8 January 2016

Published January 6, 2016 by rochellewisoff


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PHOTO PROMPT © Melanie Greenwood

PHOTO PROMPT © Melanie Greenwood

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Genre: Realistic Fiction

Word Count: 100



“Sorry, Miss, your flight’s been cancelled,” says the airline rep with a wheeze in her voice.  

“My boyfriend’s got reservations for our bistro and I’m sure he’s going to pop the question tonight and I have to—”

“Young love will have to go on standby, dearie.” She squints at me through horn-rimmed glasses.

Teeth grinding, I pace in front of the window as snow covers the tarmac.

I plop down in a chair.

My iPhone chimes.  

“It’s over. Marrying Patricia. Safe travels. Eugene.”

 It’s snowing harder. I read his text three more times and grin with relief. Lovely weather.  

102 comments on “8 January 2016

  • I got it, though I did ponder the urgency in her part of the dialogue about having to be there. I feel good for her though – that’s a scene best left unplayed. Nice twist, you’ve lost none of your panache over the festive period.

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    • Dear Sandra,

      I needed the reassurance. 😉 As I said I did tweak it a bit so I don’t know if your read before or after the fact. I think her urgency was getting there to head him off at the pass, not wanting to take his chicken way out via text.

      Thank you and Shalom,


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  • I didn’t get it the way you meant it apparently (after reading the comments)–but I got *it* anyway and it gave me a good laugh. I thought she might have accepted just because (long time together, sorry for the guy, all the wrong reasons) and now is relieved that he called it off. I loved it.

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  • Is this worse than breaking off by Post-It (for those Sex and the City fans…)

    I love how the buildup goes in one direction yet twists so perfectly! Taking lessons from C.E.?

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  • The “Safe travels” in the message kind of implied that he still cares for her and wants her to join him – that threw me off as it didn’t vibe with the rest of the abrupt message. So I had to read the comments to understand the intent of the grin. OVerall it’s a good story – well written as always 🙂

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    • Dear Ansumani,

      “Relieved grin.” 😉 She was happy to be off the hook. “Safe travels” is usually pretty casual as in “see ya.” I found it interesting that you read so much into that.

      At any rate, I’m glad you took the time to read and leave a nice comment. Much appreciated.




  • Dear Rochelle,
    What a skillfully placed twist. Admittedly, I reread it from beginning to end after reading the last line but more to savor the twist than for any other reason. Nicely handled. This is one of my faves. You set us up for heartbreak and let us settle comfortably into the new idea as the snow falls softly on the tarmac.

    Marie Gail

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    • Dear Marie Gail,

      So happy to see you here on my page. Although I rejoice at your busy-ness due to business. 😉
      Your affirming words fill me with smiles. This seems to be one of those “either you get it or you don’t” stories.

      Thank you, Shalom and hugs my sweet friend,


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  • Nice one.
    Life has its ways, sometimes, of stopping us just at the right time.
    (then other times, it seems, it doesn’t stop us at all).
    Glad that this time it worked out fine – with her staying put and not wasting time, money, and being jilted, after all that, F2F.


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  • Dear Rochelle,
    this made me smile. It’s nice to know that a story of jilted love can have a happy ending. I hope Eugene is happy with Patricia, although if he’s the kind of guy to do something like this, I feel bad for Patricia. In any case, great story as usual.

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    • Dear Irene,

      This seems to be one of those pieces that some got and some didn’t. A hundred words is a challenge, isn’t it? At any rate, I’m glad you enjoyed my story. Relief is relief. Thank you for your honest comment.



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  • I got the tweaked version, but the urgency of her desire to make the flight, threw me off. I could feel the coldness of the rejection, and the snow on the tarmac… and heat in her relief. This is what I love most about FF– all the different takes on the same photo, and all the different responses to each story! Love the new gravatar photo, Rochelle. 🙂


  • Dear Strawberry Shortcake,

    As my Mom used to say, “There’s more than one prune in the pudding, but any one of them can give you the squirts.”

    Nawh, I’m just making that up, but it sounded so much better than tired and the worn out ‘fish in the sea’ analogy.

    Now she can log onto Fruit Lovers Only.com and become the apple of someone else’s eye.

    Yabba Dabba Doo,

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  • Wedding cancelled due to a divine snowy intervention. How nicely that worked out for her. I guess it’s the one time when someone would welcome bad weather. Great story, Rochelle. Happy New Year!!


    • Dear Amy,

      I think there was a serious breakdown of communication on someone’s part. 😉 At any rate the snow was a welcome event for her. And I just won’t say anything about Eugene.
      Thank you for the greetings and the kudos.



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