19 August 2016

Published August 17, 2016 by rochellewisoff

Summer ShowcaseSummer is the time for vacations, picnics on the beach and reruns on the telly. I’m happy to announce that I made my July deadline for my third novel in my series entitled AS ONE MUST ONE CAN. I’m waiting to hear back from my agent. Many thanks to those of you who responded to my plea for your favorite reruns. Look for new prompts the beginning of September as I’ve received quite a few new ones this summer. Friday Fictioneers and Poppy

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This story and prompt were originally posted the week of 19 April 2013.

Genre: Historical Fiction

Word Count: 100


When little more than a babe, I happened upon a nest of hornets in the churchyard. After a sennight of swelling, fever and Mother’s prayers, I was recovered.  

 “This child’s destiny from Almighty God is fraught with purpose,” cried Elder Martin. 

As I grew to womanhood, nothing more was said of my destiny. 

A fortnight ago I strolled with Elizabeth Martin and tripped upon another hornet’s nest. She perished from their relentless stings. Only a tiny welt arose upon my hand. 

Red-hot flames sear my ankles. I scream and plead for mercy whilst Elder Martin shouts.

“Witch! Behold thy destiny!”


 *Sennight-Old English word for a space of seven nights and days. 


62 comments on “19 August 2016

  • Ooh, chilling stuff, Rochelle. Tragic that so many (mainly women) were falsely accused of witch craft. In an age where just being different or alone, elderly or eccentric could condemn you, along with people’s own fear and ignorance. Tragic times. A really good story, and sadly believable. Love the word sennight, too 🙂

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      • Very dark indeed, though I never fail to be fascinated by it. What people believed, the different ways people viewed the world, spirits in every river and tree, the Devil ready to take you at any moment. People lived with terror and the supernatural on a daily basis, much more so than we do now. Great story and I’ll look out for that author too 🙂


    • Dear CE,

      You’d think after two centuries we’d have moved beyond the fear of difference, wouldn’t you? And nice to know that some words survive. Fortnight is a good word.

      Thank you for your encouraging words, kind sir.




    • Dear Björn,

      The need to cast blame seems to be ingrained in human nature, doesn’t it? I had a manager at my last job who probably would’ve burned suspected witches at the stake. He had a propensity for looking for someone to blame if he had to deal with an angry customer. So glad to be out of there. 😉

      Thank you for your kind words regarding my story.




  • Blame the witch, blame the heretics, blame the Jews, blame the Muslims, blame the EU, blame the Germans, blame Obama, blame… what, myself? Never! Great tale with a bite, Rochelle. I love the word sennight, too.

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    • Dear Gabriele,

      As Buffy Sainte-Marie wrote in Little Wheel Spin and Spin: Blame the angels, blame the Fates, blame the Jews or your sister Kate. Teach your children who to hate…”

      Thank you for your comments.



  • Chilling – her good fortune at having been somewhat immunised (I suppose) to hornet stings as a child led to her downfall at the hands of suspicious folk.
    And yet again here’s me prematurely Googling a word when you had the explanation at the end of the story 🙂

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  • Dear Ones, after reading my post for this, I realized my wording was less than clear for what I wanted to convey. Sooo, I did an edit this morning that appears below the original write. Don’t know how to remove linky to amend that with a new linky. So, it is what it is. It’s now about 125 words.

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  • Oh no… so creepy and well told. History and women do not go well together. Sadly this occured all too often. And still does, with acid and stones. Here you paint a picture of survival only to be destroyed by a body’s immunity and mistrust of others.

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  • Greetings, Rochelle!
    Glad to hear you made your deadline. My WIP heads off to the editor this week!
    A tragic and bewitching story. There are many ages in our history as a species when it was dangerous and terrible to be a woman. It makes me wonder what those hundreds of years from now will say about being a woman in our day and age…
    Happy trails!

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    • Dear Sara,

      I’ll think hopeful thoughts for you. It’s always good to have a fresh pair of eyes to scan your work.
      Unfortunately there are women all over the world held under the tyrannical thumb of Sharia law. I don’t understand this. Now there are other ways to burn perceived witches at the stake via YouTube etc.
      Thank you for running by and leaving nice comments.




  • I Googled sennight before I saw your explanation at the bottom! I love the English language. So sad that people do not accept difference in others. The world would be a far more peaceful place if everyone welcomed others’ idiosyncracies.

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  • Dear Flying Wallenda,

    Welcome to Elder Martin’s new reality show, “Cooking with Witches.” It just goes to prove that one person’s miracle is another’s disaster.

    May all your landings be soft and safe,

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  • What a tragic story. That Elder Martin, and others like him, had such power over communities and individuals is horrifying. It still goes on in some corners of the world, sadly. Your story shows the injustice and ignorance powerfully, Rochelle.

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