Published March 26, 2017 by rochellewisoff

Today Pegman takes us to Nassau, Bahamas

How I wish this trip could be made in person. A virtual trip will have to suffice for now. The photo below is my choice from the Pegman Buffet. 😉 

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Thanks to K Rawson and J Hardy Carroll

Genre: Fiction

Word Count: 150


            “I’m tired of cartoons,” said the little girl with round eyes the color of ripe cocoa plums. “Tell me a story, Great-Grandpa.”

            He clicked off the television. “Soul-destroying nonsense. Shall I tell you about Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty?”

            She wrinkled her nose. “Tell me what it was like when you were a boy in the Bahamas.”

            He gathered her onto his lap. “We were so poor we didn’t have a telephone or electricity or even indoor plumbing. But we had the bluest skies at our temples and the ocean at our feet.”

            “What did you do for fun?”

            “I climbed trees, ate wild bananas and went swimming almost every day.”

            “You were lucky! Did you ever go to the movies?”  

            “I didn’t even see a movie until I was twelve.”

            “And now you’re a movie star like Denzel Washington.”

            Sidney Poitier kissed his great-granddaughter. “Nah, I’m just an ordinary guy.”




Sidney Poitier in one of my favorite films, “To Sir with Love”in 1967


Sidney Poitier receives the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2009


    • Dear J Hardy,

      My brother and I did the same thing. We would try to outdo each other singing “BUNCH!” However…that was Harry Belafonte. 😉 He and Poitier were good friends. 😉
      Sidney Poitier has always been a favorite of mine. Amazing man. Glad you liked the story.
      Thank you.




    • Dear Karen,

      I knew he was from the West Indies but didn’t know specifics. I was really pleased to find out that he was right where I ‘needed’ him to be. I downloaded his autobiography to my kindle and it looks like it’s going to be a great read. Glad you enjoyed the story.



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    • Dear Jan,

      He’s an amazing actor. According to interviews I’ve watched recently, he didn’t have more than a year and a half education when he went to Florida at the age of 15. Thanks, as always, for the read, comment and support, m’love.



  • nice story, Rochelle. I read his autobiography — unless he’s written a second — and it is a great read. He endured a lot to become an actor, and persevered so his parents would be proud of him. Your last line sounds so much like his attitude.

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    • Dear Christine,

      I downloaded his most recent autobiography. I used the first chapter for story fodder. He really came from nothing to be an amazing somebody. The attitude of the last line came out of an interview I watched this morning where he refused to let the interviewer call him an icon or “Mr. Poitier.” He deserves all of the accolades he’s received and then some IMHO. Thank you.




  • I knew right away you were writing about Sidney Poitier! “The Measure of a Man” is a fabulous read. Not only is he a wonderful actor, he has a way with the pen. The whole time I was reading it, I was imagining it in his voice. There are so many quotable parts to it and the part that struck me the most (without giving anything away) is that he said you can never go back. Once you read it, you will see what he means…
    Fabulous, as always, Madame Wisoff-Fields!

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  • Love Sidney Poitier! Such an important man for black actors, paving the way in strong roles when so many had been refused before him. There would be no Denzel without him. Lovely tale, Rochelle and hope you enjoy the read 🙂

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  • Nice take, but I don’t know a kid alive who’d voluntarily turn off the TV (or Internet). My son is divorced and one week he has the kids and the next, his ex-wife does. When my eight-year-old grandson is at his Mom’s (and Papa and Nana’s), he gets all the TV he can stand since Papa likes his television.

    At our place, he usually gets TV only Friday and Saturday nights and I may let him watch some YouTube videos Sunday afternoons before going back to his Mom’s.

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    • Dear James,

      I spent two wonderful days sitting on the floor painting pictures with my almost 6 year old granddaughter last fall. She is a TV kid but when it came to painting with Bubbe…painting or playing games won out.

      So I will have to agree to disagree with you on this one. 😉 At any rate thank you for taking the time to read and comment.


      Rochelle/Olive’s Bubster

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    • Dear Neel,

      I never read the book but have seen (and own) the movie several times since I saw it in the 60’s. Sidney Poitier is an amazing actor and has lived an exemplary life. I’m glad you enjoyed my story. Thank you for your sweet comments.



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    • Dear Kecia,

      “To Sir with Love” is an all time favorite of mine, too. And just about anything with Sidney Poitier is fantastic. (I feel some binge-watching coming on.) Thank you for a delightful comment on my little story.



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  • Dear Rochelle,

    I adored that movie “To Sir with Love”. Such a handsome fellow with a wonderful voice and huge presence. I’d no idea that he came from the Bahamas, or that he was illiterate when he arrived in America. What an inspiration his acting achievements must have been for others who were poor and illiterate.

    You have taught me something new, yet again.

    All best wishes,

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dear Sarah,

      It was a grand movie. But I don’t know that I ever saw Mr. Poitier act in anything that wasn’t. I remembered reading a long time ago that he’d come from the West Indies and was so pleased to find he is Bahamian. When you consider where he came from, he goes beyond amazing.
      Always happy to learn and teach. Thank you.



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