8 July 2016

Published July 6, 2016 by rochellewisoff

Summer Showcase

Summer is the time for vacations, picnics on the beach and reruns on the telly. For me it’s a time to meet a deadline in July for my third novel in my series entitled AS ONE MUST ONE CAN. Many thanks to those of you who responded to my plea for your favorite reruns. 

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The following photo is the PROMPT. This week’s retread request is from Sandra Crook. If you’re one of those who wrote a story for this prompt feel free to re-post it and enjoy the respite. Remember that all photos are private property and subject to copyright. Use other than Friday Fictioneers by permission only. 


PHOTO PROMPT © Jan Marler Morrill

PHOTO PROMPT © Jan Marler Morrill

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Genre: Speculative Fiction

Word Count: 100

This story is from the week of 12 October 2012 when Madison was still Chief Fictioneer.


            Summer 1969, an American sailor stationed in Greece, I went on leave to Santorini.

In Pyrgos, I met sable-eyed Melina.

We drank each other. Her fragrant breasts welcomed me home.

“Marry me,” I whispered.

“I can’t.”

After that I never saw her again.

Summer 2010, I returned to Pyrgos.

On the street I stopped a silver-haired woman. “Melina Dimitri? Do you know her?”


“I love her.”

“Impossible! She was my great-grandmother. Died in childbirth in 1869. Here she is with my great-grandfather.”

When the woman flipped out an old photograph I gasped at the youthful images of Melina and…me.

101 comments on “8 July 2016

    • Dear Neil,

      Every so often it’s good to step outside the sandbox and find another playground. This was fun although I haven’t tried it again since. Thank you for reading and commenting.




  • Dear Rochelle,
    Love this story, I too see time travel love the idea of meeting family and the shock of finding out something so life alterating! Fantsastic! Apologies for being very behind again, I’ve got about five weeks worth to try and catch up on 😦
    Huge hugs Heidi

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dear Heidi,

      This was one of those experiments four years ago that I haven’t repeated. Although I love time travel stories. The movie Frequency is in my top ten faves of all time.

      Not to worry about catching up I’ve been pretty much behind myself for weeks. 😉

      Thank you and Shalom,


      Liked by 1 person

  • I love that last line. And the photo of him in 1869. It leads me to consider that he may live for ever, yet does not recall his past lives. Intriguing. It seems that now a fault has occurred and he is beginning to recall his past lives!!! I feel story after story coming out?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dear Michael,

      Actually I had more of a time traveler in mind. I suppose it’s however the reader sees it. 😉 Who knows? I might do something with this at a later date.

      Thank you.




  • I love the mystery here Rochelle. I thought the line ‘We drank each other’ was superb – it goes beyond sexual desire and becomes a thirst, a need, something life sustaining. That’s how I read it anyway!

    Liked by 2 people

  • It’s sort of like Blake Lively’s “The Age of Adaline”, among many others. I’ve always enjoyed tales of time travel, people who never age, etc. Which one is it? It reminds me of why I’ve always been hesitant about trying to meet a nice woman. One never knows if she might be merely visiting from a whole nother dimension

    Liked by 1 person

  • Ooh, that’s an intriguing one! No wonder Melina said she couldn’t marry him. I do love a time travel mystery. Makes me wonder how he jumped back a hundred years, or did she jump forward? Great story, Rochelle 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  • Rochelle,
    I must say this is my kind of story. I must confess though, I had to read it twice since it’s so different from you normal style. You did a wonderful job with it though. I love the “wait, what?” moment with the words great-grandmother. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dear David,

      I’m never sorry when someone reads my story more than once. This was one of two times I attempted a story like this. The other is a 500 word flash that I wrote for a contest. (It didn’t win. 😦 ) Perhaps when the dust settles from the trilogy, I’ll try it again. Thank you. Glad you liked.




  • When the conditions are right sometimes the past and present mingle as one…. Nice story!

    Looking at the other comments, the problem with reincarnation is that he had a specific time that he had met her – he could point at his Naval records and such and show he was there at that time. To me it read more like the handful of time travel Romances I’ve seen or read, most recently Woody Allen’s “Midnight in Paris”.

    Liked by 1 person

  • He wasn’t where he thought he was when he was with her. Very intriguing and romantic, a different kind of time travel story. Maybe he finds a way to go back for a while?

    Liked by 1 person

  • Rochelle, clearly I’m very late… but, crazy weekend! I guessed reincarnation, but guessing the time travel was the intent? That was a bit confusing to me, but the overall mood and storytelling, beautiful as always!

    Hope the editing and re-writes are coming along! All the best as you write. xox


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