24 July 2015

Published July 22, 2015 by rochellewisoff

Another Hightway

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The following photo is the PHOTO PROMPT, a cool picture for hot days, depending on your side of the globe. Where does it take you? Tell us in a hundred words or less. 


PHOTO PROMPT © Dee Lovering

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Genre: Science Friction

Word Count: 100


“The weatherman says we can expect another six inches of global warming tonight.” Kent knelt and shaped a mound of wet snow into a ball. Then he stood and let it fly. “Look out, Taffy. Here comes some of your greenhouse effect!”

The snowball splattered against the back of Taffy’s head and ice rolled down her neck. She spun around. “How can you ignore what’s happening right under your nose?”

“Climate change? Hooey and hogwash!”

Taffy bent and dug a conch shell from a knee-high drift. “Doesn’t this weather strike you as being a bit odd for Florida in mid-July?” 







106 comments on “24 July 2015

  • We didn’t see any snow at all in East Anglia this winter, and me with my newly acquired snow-grip clip-on soles. Still maybe I’ll get to use them next month. 🙂 Nice story Rochelle, it’s hard to write about snow at this time of the year but you found a perfect way of coping with this. Well done!


    • Dear Sandra,

      Coming from Dee, I thought this picture was taken in Europe until a friend who’d lived in New York City for some time informed me it was Central Park. Who knew? And I’ve been through Central Park myself.

      Thank you for such a nice comment.



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  • Yes indeed. Folk keep saying “global warming”. If the Gulf Stream reverses, Britain will freeze! Just take a look at a map and see the places we share latitude with.
    Good piece.


  • I sense the Day after Tomorrow within this. From what I have heard, if the Gulf Stream changes then the UK and other countries within the northern hemisphere will freeze over… great…


  • Great picture for this heat wave! When it gets this hot I always feel like it will never be cold again and vice versa. Agreed, highly suspicious weather for Florida. Also, I know people who are “climate change deniers” who say similar things – if it’s global warming then how come and it’s like – sigh. Stay frosty Rochelle!


  • As always, a great story as well as history lesson. I love your ending twists and always try to envision where you are going. Sometimes I am close. Most of the time, way off. Love it. I would write more but I need to go chop some more firewood. It’s getting harder to find here in Beliz, and I’m getting cold.


  • Oh the irony. It freezes us.

    Dear Rocehelle,

    Clicking your link brought heaps of knowledge and understanding. I had never heard of the Younger Dryas before. Once again, thank you for teaching me something new!



    • Dear Lynda,

      I had never heard of Younger Dryas either. I happened on it in a list of Climate Change terminology and decided it was the perfect title. Glad to share my new found knowledge.

      Thank you.




  • Dear Rochelle,

    If the photo was taken in the Southern Hemisphere, this snow would be right on time. As for the Northern Hemisphere, your story is timely as well as well-crafted.

    Marie Gail


  • Excellent story, Rochelle! Thank you for writing about this with your usual grace and humor. Love the “Hooey and hogwash” line — and yet, it alarms me so much. Too many people with their heads in the sand who are in positions of power in industry and such.

    (On a side note: Everyone should read this article on James Hansen’s upcoming publication of his study on global sea level rise due to Climate Change:


    • Dear Vijaya,

      This was fun to write, but at the same time, frightening. The article you shared is a good one and gives us much to think about.

      Thank you for taking the time to read and leave nice comments.




  • Unfortunately, there’s too many folks saying “hooey and hogwash.” By the time people realize the scientists (who specialize in understanding such things) were right all along, it’ll be too late to do anything about it. Positive feedback loops will create a runaway effect. Perhaps by the time Taffy grows up, we’ll have woken up. A very conscious and aware story as always, Rochelle!


    • Dear Eric,

      I’m not so sure it’s not too late now. Although I have mixed feelings about the subject, it’s hard to deny what humans have done to the planet and also hard to deny that it doesn’t have bearing on climate.

      Actually Taffy and Kent are adults even though they act like children in the story. 😉

      Thank you.



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      • It might be. Those feedback loops are wicked. There’s Methane being released from the Siberian permafrost right now, and all because the permafrost is melting when it shouldn’t.


  • I can see this, Rochelle, unfortunately. People will be shoveling snow off Disneyworld and scoffing global warming at the same time simply because they’re not using the term climate change. There’s a great capacity for self-delusion. Great use of the prompt. I hope all is well in KC.


