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Today, April 1st,  Pegman takes us 225 million kilometers to Mars.

Feel free to stroll around the area using the Google street view and grab any picture you choose to include in your post. Be sure to wear your helmet, and watch out for storms!

To enjoy stories inspired by the What Pegman Saw prompt or to submit your own 150-word story, visit the inLinkz button:

For guidelines and rules for the What Pegman Saw weekly writing prompt, visit the home page.

Thanks to J Hardy Carroll and Karen Rawson for hosting this mission to Mars.

Happy April One-eth. So it should surprise me that our host should choose a place like Mars? Below is my choice from the Pegman Prompt Buffet and my story, submitted for your approval. 

Genre: Memoir and Musing

Word Count: 150


            In the 1950’s, my parents, who owned a restaurant in downtown KC, would hand my brother a few dollars and say, “Jeff, take your sister to the movies.” This afforded them a couple of child-free hours.

            Jeff chose the movies. I never minded. We saw them all—The Mysterians, Forbidden Planet, and so on—while munching popcorn and jujubes. I don’t remember being bothered by the fact that, in many of the flicks, the actors’ lips didn’t sync with the dubbed voices.

            When I turned eleven, Jeff introduced me to “The Martian Chronicles.”  I fell in love with Bradbury’s golden eyed, bronzed skinned Martians.

            My love for sci-fi has continued over the years. Yet, my writing hasn’t bent much in that direction. Heinlein I’ll never be.

            However, given the unprecedented popularity of “The Martian,” perhaps I’d attract a larger audience if I’d written, “Please Say Kaddish for Me on Mars.”




In any event, if you do like historical fiction about the Jewish pogroms in Eastern Europe at the turn of the twentieth century you might enjoy my trilogy 😉 :


  • That’s great. There’s a new show on FX called The Expanse where the colony on Mars has declared independence and is a military power that spends all its money on “defense” instead of making the planet livable. I guess the more things change…

    That said, I wish I had the robot from Forbidden Planet. 😉

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  • Dear Rochelle

    “Please Say Kaddish for Me on Mars” sounds nearly as bizarre as “Pride and Prejudice and the Zombies”! Like you, I used to love Ray Bradbury’s writing, but have come to the conclusion that I will never write anything that satisfy true fans of science fiction, so am shifting towards realism, even if it’s at the quirkier end of the scale.

    You stay writing what you write. It’s so “you”.

    I always have to remind myself that if one’s novels aren’t bestsellers (yet), not to take it as a rejection of oneself personally. It’s all down to discoverability and matching one’s novel with the right audience. I’m certain there’s a huge audience out there for both of us, but it’s just a matter of finding it 🙂

    I know all about author’s laments. So do the people who have to live with me on a daily basis!

    All best wishes,

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    • Dear Sarah,

      I can’t see myself writing anything else really. I’ve been convinced since the beginning of the trilogy that those books have a mission. Nonetheless, I enjoy reading and watching good sci-fi. But with my lack of knowledge when it comes to technical things, I don’t feel qualified. I might step into the realm in flash fiction on rare occasions, but that’s as comfortable as I get with it.

      I’m not sure what else I can do about discoverability. Maybe if I bungee jump off the Empire State Building whilst clutching my books…nah…I’m terrified of heights. 😉 At any rate, the hope’s alive that one day a larger audience will discover and love Havah.

      Thank you.



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              • Rochelle,
                Perhaps you should approach Spielberg direct 😉 I would, if I were you (cause I’m cheeky), or at least seek out his agent. Thinking of his movie, Schindler’s List, I think he would do your books justice. Either that, or perhaps look at someone who would be interested in serialising them on TV. I’m sure that there are loads of Jewish people in the film business and TV production studios. Of course, there’s always the alternative of convincing a particular actor that they should play a central character in your books.
                And now my last idea for today …Have you thought of raising the money through crowdfunding and involving drama students? It would take a lot of work, but I’ve heard of people doing this.
                Whatever you do, you are absolutely not to give up.

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                • Dear Sarah,

                  All good ideas. I will have to let them roll around my head and pursue the options. I know one of my favorite books, Memoirs of a Geisha, was made into a movie because someone who knew Gary Marshall read it and fell in love with it. Perhaps my son in LA knows someone. However, my son doesn’t seem all that interested in my books. I’m of the mind that the three books could be made into a miniseries. As with anything it seems to be about who you know and not what. :/
                  Thank you for the encouraging, if not noodging, words this morning.



