19 December 2014

Published December 17, 2014 by rochellewisoff

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The next photo is the PROMPT. I can only imagine what’s going through your mind as you look at it. 😉 I dare you to think outside the box. I double-bug dare you! 

My story follows the prompt and the blue inLinkz froggy. I appreciate honest comments as well as constructive criticism.


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Genre: Hysterical Fiction

Word Count: 100


            “Well now it’s time to say goodbye to Jed and all his kin…”

            “Dumb show.” Dottie switched off the television. “Bug Tussle. Who’d give a town such a stupid name?”

            “Grandpa and I got hitched there,” said Gran without looking up from her knitting.

            “You’re kidding.”

            “Bug Tussle, Texas.” The yarn strands between Gran’s fingers blurred. “I was only fifteen. Grandpa sure could sweet-talk. Judge Fink officiated.”

            “Fink? Don’t tease me, Grandma.”

            “James Bates Fink. He’d marry anyone for a dollar.”

            “What did your parents say?”

            “Well, Daddy lowered his shotgun and hugged us. Your mama came a month later.”   


Yes, Virginia, there really is a Bug Tussle, Texas.  

© Original Artwork -Copyright Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

© Original Artwork -Copyright Rochelle Wisoff-Fields


112 comments on “19 December 2014

      • Dear Rochelle, I was off to my daughter’s place and could not have much computer access. I missed your stories too much. Now I am back so will catch up slowly one by one. I was dying to here that someone missed me. So nice of you to say that and thanks a lot.


  • Ah.. I feel relieved.. this time my idea came so quickly so I didn’t dare to check your story first. What a wonderful picture into the shotgun wedding.. but at least it seemed to work out well in the end. Good connection with those webs reaching into the past.


  • Nice twist at the end there. And an original take on the prompt – I’m assuming that there is some television programme here with which I’m not familiar, but any town called Bug Tussle gets my vote for originality. Well done.


    • Dear Sandra,

      I can’t believe you missed out on “The Beverly Hillbillies” in your end of the world. Such deprivation. It was about a backwoods mountain family from Bug Tussle, Idon’trememberwhere who find oil on their property and become billionaires. It was a silly show that I watched a few times when it first came out in the 60’s. If you have the stamina, you can find clips on You Tube.

      As soon as I saw this charming photo I thought Bug Tussle.

      At any rate, I’m pleased you like my story.




  • As a stiff-upper-lipped English gentleman, there are many American names that make me smile. But then the same can be said of these British Isles, I guess, especially as I live 5 miles from a place called Thong!


    • Dear Peter,

      I’m always fascinated with names of towns. If some of the founding fathers had had their way, my hometown, Kansas City would’ve been Possum Trot. A few miles south of here is a place called Peculiar and another called Humansville. And the list goes on.

      Glad to provide a smile.



      Liked by 1 person

  • Dear Rochelle,

    I love how you can turn a prompt on its head and make it dance. Bug tussle indeed. You set the standard for thinking outside of the web. Thanks for using the picture with such glee. I look forward to reading all the stories to find out what the ‘story’ of the week will be.




    • Dear Doug,

      What a great prompt to give dancing lessons to. I think we’re in for a wild ride this week…at least I hope so. No doubt some will be scratching their heads in wonder. Why on earth would someone take a picture like this. Glad you did. 😉

      Thank you for such a nice comment to warm my cold morning. Lifting my purple coffee cup to you.




  • Rochelle, Hilarious story. 😀 I remember the TV series, but had also forgotten the name of the little town they were from. Somehow, I’m also not surprised it was Doug who sent that photo in. I’m just wondering where he got it. 🙂 Well written as always. 🙂 — Susan


  • I did enjoy that show, Rochelle, along with “Green Acres.” Seems to me that so much on TV now is gruesome, prurient, a/o dumb and dumber, with humor that isn’t. Love the way you dovetailed the name into your story. And I thought Wahoo, Nebraska was unusual.



    • Dear Janet,

      For whatever reason, I’ve always remembered that the Clampetts came from or lived near Bug Tussle. When I saw the photo it’s the first thing that came to mind. Go figure.

      There were quite a few funny shows back then that could use humor without vulgarity. Those were the days.

      We have such Missouri towns as Peculiar and Humansville. You might recall we drove by them.




  • I like it. Isn’t Bug Tussle in Arkansas though,? Hooterville & Green Acres never were referred to as part of any specific state. On “I Love Lucy” Tennessee Ernie Ford lived in Bent Fork.TN. I don’t know if anyone’s that backward but this story gives an interesting picture of it. I’ve always really enjoyed rural imagery


  • Another great little story. Rochelle puts “thinking out of the box” a normal train of thought. I never try to guess where she might go. Bugs me all,the time.


  • Bug Tussle, TX reminds me of the time I drove through a town in Arkansas called “Booger Hollow”. I love funny town names. It’s such fun and gives some character to an otherwise sterile strip of road.