    • Dear David,

      I really didn’t understand how the two were related until an erudite friend explained it to me in terms I could understand. Funny you should mention Disneyworld, I almost used it as a setting but didn’t have enough words.

      Kansas City is having very normal weather for this time of year. Hot and humid. At this writing my countdown is 39 working days. 😀

      Thank you.



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  • I love it! Science “Friction” indeed.
    That said, I used to joke that here in Quebec Canada, we’ll start growing palm trees whilst down in Florida, they’ll be shovelling snow…
    Global warming will have to be taken seriously eventually by all those pish-poshers.


    • Dear Dale,

      You get the prize for picking up on my “genre.” 😀 I wonder how many thought it was a typo if they noticed it at all.

      I’ve been a naysayer with global warming, but now I’m not so sure. A friend of mine moved to New Mexico for the dryer air. Now she’s suffering with the terrible humidity they’re having. Hm?

      Meanwhile, our weather in Missouri’s pretty normal for this time of year. Hot and muggy.

      Thank you.



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      • Yay! It popped right out at me!
        I know what you mean. In our Eastern Townships region, there were never the horrid black flies we have up north. Now? They are there!
        Montreal is hot and humid too.
        Have a marvellous day!


  • Still chuckling over that Science Friction 🙂
    I really liked your use of sarcasm in this one – its the perfect mocking tone used by sceptics – contrasted nicely with unusual timing of the snow… Nice work.



  • What Jolly said! I’ve heard about Younger Dryas, but didn’t know much about it. Thanks for the link. Your story is very well executed. I love the line, “Here comes some of your greenhouse effect!” Ha. So long as it snows, we’re all just fine, right? Never mind all those droughts. 🙂 Great story, Rochelle.


  • Great story and very topical. We almost went the same way this week, though mine turned out to have a different cause.
    I like how you built up gradually, mentioning global warming, then the conch shell and finally Florida in the summer.


  • Great story! I’ve heard that ‘snow-global warming’ line so often, it’s annoying. The problem with climate change–and scientists–is that there are so many different factors involved that can tweak the micro-climate that you can’t (yet) make absolutely reliable projections, and serious scientists discuss these things, there is no ”Boom, now it is here, boom, now it is not.” I could talk endlessly about this, but I’ll spare you. 😉


  • The world has become a topsy-turvy place and guess who’s playing along with it…yes, the weatherman. The moment I saw the photo I thought of untimely snowfall at some places but after reading your piece the message was loud and clear. You have again delivered a masterpiece in so less number of words Rochelle.
    The problem looks only superficial to some but the effects are being felt subtly and by the time we realize it will be too late for some and for the others it would be “already found another planet to stay”. 🙂


  • Dear Carmen,
    I wrote and posted my piece before reading yours. I touched on strange weather in both my intro and 100 word story (although two entirely different locales). What a coincidence. Stop by and bring your hat. I’ve been craving a fresh fruit salad.

    Best regards,


    • Dear Solo,

      Of course, this side of the world is supposed to be warm to hot this time of year. But even that’s been strange in different parts of the country. California’s suffering droughts and “dry” New Mexico is having high humidity.

      Glad you liked my story and came by to say so. Thank you.




  • Dear Rochelle
    Thank you for such a good story with a great twist.
    I loved how you wrote a message about global warming from my quick snap taken in Central Park NY.
    Good story telling as usual and a warning to us all.
    Take care


  • Hola Rochelle,
    No snow in Florida … no!!!
    I like it just the way it is. HOT !!!! 😄
    But, the possibilities are there. It’s unfortunate how destructive we are.
    This is another great photo prompt. I hope you enjoy my little story.
    Have a wonderful weekend.


  • Very creative! I was actually thinking the same thing when I first saw the picture. My mind is very much on a summer timetable right now, so snow was jarring, even in snowyville Illinois.


    • Dear Michael,

      I’m sure it’s not snowing in Illinois this week. 😉 With all the heat I thought I’d cool things off with Dee’s photo.

      Thank you for your kind words re my story.




  • Nice twist at the end. It’s such a big issue – I hope those with the knowledge and power to make decisions about such things can begin to work together towards a strategy before it’s too late. Well told, Rochelle. Your characters are appealing.


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