Published December 26, 2016 by rochellewisoff

This is my offering for What Pegman Saw

For guidelines and rules for the What Pegman Saw weekly writing prompt, visit the home page. It’s simple: a story of 150 words or less inspired by your street view tour of the location.

This week’s location was suggested by gifted writer and photographer Graham over at Thanks Graham!

Join in and add your link!



This is the view I chose from the Google site.

Genre: Historical Fiction

Word Count: 147


Eva couldn’t wait for bedtime. Her faithful dream came every night. All day she longed for the sheer pleasure of flying amongst the cotton-soft clouds. The sky would always be a mixture of azure and cerulean. Lively music filled her ears as she flipped in midair.

This particular night she hovered above a waterfall. The thundering waters cavorted and flowed over shimmering quartz stones. A mermaid with a gleaming green tail sat on one of them in the midst of the waves. Her eyes glowed like candles. Sea spray veiled her shining violet hair that cascaded over her shoulders like a silken cape.

Holding out her arms, her melodious voice beckoned. “Eva, sweet Eva, come swim with me.”


“Eva, get up!”

Shira shook her sister’s narrow shoulders. Grey light through the barrack’s filthy window illuminated Eva’s skeletal face and serene smile.

Weeping, Shira whispered, “Arbeit macht frei.”


  • As others have said, the unexpected ending really plunges a reader into the moment of the story, Rochelle. Wow. Another brilliant and unfortunately real-world story.
    Also, for some reason (probably because I like and know of it), the scene(s) in “Brazil” (the movie) where Sam imagines he’s flying came to mind through Eva’s imaginings.

    Liked by 1 person

      • Yeah, it’s a Terry Gilliam (of Monty Python fame) movie. Sam is caught in a brutal, at-turns bloody dystopian reality/society, and he is daydreaming about love and other pleasantries, even whilst being tortured (Michael Palin’s character is a kind of torturing dentist, IIRC). So I really saw that urgency and ethereal escapism in Eva’s day/night dreams. It was a very poignant story. Very good stuff, Rochelle, though I’m sorry anyone has to write of such depravities as were wrought by the ‘people’ running concentration camps.


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