16 June 2017

Published June 14, 2017 by rochellewisoff

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Genre: Historical Fiction

Word Count: 100


           Trina wasn’t forced to wear a yellow star like her friend Hanna, but she was ostracized by the other children who called her schwarz schimpanse.

            One day a uniformed woman entered the classroom. “Trina Azikiwe, I’m here to take you to the doctor.

            “I’m not sick.”

            The officer dealt Trina’s cheek a stinging blow. “Silence, Rheinlandbastard!”

            Trina would never forget the cruel procedure that rendered her forever childless or the doctor’s admonition. “Never have sexual relations with good Germans.”

            Good Germans? There were none better than her golden-haired mother and handsome bronze father who perished for their ‘sin’ in Dachau.


NOTE -Schwarz schimpanze – Black chimpanzee…(Do I need to translate ‘Rheinlandbastard?’)





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115 comments on “16 June 2017

  • Oh wow I didn’t realise Germany had a black population since the 1800’s. But it makes absolute sense when you think of the slave trade or cheap labour sourced from colonies. Racism makes my blood boil, not only because I face it everyday myself. But I can’t stand the thinking that one is superior than the other simply by the colour of their skin, or their heritage.

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    • Dear Neel,

      Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was never a reason to write a story like this? I hate to sound cliche but there are so many wonderful differences in humans…if only we could see it instead of putting up barriers or lashing out. In any case, thank you for your kind words.




  • Another powerful story. The institutionalized racism and hatred of the Nazis is so beyond comprehension. How painstakingly they reordered their atrocities…. What I find chilling is how many extreme racists there are in this country and how empowered they seem to feel in the currently political environment.

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    • Dear Trent,

      I don’t believe there has ever been (and hopefully never will be) such a calculated slaughter as the Nazi Holocaust. They took racism to a ‘scientific level’ and then kept impeccable records. As I mentioned to someone else, there weren’t as many black victims because they were a small part of the German population. Had there been 6 million to kill I’ve no doubt they would’ve been included. I hate racism! Thank you for your comments.



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  • What a horrid and cruel reality written here. The thought alone is terrifying. I read this, and my mind kept circling back to events of the last 24 hrs… Last eve I watched on the news as one of our young men was returned to us from being imprisoned. (His crime, and the punishment aside, he’s still a young man.) Comatose for over a year in that place and my mind can only imagine the tortures inflicted upon him to have created such a degree of sickness. To his captures, he was a horrid creature, to us, he is one of our own… a little misguided by the naivety of youth, but one of our own just the same. May we all truly raise prayers for him to be healed and whole again.

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      • My mind was so overwhelmed that this weeks story just didn’t sit well there. Couldn’t get reality to move aside. On second reading, the depth of your words and the story only stand to emphasize what a sick and depraved world we live in. Stories like this should be told, retold, and acted upon such that we can give evil a good and solid kick in the A*.

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  • It makes my stomach quiver. The evil that lurks in the heart of all mankind is periodically unleashed, and horror quickly follows. I suppose there are those who feel that the Nazi period of domination was so long ago that it no longer matters. It does. It must, because it is modern history’s pattern-setter for every other nation that decides it must dominate the world.

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    • Dear Linda,

      I fear that as the last of the survivors leave this world, it will be easier and easier to forget. Alas the evil marches merrily on…ISIS, Hamas (the word itself literally means ‘evil’) etc. etc. So much inhumanity in the name of racial purity. It makes my stomach quiver, too. Thank you for coming by.



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    • Indeed it does matter, Gran. We must never forget it. And, we must ever and always work to see that it never occurs again, though our puny human powers have failed in even that task so many times.

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  • I learned some new facts after going to the link you attached. Your stories are all powerful. Some are warm and emotional, many are not, but one thing for sure….I always learn a piece of history that I wasn’t familiar with. Keep teaching us Ms. wordsmith.

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  • A history lesson wrapped up in a wonderfully-told story, dear Rochelle. You are an endless fount of information. I love that you find a subject, go digging and produce such wonderful stories. Keep ’em coming.
    I, too, had no clue…

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  • Thank you for writing this story, Rochelle and for providing the link to the background article. Informative while truly depressing. You’re right to highlight the plight of black Germans under the Nazis. While the suffering was not on the scale of other targetted groups, it was no less inhumane, no less painful to the individuals. Warnings from history.
    Thanks again Rochelle, for always keeping us so well informed.

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    • Dear Lynn,

      I only recently was apprised of this part of the horrible Nazi legacy. I suspect their suffering wasn’t on the same “scale” only because there weren’t as many blacks as there were Jews. And other equally sad and horrid detail is that it’s hard to find black holocaust survivors because there weren’t many. Their treatment was brutal and more often than not, fatal.
      Thank you for your affirming comment.



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  • Dear Rochelle,
    While I knew about the mistreatment of blacks by the Nazi regime, it isn’t a topic I ever read specifically about until today. Thanks for shedding light on this bit of history. Only the light of truth can defeat the darkness.

    Peace (and a healthy dose of chicken grease),

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    • Dear MG,

      So many obscure stories like this in history (and today). I need a bigger flashlight. 😉 This was new to me until this past May. It shouldn’t surprise me, but, like many of us, I wasn’t aware that Germany had any black citizens.

      Thanks for the chicken grease…great for frying chicken skins. An old Jewish, artery clogging treat.

