sure we’re doing the right thing, Gerald?”

            “I’d say it’s kinda late to be asking that question.”

            Vanessa looked out the oval airplane window and then at the Asian infant in her arms. Her dream come true. She’d traveled ten-thousand miles through tangled red tape to realize it.

            “Do you think it will bug him that he doesn’t look like us?”

            With an impish grin Gerald scrolled through his iPad until he came to a recent snapshot of the two of them. His blond hair and freckles contrasted her tight curls and chocolate complexion. 

            “What do you think?”



.Cheerios MeMe Biracial Commercial


125 comments on “1 August 2014

  • Adoption is tough, Rochelle! And now after travelling for so many miles, it’s too late to contemplate their action… But, all will be fine! Gerald is such a sweet hubby 🙂


    • Dear Anita,

      I have some dear friends and cousins who have adopted from overseas. I know it’s not always the case, but all has gone well for them. I think Gerald and Vanessa will do just fine. 😉

      Thank you.




  • Not even home yet and already worrying..you don’t have to give birth to be a mother…or a worrier! I am sure they will do fine.


  • Rochelle, This was a great story of a family formed by love. In today’s world, differences in color and ethnic roots fit together easily when there’s love. I’m sure they’ll do just fine. Well written as always. 🙂 —Susan


    • Dear Indira,

      I too have a great deal of respect for parents who adopt. I have a cousin who adopted two children, one from Columbia, South America and the other from Korea. She, too traveled overseas to retrieve them.

      Thank you.




  • Oh, that’s just beautiful, With such open-minded parents, I think their new daughter will learn the lesson, and grow up to appreciate the “important” things in life. This is a lovely and heart-warming story, Rochelle. You’ve left me with a smile. 🙂


  • I have friends who wanted more children but because any more children could be born with the same genetic birth defect their first born had, they adopted their Little China Girl. She made their family complete. Lovely story.


    • Dear Alicia,

      I had a friend sort of in mind when I wrote this. Although he and his wife are both as blonde as they can be. They adopted to Asian girls who are adults now. One of the girls is married to a Caucasian man with whom she has two children. You can just see what a loving family this is.

      Thank you.




    • Dear Marie Gail,

      Thank you for being a precious friend.

      The beautiful thing about adoption is that these children are chosen. I’ve seen in some of my friends and relatives the best of adoptions. My cousin went to Colombia and then to Korea for her kids who are both grown up now.

      Thank you.




  • Gentle and elegant prose, Rochelle. I liked the ten thousand miles line in particular. I have so much respect for people who have adopted children, and I love the love you have shown between the couple here too.


  • I and my husband we have always wanted to adopt a child. Hoping someday we will…
    We have a couple of adopted kids in the family, It’s a best gift parents can give to any child in need of it.


  • Loved this. Adoption is a tough choice and it sucks that people make an issue about something as silly as appearance. I just read a story about a fertility clinic in Calgary that REFUSES to inseminate a woman with interracial sperm. Ridiculous! So basically they want to have kids in the city all related to each other since there are limited ‘white donors’ and those donors have been used many times!


    • Dear Carrie,

      Inbreeding? Scarier than interracial sperm. Appearance really is skin deep. I find the difference in humans fascinating and is one of the things I love about Friday Fictioneers.

      Thank you for dropping by.




  • The only reason people are bothered by families that don’t “match” is it is because of what we have grown accustomed to. One day the more open minded of us will influence the less so and we will think nothing of families who do not “match”. I love stories like these that encourage such open-mindedness. Bravo.


    • Dear Dawn,

      Happily I see more and more interracial families who are successful. The daughter of a close friend of mine has been married to a black man for twenty-five years. They have four lovely daughters. She’s not the only one I know but she’s the first one who comes to mind. I agree with you. Hopefully as this is more common people will be more accepting.

      Thank you.




  • Nice one here Rochelle – how wonderful the world would be if we could just ignore the color of our skin.

    However its too difficult to adopt for for a single male in India, as I saw it from my personal experience.

    And its great to see fellow Fictioneers meeting again ! 🙂


  • Dear Rochelle,

    What a delightful story and accompanying photo. We are all brothers and sisters under the skin. I wonder if we were all blind whether we’d still find a way to discriminate? “You don’t sound right!”. A great story, girl.




  • What a lovely story! I think they’ll do fine though I’m sure they’ll have to put up with some narrow-minded people (as I expect the parents already do).
    Great picture at the bottom to bring it home.


  • Dear Blue Angel,
    What an angelic tale of love and what a lucky kid. I’ve always heard that adopted kids were special because they were chosen.
    I’ve been orphaned almost five years now, and even though I smile real cute and try to say all the right things in the interviews, no one wants to adopt me. Do you think it’s my deodorant, or my love for beans that’s hurting my chances?
    – Captain Brooks


  • Such a beautiful story! It sounds like a lovely little family, and that picture at the end was a great addition.

    I’ve always thought the commercial it was from was one of the cuter ones.


  • I have often wondered about the different skin colour thing. Maybe it is only skin deep. 🙂 I caught a ride with a young woman who had 2 very blonde boys of her own and a very black baby girl adopted from Ethiopia. The little girl would call out ‘I love you, mommy!’ throughout the ride. So sweet just like your story!


    PS then there was me to add to the mix of colours in the car. 🙂


  • This reminded me of a video I watched some time ago, where children were shown an advert with mixed race parents in it, and they had no issue with it, and yet the advert was rejected because of the race issue.


  • Love the voices in this – Gerald’s ‘… it’s kinda late…’ He’s already allaying Vanessa’s fears in the best possible way. I think these three will do well together. Love is all any child needs and this one has it in spades.


  • i felt the excitement coming from your characters as they begin a new life…a mini United Nations in the making. wonderful story and photo this week…again, thanks!


  • Your story was so beautiful…adoption is such a wonderful thing. Especially when there are so many parents who are desperate for children to love and children dying for parents to rock them to sleep at night. I hope everything turns out alright.


  • Dear Rochelle

    This is a great story, loved it. I am a huge fan of adoption, I have an adopted cousin and it feels so right having him as part of our family.

    Thanks for posting the photo of Dawn and Amy, really nice to see them.

    Take care



    • Dear Dee,

      We had some good friends years ago who, after being told they couldn’t have children, adopted a boy and later had two of their own. Had they not told us the story we’d never known the difference.

      Thank you.




  • Hi! Mythwriter steered me here — I’m very new (had an account, did nothing with it) but she introduced me to this and I joined the Friday Fictioneers. Hope that’s okay. thank you for the opportunity — and the fun story above.


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