  • Rochelle,
    this story is an instant classic, I think. When I opened your post this morning on my phone, the title came up before the picture and stuck in my head. This will always be Bug Tussle now for me, no matter how many stories I read. Great job.
    P.S. What is happening next week because of Christmas? I’ll do it, although it might be easier if it were a little earlier. Up to you.


  • Cute story, Rochelle.

    I have some friends, who back in the late 1940’s, stayed out much too late. They were afraid of what their parents would do to them for staying out past midnight. No one would believe they were not fooling around. They decided it might be best to just get married and then go home. So that’s what they did.

    When I met them, they’d had three boys and a girl and many grandchildren. I was good friends with their adult children.



    • Dear Uncle Randy,

      I’m pleased as punch you done got that bug tussle tooken care ah. And I’m happy you liked mah li’l snippet o’ story dis week. Goin’ ta tend to my critters now.

      Shalom y’all,

      Rochelly Mae


  • Bug Tussle is an awesome name for a town 🙂

    Again, great work getting the story across with almost nothing but dialogue – I had no problems visualising the scene, picturing the characters. Dialogue certainly did double on this tale.


  • Fun story, and I liked your genre – “Hysterical Fiction” 🙂

    I love the way grannie casually slipped the bit about the “shotgun” and “a month later” into her conversation. I can imagine the kid’s face, finding out the circumstances behind gran’s shotgun wedding! Sounds like they needed a vicar who’d marry them fast 🙂


    • Dear Miles,

      Bug Tussle was truly the first thing that came to my mind on seeing the picture. Well, that’s once I chose it. When Doug first sent it to me my initial reaction was “Eeeeeew, you expect me to use that a prompt?”

      Glad you liked the story. I had a blast writing it.

      Thank you.




    • Dear Stephonie,

      Glad you came by to read from your bed of pain. I miss your writing this week but am happy you came by to comment.

      No texting and laughing. But feel free to read and chuckle (gently).

      Thank you for the great compliments.




    • Dear Amy,

      There are actually four of them in the US, I’d love to see snapshots from that wedding LOL.

      Glad you enjoyed my story. After my last two weeks of heaviness, it was time to lighten up and laugh. 😉

      Thank you.




  • Dear Rochelle, Bug Tussel, Texas. What a hoot! Mike has a T-shirt that says “Toad Suck, Arkansas) and when we lived in California, people offered as much as $100 for it. That was like $400 now. Unbelievable! Love your story! Happy Holidays! Nan


    • Dear Nan,

      Research and writing were fun for this story. Toad Suck? Not surprising. Of course Peculiar, MO isn’t far from us and as you near Joplin, there’s Humansville. My nephew actually lives there. And as you see in Doug’s story there’s a Knob Lick, MO. Wonder where that name came from.

      Glad you enjoyed my story.

      Thank you and happy holidays to you.



      PS We really must find a time for the local FF’rs to meet after the first.


  • There’s a Bugstussle TN, too, in Macon county. Bugtussle rural district, KY. Bug Tussle rural district, AL. Bugtussle, OK.

    What an odd name to become ‘trendy’ with settlers.


  • Your stories are always at the top of my list, for this very reason: amazing how you took this photo and wove it into such a charming, fun story! When I opened my email (2nd thing I do each Wednesday!), this photo blew me away… sent my brain in all kinds of directions! Love where you took all of it, Rochelle. Shabbat Shalom! d


    • Dear Dawn,

      When Doug sent this to me, my first reaction was “eeeeeeeew, no way am I using this for a photo prompt.” But the more I looked at it I thought ‘why not?’

      After two weeks of pretty heavy stories, it was fun to write humor for a change. I’m glad you enjoyed it and came by to say so.

      Thank you so much for your constant support.




      • Admittedly, I LOVE this photo. I immediately saw endless stories in this one, so, I’m glad you chose it oh wise one! I was only sad to read that the two muses were crushed after the photo shoot. Eeeeeeew!

        Thank you, in return for all of your hard work and kind support. Shavua tov!


  • That picture threw me for a minute, but it was fun to work with.

    Anyway, what a great story! Offbeat wedding stories are the best, and it’s always fascinating to learn about the strange little towns that dot the country. When I worked as an accounts manager at a local company, I used to see quite a few of those odd names.


  • Dear Rochelle

    I was expecting something heavy and instead got taken back in time to those great Beverley Hillbillies – just loved the Clampetts. Well done with your great take on the prompt, loved it.

    Take care



  • Dear C. Bantam,
    I love the name Bug Tussle, but not near as much as Toad Suck, Arkansas. They have a big festival every year; Toad Suck Days.
    I loved your humor. You had me thinking we were on a sentimental journey until the last line. Nothing like a shotgun staring a young man in the face to get an honest “I do” out of him.
    Brilliant! Happy Chanukah
    – Prof. Niggard


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