30 June 2017

Published June 28, 2017 by rochellewisoff

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Genre: Memoir

Word Count: 100


He smiled from his front seat on the bus. Zvi obviously enjoyed his job—introducing a group of dusty pilgrims to Eretz Yisra’el.

“The field on the left is 100% cotton. On the right—50% polyester.”

Looking beyond his twinkling eyes, one could see the depth of his faith and commitment to his ancient homeland. I only imagined what he experienced as an IDF soldier in 1967 for he avoided speaking of it.

Eleven years later I still hear his voice and his daily greeting.  

“Today in Israel there is no rain, there is no snow. Don’t worry. Be happy.”

110 comments on “30 June 2017

    • Dear CE,

      Yes, I upgraded a couple of months ago and have joined the readers a couple of times before. I’m getting used to hearing my voice played back. Great fun.

      Than you for your kind comments/compliments.




  • Sounds like an interesting person. Those always makes tours better.

    Not sure I could take the step of recording my stories as audio. I’d be convinced it sounds awful even if it doesn’t.

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    • Dear Adam,

      Zvi did add a lot to the tour. So much you can’t put into 100 words.

      It was kind of a tall hurdle to make myself do the recording. But it’s a lot of fun and I like to do accents. I still of cringe when I hear myself.

      Thank you.




  • Hard to believe that was 11 years ago, huh? Great memories of that trip and bless the memory of Zvi. “I am Zvi, which in Hebrew means the gazelle.There is now snow today.”

    I sure seemed to having trouble moving my ass on that one pic, yes? 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • It was a great trip. We were fortunate to have Zvi as our guide, may he rest in peace. Where did those years go. I still remember Shmuel reading my first draft of PSKFM on the trip. Poor man. Remember “Lot’s wife?” Glad you finally moved your ass. One of the fonder memories. What a great picture, one of my favorites from the tour. Do you remember who took it? Ah well…Thanks for swinging by.


      Cuzzin Shelley


      • Haha! No, I don’t rightly remember who took that photo, but I might if I saw the person. I want to say it was Angie. Remember how we thought it would make a great Christmas card? Hallmark Twisted Line. 😀

        Liked by 1 person

          • You’re right, it’s never too late to make that card! Still laughing at that comment, mainly because of all the fun we had not just on the trip but with that photo. Priceless! Hard to believe so much has changed in eleven years.


    • Dear Linda,

      it was a very special trip. My favorite moments included praying at The Wall and saying the prayers over the Shabbat candles for our table on Shavuot. And there were many other moments, besides being able to carry on rudimentary conversations with my limited Hebrew. Thank you.



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  • Dear Rochelle,
    A guide can make or break a vacation! We had a most fabulous one named Walla when we visited Tortola on one of our cruises. We are still talking about him years later.
    Lotsa love,

    Liked by 1 person

  • Dear Rochelle,

    You look very happy in that picture … like a movie star in a musical, who’s about to burst into song and dance!

    I liked the guide’s comments about polyester, but did find myself chuckling at Björn’s remark about the Mosaic Law. Personally, I don’t like wearing polyester and much prefer pure cotton, but for those who don’t like ironing, polyester is a boon.

    This week, as much as I like the photo prompt, I might have to skip FF. Things are not going according to plan, partly because I’m worn out and partly because nothing is going right. I even managed to burn the gooseberry jam I was cooking yesterday evening, and I never burn jam D:

    Hopefully I’ll be back next week for FF, with my batteries fully recharged.

    All best wishes,

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    • Dear Sarah,

      It was a great trip and Zvi made it more-so. I might actually have burst into song and dance at that point. I did a lot of dancing along the way. Dancing on the tour boat on the Sea of Galilee was great fun. 😉 And Kent and I were always hamming it up for each other’s cameras.
      Perhaps things will be better for you tomorrow. It’s not too late to post until Tuesday. Some days are like that. I feel like I’m getting nothing done today…which really isn’t true since I’m working on a portrait commission. However I’m still in my pyjamas and haven’t done my workout. Sigh.

      Hope things get better and your batteries charge. 😀 Thank you.



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  • That looks like a wonderful trip, Rochelle, with a special guide to complete the journey. What a beautiful, timeless, special city Jerusalem is. Was it your first time there? It’s almost unbelievable that one place can have been so important in shaping the world.Lovely prompt photograph too. I’m sure it will inspire some fab writing.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dear Courtney,

      Jerusalem is a beautiful place, rife with different cultures and ancient beauty. I would love to go back and take my time. More of some sites and less of others. 😉 Glad you enjoyed the photos…hope you liked the story, too. 😉 Thank you.



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  • Not too many folks realize Israel faced destruction in ’67. I’ve studied this war thoroughly and despite Israel’s overwhelming victory, things didn’t start out that way. Israel was outmatched in every way possible except that tiny nation’s sheer audacity. Any veteran of that war faced terrible odds. I love the part about the fields. Cracked me up. His greeting is interesting. There’s a lot behind those few words. This is one of my favorite stories of yours!

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  • Oh, makes me wish I’d remembered to bring headphones. Not that I would have understood the words, mind you, but to hear sound is cool. Love the story and the added photos! The wall one just begs to be painted. 🙂 ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dear Alicia,

      Zvi had a wonderful reputation. Another friend of mine went to Israel soon after I did and had him as a tour guide. Alas, he’s passed away, but I’ll always remember him with fondness. Thank you.




  • Dear Alexis Trebek,

    I love ZVI’s attitude and his sense of humor too. We’d make great pals.

    Nice shot of the back of your head in the Hollywood Square photo. Is that an aerial view? Were you beating your head against a stone wall? A blog will do that to a person.

    Rock on,
    Rock Hudstone


  • an excellent guide does really work wonders. it makes the tour memorable and worth your while. 🙂

    by the way, the link to the picture prompt doesn’t seem to work. when i click on it i get and error 404.

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  • Rochelle, I could take writing classes forever and not get anywhere close to you. I am so thankful that you are our fearless leader! You and Zvi have something in common – you both love what you do! We all appreciate your continual expert advice and counsel!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dear Nan,

      You’re going to make my head swell and I’ll have to buy a bigger hat. ) Thank you for your comments and compliments. I do love what I do. ❤ 😀

      Many more thanks and shalom,



  • Soldiers go through experiences that normal people like us cannot fathom. Once out of their services they either get consumed by the darkness they witnessed or they put in their best effort to look at the positives. Zvi, from your description, I believe would belong to the latter set. Very vivid descriptions, Rochelle. Great effort. Cheers, Varad

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dear Dahlia,

      Zvi is definitely one of the reasons the trip was so memorable. Perhaps another time I’ll share a story about the bus driver, Gabi. He would take that bus through narrow streets that I’d be afraid to take my little car.
      Thank you.



      Liked by 1 person

  • When I first saw the picture it took me back to my holiday last year when we went to Dubrovnik and trying to search somewhere that we could walk round the walls for free! As you can guess this never happened! and we had to get the correct currency but that is all another life story!

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