4 September 2015

Published September 2, 2015 by rochellewisoff

Snorkeling in St. Thomas

Undersea St. Thomas 4 Meme

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The following photo is the PHOTO PROMPT. Tell me in a hundred words or less what story this tells you. 

Note: There were quite a few who went over 100 words last week and felt that they couldn’t cut the excess without sacrificing their stories. I challenged one writer to cut 20 words and he rose to the occasion with skill. Trust me, it can be done. 

PHOTO PROMPT - © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

PHOTO PROMPT – © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

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Genre: Histrionic Fiction

Word Count: 100


            Warmed by the breeze wafting through the open kitchen window, Evalyne read the Kansas City Star headline.

            “Florence Chadwick swam the English Channel Friday,” she said and turned from the sports page to the crossword puzzle.

            “The same day as our little girl’s birth,” said Bob. “Maybe she’ll beat Miss Chadwick’s record someday.”  

            “One across—six-letter word for storyteller—author. One down—six-letter word for painter—artist. She might be one of those.”  

            The baby cried. Bob jumped up, hurried to the next room and returned with their daughter in his arms.

            “The future’s wide open for our Princess Rochelle.”


.Future Badass

No plans for the English Channel

No plans for the English Channel

Best two out of three

Best two out of three.


Click to learn more about Florence Chadwick

chadwick, florence 003_ibe_165x237

115 comments on “4 September 2015

  • I’d have known it was you in the first picture, even without the caption. A fitting story to celebrate your birthday, I hope you have a lovely day. And you certainly embraced the wide open future that your parents predicted. Cheers!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Dear Sandra,

      Have you ever played the game where everyone brings a baby picture and the others have to guess who’s who? Without fail, mine is always spotted. I consider that to be a good thing. 😉
      I’d like to think my parents had a conversation like that. Of course, in my daddy’s eyes I could do no wrong.

      Thank you.



      Liked by 1 person

    • Dear Adam,

      I do love to swim, but have no aspirations for long distances in open waters. I’ve been snorkeling in the ocean a few times and fell in love. Alas, there are no oceans near Missouri.

      Thank you for the kind comments and good wishes. I’ve started celebrating early. 😉



      Liked by 1 person

  • Dear BA,

    Yes, you is and so happy to have met you all those years ago. Your current professions suit you. Keep at them. One day soon you’ll be swimming in your backyard.

    I too could not help thinking that it’s like yesterday.



    Liked by 1 person

  • Dear Rochelle
    An enchanting introduction to your entrance into this world, placed in an exact time in history. I love the photo of cheeky little Rochelle with the caption across it. I’m sure you haven’t grown into a badass — far from it!
    Wishing you a very happy birthday, filled with happiness.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dear Sarah,

      it depends on what connotations you ascribe to the word badass. 😉 My friend who suggested the caption sees it as most positive. Finding Florence Chadwick was one of those magnificent serendipities I often find along the research trails. A good omen, perhaps?

      Thank you on both counts.



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  • So cute! Seems Evalyne’s thoughts were prophetic. Rochelle did grow up to be an artist and an author. Not only that, but a badass author! Loved this peek into your personal history, Rochelle. I enjoyed it. 🙂


    • Dear JWD,

      Being smothered in goose fat doesn’t sound at all pleasant. As much as I adore the water, swimming the English Channel has never been one of my ambitions. Although I do admire those who have done it. 😉

      Thank you for the birthday wishes.




  • I never read any stories until I write my own so the first thing I did here was go check my word count. I know at one point i was at 120 and I almost published but I whittled it to 101 and now reading your admonishment I am glad I did!
    I’m a princess too by the way 🙂 (Just not a Jewish one).


    • Hi Emilio,

      I read your story on your photo blog but there was no way to comment. The link you’ve provided here takes me to a page that I can’t access. I’d advise you to link the story URL on the new blog, then link that on the linkz list and I can delete the other from the list. That way we’ll be able to READ and comment. It’s a good one.

      Welcome. I hope I haven’t totally confused you.




