2 December 2016

Published November 30, 2016 by rochellewisoff


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PHOTO PROMPT © Jan Wayne Fields

PHOTO PROMPT © Jan Wayne Fields

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Genre: Realistic Fiction

Word Count: 100


            In preparation for his bar mitzvah, twelve-year-old Harvey Weinstein opened the book to his parashah. His stomach rumbled. “I’m hungry.”

            “Sh’mot beginning with Chapter 16,” said Rabbi Shmuel. “First in English, then Hebrew.”

            Harvey fumed. “I’m tired of Torah. I’d rather play Xbox.”

            “This is the perfect reading for you.” The rabbi winked and pointed to the page. “The children of Israel kvetched day and night in the wilderness. ‘Oy, Moses, we’re wet. We’re cold. We’re starving to death.’ Nu? Is there something we can we learn from them?”

            “Yeah.” Folding his arms across his chest, Harvey smirked. “Jews don’t camp.”


What can I say? 

124 comments on “2 December 2016

    • Dear Lynn,

      The song is somewhat true. Jews aren’t known for being outdoors men. If it hadn’t been for Girl Scouts I’d never have gone camping as a child. I’ve done plenty of it with my husband and kids. Glad you liked my story. Thank you



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      • I confess – I’d take a hotel over camping any day, though I’ve only camped once, two people in a one man tent, no matress, groundsheet etc and it rained all night and I woke up in a puddle! Not an experience likely to inspire a second go 🙂

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        • Dear Lynn,

          We used to camp out quite a bit when the kids were small. I loved going on float trips since it afforded me a swim time. But your story reminds me of one particularly devastating camping trip when my youngest was about 9 months old. We had all three of our boys with us plus an extra friend of our eldest. We did have two tents. The kids were in one and my husband, the baby and I were in another. Somewhere around midnight a storm moved in. I awoke to a steady stream of rain soaking myself and my crying baby, who, incidentally, decided on that weekend to wean himself. The tents collapsed and the six of us ended up spending the rest of the night in the campground facilities..that is until they could find us a musty old trailer to sleep in. I was over it about then. Although we’ve been on other outings since, it’s never been quite the same. 😉



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          • That sounds awful – really traumatic with young children in tow. I’m not surprised it took the shine off for you. I can imagine the storm, the water, the confusion in the darkness and crying children – terrible.


  • Dear Rochelle,

    Some dark undercurrents to this attempt at humor. If you intended it, it is stellar, but still dark. If you didn’t, then it is equally dark and strangely appropriate.

    Looking forward to talking with you about this.



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  • Hilarious! And I’ve had to live all these years with only 10 commandments to guide me. I always knew I never wanted to camp, but I didn’t realize it was something God has evidently written on my heart. Yay!
    This little boy is very real. As a teacher for many years, I can tell you that you have description perfect.

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  • Hahaha! Great story that is very topical with trying to separate young kids from their electronics. Loved the video but hate that the song is securely lodged in my brain.

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    • Dear Cindy,

      Anymore, the adults are just as hard to separate from their electronics as the kids. I’m a case in point. 😉 It is a catchy song isn’t it? If I were a gentile, I would hunt and fish and…
      Glad you liked the story. Thank you.



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  • Dear Jacqui LaLanne,
    Perhaps Harvey was expecting Chocolate Chip Cookie-Dough flavored manna to fall from the sky, or a pillar of fire to illumine the night. If that’s the case, he should pitch his tent outside Trump Towers or next to a casino.

    Problem solved,

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    • Dear Donnie,

      Sounds about right for today’s kids. “Manna-cotti? Again? Ba-Manna bread. Kosher-shmosher. Aw Mom…gee whiz. Can’t we have camel burgers?” Thanks for jogging by…one and two and three and four and one and…


      Jacqui LaLanne WF


    • Dear Michael,

      I know the Jews aren’t alone in this. As a matter of fact, we did plenty of camping over the years and most of those excursions were enjoyable. However the older I get the less sleeping in a tent on rocky ground appeals. 😉 Glad you laughed. Thank you.




  • Having spent much of the last few months living in a tent with only a few blankets and a little food, I’m really not in a place where I want to write about it, just yet. I’m just sooooooooo very thankful to have a roof over my head and heat that I’m spending most of my time curled up next to the baseboard heater snoozing.

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  • Newbie here. I wrote my story, got the little froggie link all set up, but when I click on it to publish my story, all I get is last week’s list with no option for more. I’m remembering now why I didn’t follow through on this when I tried a couple of years ago. I’m just not very good on the computer literacy thing, I guess.


    • Dear Happy Camper,

      Harvey needs to get through his bar mitzvah first. 😉 Glad you liked the story…it was fun to write. (BTW, my rabbi who is actually Shmuel deemed it hilarious.) Thank you




      • Dear Rochelle,
        Yes, kids that age certainly do think that they have all the answers, but they might as well enjoy this belief while it lasts, before they learn the meaning of the saying “the older I get, the less I know”, although there are some smart-aleks who never grow out of thinking they are the fount of all knowledge!
        All best wishes,

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  • This is too funny although it did stop me for a moment. The song is hilarious, too. Now, I’ve always been told the 11th commandment is Don’t get caught, but what do I know. 😉 Did I see this wrong, or is the tent purple?

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  • I really loved your take on the prompt, Rochelle. You really captured the characterization well.
    As for the song, it had me in stitches. So funny.
    My mother isn’t Jewish but you’d never catch her in a tent.
    Tragically, yesterday there was a real life camping tragedy in Queensland when a tent was struck by lightening.
    xx Rowena

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    • Dear Rowena,

      It’s one of those stereotypes, isn’t it? Jews don’t have a monopoly on dislike for roughing it, we just know how to market. 😉 Seriously, under the right circumstances, I do like to camp. However, my parents’ idea of a picnic was to open the dining room window.

      Tragic event in the article. You never know, do you?

      Thank you.



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