11 August 2017

Published August 9, 2017 by rochellewisoff

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Genre: Historical Fiction

Word Count: 100


            On an early November morning in 1909, Charles Stewart walked the deserted Kansas City cross-streets of Locust and Eighth. Weary after his team’s defeat, he reached his hotel. Throat raw, loyal fan that he was, he entered his enclosed hallway and cut loose.

            “Rock chalk Jayhawk…!”

            The next day, expecting the usual chastisement for his rowdy behavior, he met instead with cheers from other guests proclaiming him a hero.

            Mr. Blank slapped the bewildered youth’s back. “Had it not been for your caterwauling, a burglar and his buddy would’ve robbed us all blind. You scared the bejabbers out of them.”         


*Originally the cheer was created for KU’s (Kansas University in Lawrence, Kansas) science club by chemistry professor E. H. Bailey in 1886. Former President Theodore Roosevelt proclaimed it the greatest college chant of all time. Give a listen to what some have referred to as chilling. 😉 

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123 comments on “11 August 2017

    • Dear Moon,

      I’m glad you liked my story and the title. A good friend of mine once told me that the right title can add 100 words to a flash fiction. At any rate, I’m glad you noticed it. Thanks for the well wishes about the new page. I’m hoping now for orders. 😉 One step at a time.



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      • Thanks for sharing the great suggestion, Rochelle. I hope and pray that the new page adds an abundance of happy news to your everyday .
        Regards and best wishes,


    • Dear Dale,

      Here it is Sunday and I’m only now getting around to replying. It’s been a crazy busy week. Perhaps we can Skype over wine again soon…or even a chat, which have been rare lately. At any rate…I’m rambling.
      The cheer is amazing, isn’t it? Glad the read was fun. 😀 Thank you, my friend.




  • Not sure if my comment got through – seemed to vanish in the ether! Just to say a very creepy chant and a cheering tale of enthusiasm overcome the criminal mind. Lovely stuff, Rochelle


  • Fun story, Rochelle, with a nicely accidental but fortuitous outcome. Although I hope he doesn’t keep trying yelling his cheers on subsequent occasions, thinking he’s going to keep getting positive feedback from his neighbors — there are (probably) only so many burglars to scare away!

    Liked by 1 person

  • Hey, all, for some reason the linkage has me listed at #34 for a post I haven’t made. It opens to my page with edit entry. Can’t get rid of it, no clue how it got there, either.


  • Haha! Nice. I wonder if that’s ever happened in other university towns. I grew up in a big university town. The fans can be…boisterous, to be diplomatic about it. I’m one of them. 😉 Fun story, Rochelle!

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  • Dear Rochelle

    As always, historically accurate, deftly told and enjoyable to read with that sparkle of enlightening. Love the little moral you built into this one: Shout and make noise, you never do it may do more good than harm!

    Hope you are enjoying your time away.



    Liked by 1 person

    • Dear Kelvin,

      I love history and finding little nuggets like this one makes me do a happy dance. 😀 I’m glad you enjoyed it and took the time to leave such a lovely comment. Thank you.



      PS I was only ‘away’ last weekend, however I’ve been ‘all over the map’ this past week and am trying to catch up with myself.

      Liked by 1 person

  • To share with the rest of our readers the story i told you yesterday, if someone goes to K-State in Manhattan, KS., they say, “Rock chalk chicken hawk, boo, K.U.” I had more friends who went to K-State than K.U.

    I stayed out — I went to Ottawa University in Ottawa, KS.

    Fun story!


  • I love your quirky sense of humor, Rochelle!
    (And I’m back. I was heartbroken after the elections, then very busy, and now I’m back. And I LOVED your short stories in the book you sent me. I’m sorry I’ve been so silent since the beginning of the year.)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dear Vijaya,

      I’m glad you liked my short stories. That book’s now out of print, except for the ones in my possession. 😉
      I do understand busy but am really happy to see you back among us.
      Re this story, Thank you. 😀



      Liked by 1 person

  • Dear Bernice Kopell,

    That cheer is nothing. Here at Hard Knocks, where many of our students are enrolled in state run vocational/technical programs (sometimes referred to as prisons or penitentiaries) our cheers are much more volatile and blood curdling.

    According to Donald Trump, the best thing about our school is the scantily clad, voluptuous cheerleaders with KNOCKERS emblazoned across the front of their uniforms. You won’t see that in Kansas, Dorothy.

    Dash Riprock

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  • Dear Rochelle

    I see we’ve all managed to scare away those purple flowers that populated your blog, thanks to last week’s prompt, courtesy of Dale 😉 This new background looks solid and works well, as it makes the blog content stand out more.

    Loved your fun story and snippet of history this week.

    I won’t be able to participate in FF this week and probably not again until the last week in August (there’s a tiny chance for next week, although it’s fairly unlikely). Have rather a lot on my plate just now. Will try to email you.

    All best wishes,


    • Dear Sarah

      You’re always so kind to comment even when you don’t have time to participate.

      You’re also the first to say anything about the change in background. I realized that putting up a new page didn’t do me any good if the link got lost among the flowers. Thank you for your confirming comments on it. It shows that there’s someone who actually pays attention. 😉 Guess you could say it’s time to get down to business.



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    • Dear Subroto,

      A true story indeed…lifted from a 1909 newspaper article and distilled into a fictitious account.;) Glad you liked. As for the Haka …stunning. The Maori are fascinating. Thanks for sharing that.




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