      • Definitely having a problem. My new link is number 35 but it will only say the title. No logo of mine or wordpress link. The link in my comment above worked for me when I clicked on it. Don’t know why it didn’t for you. Darn. I liked that story I did. 😦


  • Querida Rochelle,
    You look adorable in that photo … and … now.
    I love looking at photos from the past. There aren’t many but the ones I have I treasure.
    This was a warm, cuddly, fuzzy story. I like the fact that Bob (I’m assuming Dad) rose to see what was wrong with little you. Awww …. this is sooo huggable.
    Thank you for hosting this terrific challenge.
    Adios Amiga,


    • Dear Jolly,

      While I enjoy swimming about a mile a day, I don’t think I’d want to swim the English Channel or from Cuba to Florida as Diana Nyad (my personal hero) did.

      You might say I’m throwing my own birthday party and all the Friday Fictioneers are invited. 😉

      Thank you.



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  • Happy Birthday for tomorrow Rochelle. I hope you have a lovely day. Your flash of your parents was quite lovely. I guess that is how all new parents feel, wishing the world to be the oyster for their child. You certainly became the author (and probably the artist as well) but I know that you will always be a princess not only to your parents but all who love you.
    Cheers Irene


  • You’re not only a princess, you’re a badass princess. These are the best! 🙂
    This is a lovely story, and I wish you a very happy birthday tomorrow.
    And: you don’t only share the date with Florence Chadwick, you both have the same smile.


  • Dear Molly Jones,
    A lot of people don’t know I was born a poor black child–no, that was Steve Martin–never mind.

    Loved the auto-biographical piece. When do we get to see a photo of you from your hippie days? Seems I remember, you were related to Ashley Roachclip.



    • Dear Cheech,

      It just so happens that my HS nickname was Roach and I had a friend who just called me Clip. I don’t have many pictures from back in the day but I’ll see what I can dredge up. (Yes, Roach was a double entendre. 😉


      Molly Jones


  • Rochelle,
    it looks like you definitely got two out of three and there’s still time for the English Channel, or maybe just the Missouri River. I thought this was a subtle way of soliciting birthday presents but I might have to just write your name on the box and “Kansas City” and hope for the best. Great story, as always. Have a wonderful birthday (actually, you share it with one of my students).


    • Dear David,

      I know of a few folks who share my birthday. Friday Fictioneer, Randy Mazie is one of them. Subtle? Nah. As for presents, this group is a huge gift. 😀

      I think I’ll pass on swimming the Muddy Mo. I’m liable to come out of that with a mutated third leg. Ugh. I’ll stick to the lap pool at the fitness center for now.

      Thank you.



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  • Dear Rochelle

    A brilliant memoir to celebrate your birthday – this could be the start of another book…
    Hope you are having a brilliant day, you are an inspiration and a feisty lady. Love the ‘new’ genre!

    Happy Birthday


  • Histrionic fiction – great fun! One of my FF posts (The Esteemed Companie of Travelling Players) was an unreliable historical memoir. A hoot to write – and wouldn’t even have to be internally or historically accurate if I took it further.
    Congrats on your birthday and growing literary family.
    Have not read your first yet but it’s on my list – and will post a review on UK Amazon when I do.


    • Dear MJL,

      I love it when readers get my little obscurities. Histrionic fits because I’ve always been accused of being a drama queen.

      I’ll look forward to your impression of Please Say Kaddish for Me.

      Thank you.




  • I thought I was too old to write but you have provided the inspiration and the weekly spark, maybe one day, and I dare to dream, I’ll get my book too. Thanks for reviving that dream Rochelle.


    • Dear Subroto,

      I don’t know if you’re familiar with Laura Ingalls Wilder, of Little House on the Prairie fame, but she was 65 when her first novel was published. My personal hero Diana Nyad was 64 when she swam from Cuba to Florida. The list goes on. I didn’t even start writing with serious intent until twelve years ago.

      I don’t know how old your are, my friend, but my advice is dare to dream, not only dare, but pursue!



      Liked by 1 person

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