      Shalom, my dear friend,


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  • Excellent story Rochelle. This is an aspect of the Nazi atrocity that’s rarely told. All sorts of people, “undesirable” by Nazi degenerates were sterilized for being different. I’ve heard about this before (though I read through your follow on link) but it’s good to read this again and remember the full depth of the insanity. Another great read, Rochelle.

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    • Dear Björn,

      I believe forced sterilization is practiced in the Republic of China. Although the Nazis made these children undergo it without anesthesia and without their parents’ knowledge. And there’s a whole lot more to be said. If it chilled you, my mission is accomplished.




    • Dear Subroto,

      Because other minorities made up a smaller percentage of the population their plight in Nazi Germany went unnoticed. I thought about relaying Mr. Mssaquoi’s story but it just didn’t work for 100 words. Thank you for sharing the link and your comments re my story.




  • Count me among those who had never heard about this particular aspect of that horrible chapter of history. Thank you for the educational link. So many moving, powerful stories for so many people, each in their own specific situation, but all related. We have to keep telling and hearing these stories, so that people don’t forget, so that one more person is pushed away from letting it repeat.

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    • Dear Ali,

      I really didn’t think there were any black people in Germany either until I read about this in May. Horrid. In many ways they were treated worse than the Jews, it’s just there weren’t as many of them. Thank you re my writing. 😉



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  • Dear Rochelle,

    You have written this extremely well, in a way that stabs at the heart.

    As if that wasn’t bad enough, I clicked on that picture, to find out more and suffered repeated stabbings to the heart D: I just cannot stand it, the cruelty. That boy who was sterilised without anesthesia … am I to understand that everybody who was sterilised or experimented upon, didn’t have an anesthetic?

    Phew! Even though I acknowledge that it’s important to know about such atrocities. I need to go and think about something nice for a while if I’m not going to sink into depression.

    All best wishes,

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    • Dearest Sarah,

      I don’t think any of those children were anesthetized when they were forced to undergo the procedure. In fact most of them were either sent to the camps or used in “experimentation.” Sorry if I’m sending you back out to a happy place. 😉 I had to do that after writing certain scenes in my books.

      Thank you re my writing. 😀



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      • Dearest Rochelle,

        I worked with someone who had been experimented upon in a camp during that time. She was one of the most caring people towards the vulnerable and needy of this world that I’ve ever met. Thus, out of her sadness and suffering, she developed this desire to protect, nurture, and spread sunshine wherever she went.

        All best wishes,

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  • Like others, I didn’t realize this part of the Third Reich’s extermination program and clicked over to read more.

    Race was used as an excuse for this, but even Germans weren’t safe. I’ve heard one group Hitler exterminated was the German Boy Scouts. And of course anyone who objected to his regime. Amazingly, Hitler had no racial objections when the Japanese allied themselves with him. And did he plan to share Europe with the not blue-eyed, not blond Italians?

    Nevertheless—and sad to say—history shows the Nazis really weren’t unique in their atrocities. Theirs have just been better documented.

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    • That’s a fact, Christine. No one was safe in Germany or the areas they controlled. Anyone, including those closest to Hitler were in as much danger as anyone. The Nazis were systematic in their slaughter as well as well documented. The fact that they did that while the allies turned their heads is all the more chilling.
      Thank you for reading and commenting.




  • Such a sad story wonderfully written. My partner is Danish (The Viking) and was thrilled to learn how the Danish people saved nearly their entire population of Jews in a period of only a few nights. Amazing story. If you’re interested, there’s a great book about it. A Conspiracy of Decency by Emmy E. Werner.

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  • Such a power and sad piece. You pack so much in so few words. The “crime” of miscegenation has always intrigued me in literature. These stories are always so personal, so heartbreaking, and so humanizing.

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  • I have no idea what to leave for a comment because this story left me speechless. Thank you for the story and for the ‘click to know more’ link. I learned things I’d never thought of before.

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  • Difficult powerful story – the power of the pen! One of the (probably many) odd and inconsistent aspects of the second world war was segregated companies of soldiers fighting fascism and racism in Nazi Germany.

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  • Querida Rochelle,
    Otra vez, un buen cuento banado en historia. (I can’t find the little ~ that goes on top of some spanish words. hope you get what – banado – is)
    I hated this woman who took Trina to be mutilated. I wanted to smack her back. I guess that tells you how perfect your writing was on this one. ~~~ : – )
    I knew about the blacks in Germany because my father-in-law once told us a story. Even in this day and age, there are little girls still being mutilated as in India.
    A bit of history from me: US sterilized women in PR to stop population in the 1850’s. I just learned about this.
    We live in a stranger society than we think. Is it denial? I’ve stopped watching the news. I hear it 2nd handed from my hubby.
    A thought provoking story from long ago that could fit right in today. Your great ….
    Hasta la próxima,
    Abrazos y Shalom
    Isadora 😎

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    • “Even in this day and age, there are little girls still being mutilated as in India.”

      It is sad when that happens but it is by no means a mainstream practice. There is only one small community that practices it. The heartening fact is that within that community people are speaking out. In fact a change.org petition (https://tinyurl.com/y92wzk2c) started this year by the women of this community, convinced the Health Minister to declare that FGM is now illegal in India.


  • Wish one day our kids or grand-kids do not face racism or even have to write a story of racism, cruelty, genocide . Then the world would be indeed a beautiful place to live.

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