2 September 2016

Published August 31, 2016 by rochellewisoff

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PHOTO PROMPT -© Vijayay Sundaram

PHOTO PROMPT -© Vijaya Sundaram

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Genre: Poetic Justice

Word Count: 100



Enan’s grandiloquent notes set off explosions in my heart. I kept every embellished missive in a gilded box. His purple prose enslaved me.

After every beating or tongue lashing, he would gift me with an impassioned written apology and weep until I absolved him of his guilt.

One day he left our cottage whilst I slept. A card on the nightstand, penned in his sweeping hand simply said, “Goodbye.”


I wanted to search for him—beg him to come back. Instead, a fountain of sparks illumes the black sky. His words scatter amid the ashes and my spirit soars.

95 comments on “2 September 2016

  • How smoothlysome abusers switch from that abuse to cowering apologist. And yours sounds so convincing – his eloquent, heartfelt pleas for forgiveness. I think people like this often believe themselves when they say ‘never again’ – it’s a way for them to cope with the guilt of what they’ve done. Either that, or they blame it on their victims (‘she pushed me too far’ etc). Clearly and chillingly told, Rochelle.

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  • Terrific take on the prompt, Rochelle. I had to read it several times, it was so layered. The oppression, the slavish worship, the abandonment and the soaring freedom at the end. The long lay-off has not blunted your flash skills in the slightest. Well done.

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  • Great writing, Rochelle. It’s an old story, isn’t it. First, they abuse then plead for forgiveness. He actually did her a favor by leaving if he couldn’t control himself. She had the good sense to realize she was now free and could get on with her life. —- Suzanne

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  • Free at last. Up until the last part, it is all too often. At least the abuser knew he had a problem and didn’t want to hurt her any more. Although he should have sought help so much earlier. But had he done so, you wouldn’t have written this awesome piece. Great writing Rochelle.

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  • Wow. Lovely and powerful. Great combination.

    i just spoke with a friend who upon realizing he was having dizzy spells, immediately sold his motorcycle rather than risk another hour of temptation and rationalizing whether he should take just one more possible death ride…

    Enan finally did the only thing left in order for him to stop. Unfortunately for him, he went cold turkey in a blazingly brutal, but beautiful way.

    Breathtakingly painful and fetching, a sad yet great, quietly told story.

    Happy birthday,

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    • Dear Randy,

      Actually I didn’t see Enan as being the one who went up in smoke, just his artfully written notes. Perhaps his reasons for leaving were selfless, but I have my doubts. 😉 Thank you for such a lovely comment. I hope your birthday was full of joy and healing.




  • A piece of bleeding, purple prose, so raw and so full of pain at first, and then, boom! I loved the ending, and the suggestions of both destruction of the old and the birth of the new. Good for her that she did not go after her abuser!
    (And so pleased that you used my picture! Thanks!$

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  • Dear Rochelle
    How the abused can still have feelings for their abuser constantly baffles me.You have captured it perfectly here and have not lost any of your flash fiction skills in the summer lay-off.
    Best wishes

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  • A good, however sad story of abuse. Thankfully this one had a good outcome for at least one of them. Good ending of how someone can not realize their situation until they are detached from it.


  • How do I love this? Let me count the ways.
    I love the word grandiloquent. I love the way you draw the arch from the explosions in her heart to the sparks of freedom in the end. And I admire how precisely you described the domestic stockholm syndrome with which far too many spouses and partners are afflicted.

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  • Thank you, Rochelle, for using my photograph! I’m flattered and thrilled.

    Could you do me a favour? Could you remind those who haven’t done so to cite my name under the photograph? There is no name below it in some people’s posts.



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    • Dear Dee,

      I apologize for not answering you sooner. For some reason this ended up in my spam folder. Send you photos as a jpeg to runtshell@gmail.com. Please make sure it’s identified as yours. I’ve received a lot of them lately and don’t want to assign the wrong name to the wrong photo. Thank you.




    • Dear Bigfoot,

      Who can resist anything purple? We can but hope that the abuser injures himself in a strategic place and dies a slow death. Thank you for the birthday greeting. It feels good to be 31 the second time around.




  • Wow! Good voice. You have your English-English down. I almost saw Catherine in that. Well done.

    Imagine, if you will, the American translation —

    “I was in crazy-stupid love with a helpless abuser, who kept taking me back only to repeat the pattern. The slime ball left me and it hurt. But later? My Fourth of July, baby, it’s Miller Time!!!”

    Five out of five Jane Austens.

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  • You captured the qualities of abuse perfectly. The psychological bondage practiced by abusers is a complex craft, perfected over time. Treacherous grooming almost impossible to escape. The effects take a lifetime of aftercare. Bravo, Rochelle!

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