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                • Sarah,

                  I’m not sure ‘nagging’ is the word I would use. Noodge is more like using a verbal cattle prod. I actually meant it in a good way. I have a tendency to take two steps forward and three back in anxiety. I would never accuse you of nagging.



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  • “Forbidden Planet” remains one of my favorite classic science fiction films, but I’m also very fond of “The Martian.” When I was a kid, I was excited to find out what the 21st century had in store. I was promised my big wheel space station, my Moon base, and my Mars colony. Reality hasn’t worked out as I expected in childhood.

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    • Dear James,

      I thoroughly enjoyed “The Martian,” too. I suspect we’re about the same age. When you think about it, in some ways the 21st century is the sci-fi of our childhood…just not all of it. While we don’t have flying cars or a Mars colony, we have Skype and cell phones and computers. Reel to reel tapes or 8-Tracks are passe and even VHS is considered archaic. Thanks for stopping by.




  • Other than “The Martian”, I’ve never seen the others you mentioned. Hmm… then again, we were three girls at home. Unless boyfriends came into play, the chances of us falling in love with Sci-Fi were slim to almost-none.
    Never you mind your Kaddish on Mars… when these babies fall into the right hands… I say watch out! J.K. Rowling.. you ain’t the only one!!!

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    • Dear Dale,

      I don’t even know how “Kaddish on Mars” would look. 😉

      As for those movies…well, there’s a slight age gap between us. Although “Forbidden Planet” has been on TV…not sure about “The Mysterians.” I don’t know why I even remember it…probably for the colorful space suits and the name that I found haunting as a 4 year old.

      Thank you for your encouraging words.



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    • Querida Tracey,

      I’m fond of a good sci-fi and so’s my husband. I just don’t write them. 😉 I hope you’ve had a chance (or will have) to read the second and third in the trilogy. (You had a hand in a bit of the medical research I did for the 3rd…thank you.) Gracias for taking the time to read and comment.

      Shalom y salud,


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    • Dear Margarisa,

      There are a few genres, beside Sci-Fi that I enjoy, such as humor. I don’t see myself writing an entire novel in that one either. Glad my little musing gave you a chuckle. Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment. 😀



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  • Hi Rochelle! Whatever genre you write, you write beautifully. You are one of few sources to history and other things. Knowing from your writing touches my heart. Best wishes for your trilogy. Shalom.

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    • Dear Suzanne,

      I can’t imagine in these times handing a ten-year-old cash and sending him off with this four-year-old sister to the theater. I remember walking all over downtown KC with Jeff without a care. Forbidden Planet is definitely a cult classic as is its most memorable star Robbie the Robot. 😀 Thank you.



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  • I was about to sneak off without leaving a comment but then you caught me 😀 Loved the crack of the whip (am tempted to steal it) and of course your lament. As you probably know, everything has its time and the trick is to have fun until then 😉

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    • Dear Dahlia,

      Feel free to steal my cracking whip. 😉 No copyrights there. I wondered if anyone would notice that I changed it. I thought it might send the reciprocation message.

      As for the story…and my books…I keep putting one foot in front of the other.

      Thank you.



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  • I’m jealous, my mother disapproved of films (not intellectual enough, theatre was much better for me), so I had to beg and make a case for every film I ever went to see. Occasionally, it was only my father at home when I made my bid and he was much easier going.

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    • Dear Hilary,

      And I envy you the threatre.

      My parents, particularly my dad, were movie aficionados. I have my mother’s copy of “Gone with the Wind” in which she pasted cut out photos of the actors from the original program. My brother is still a sci-fi lover. Because it was cheap entertainment during my childhood we went to many drive-m movies. (Three movies…if you could stay awake) and kids under 12 were admitted for free.
      Thank you cor coming by.



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    • Dear Rusty,

      There’s the one about a couple of aliens who land on earth only to have a flat tire on their saucer. Going into a Jewish deli, they find just the right replacement in the bakery case. The proprietor informs them that those aren’t tires but bagels. He gives each of the aliens half of one to try.
      “Yum” says the first alien.
      The second alien licks his green lips and says, “These would taste great with lox and cream cheese.”

      Viva Jews in Space!

      Nanu Nanu

      Louise Clairol.

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    • Dear Neel,

      I’m glad you enjoyed my story. The comments have been so encouraging, too. I’ve known for some time there is no turning back…but the urge to hide under my bed and shut out the world still niggles at me. Thank you for being one of those encouraging voices.



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