Character Study – Tova Gitterman Resnick

Published June 30, 2015 by rochellewisoff

“Finally Havah raised her head to glare at the other woman. Under different circumstances she would have pitied her. At thirty-one Tova looked closer to fifty. Years of abuse had worn lines into her face. Childbearing had left its mark on her slight frame, curving her spine and bowing her shoulders.”

                    ~~taken from Please Say Kaddish for Me by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Published by Argus Publishing

Represented by Loiacono Literary Agency

TOVA GITTERMAN RESNIC - Original artwork © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

TOVA GITTERMAN RESNICK – Original artwork © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

At the age of fourteen, Arel’s sister Tova Gitterman, Yussel’s second eldest child, was a dark haired, grey eyed beauty. Feivel Resnick, then seventeen, fancied himself in love with her and begged the rabbi for her hand. However Yussel informed him that she was already promised. Not to be refused, Feivel stalked her until the day he cornered her doing laundry at the river.

            When Tova was found to be pregnant with Feivel’s child it rendered her betrothal agreement null and void. Rabbi Yussel felt he had no choice but to sanction the marriage for honor’s sake.

            Instead of the fulfillment of his dreams, Feivel feels trapped. He is an abusive drunkard who squanders his meager earnings on drink and takes out his frustrations on Tova. As Please Say Kaddish for Me opens, Tova is pregnant with their fifth child.

            After the baby’s birth, Tova signs an agreement for her eldest to marry the shoemaker who is twice the girl’s age. Havah is indignant and accuses Tova of selling her daughter into slavery for a pair of shoes.

            As time passes, Havah learns that life isn’t always a simple matter of right and wrong. While she may never agree with Tova’s decision she does come to respect the woman’s inner strength.

Check out my author page on the Loiacono Website. For all of the character studies thus far, click on the link Rochelle Wisoff-Fields Art and Blogs.

Trailer by Kent Bonham 

PSK Cover with border




15 comments on “Character Study – Tova Gitterman Resnick

  • Poor, poor, Tova. I just wanted to punch Feivel’s lights out every time he appeared in the book. I hoped he would get his dues… Havah’s youth and hardships may have coloured her view of Tova’s choices. As we often do when we don’t have all the facts!


    • Dear Dale,

      Havah is very young at that point and has had different upbringing. Had her parents lived there would never have been an arranged marriage for her.

      As for Feivel, he deserved what he got. 😉 Glad you agree.



      Liked by 1 person

    • Dear Stephonie,

      It always makes me smile to see you here. I’ve been missing you.

      Arranged marriages can be a mixed bag, I think. In Tova’s case it wasn’t a good thing. In the case of her daughter…well, I guess you’ll just have to read about it. 😉 (Marketing)

      My agent has been wonderful about getting the word spread and in a few short months I’ll have more time to devote to marketing myself.

      Thank you for coming by.




      • I most definitely will read about it. I love that you are introducing your characters. I am sorry I’ve not had time to come ’round more often. At the moment I’m analyzing literature for a summer class, but I’m still checking from time to time.


  • Tova stands for so many women with similar situation. She seems like a strong person. Marrying a drunkard and raising five children is not an easy task. Hope she would have some moments of happiness in her long life.
    I like the sketch too. It shows the struggle involved in her life, although she tries her best not to show it to us.


    • Dear Norma,

      Tova is a strong woman. She’s a champion for her children who are her world. Alas, very little happiness is afforded her other than the jewels and treasures she finds her babies’ eyes.

      Thank you for coming by to read and comment. It means a lot.




      • Mother’s love. All the world’s mother are the same when it comes to their children.
        I enjoy reading these along with the sketches Rochelle. These characters seem more lively than black ink and I want to know more about them. Currently I’m reading a book by another blogger but as soon as it is over I’ll be reading your book. I’m a bit slow reader. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  • You’ve brought a lot of realism into your book, Rochelle. That always makes a story much more interesting. I’ve heard that love marriages are more recent than people realize. There are still many arranged marriages outside the first-world countries, and even inside them if families still hold with old-world traditions. 🙂 — Suzanne


    • Dear Suzanne,

      There are still arranged marriages in the ultra-orthodox Jewish community in parts of the United States. Some work out better than others, as I’ve also tried to show in Please Say Kaddish for Me. Have you read it yet? 😉




    • Dear Celestine,

      I’m pleased that you like my character studies. They’re a lot of fun to do.

      I hope your paypal issues are sorted out soon. And, of course, I hope you like what you read. 😉

      Thank you.




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