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This week Pegman is on the lush tropical island of Mauritius. WHAT PEGMAN SAW is a growing prompt challenge hosted by the talented writing team of Rawson and Carroll whom I appreciate as time goes by.

Link to this week’s stories here:

As I began my research trail on the Island of Mauritius, I was led far afield by a documentary on the History channel. 😉 Blame it on my husband who turned it on. The photo I chose is from Mauritius, but that’s as close as I came.

Genre: Realistic Fiction

Word Count: 150


            “Look, Vovô. I bring  a present for you,” Marina held up a glistening seashell.

            Clarence hoisted his great-granddaughter onto his lap, took the shell from her and kissed the top of her head. “Belíssimo, like you, my little mermaid.”

            “Tell me a story, Vovô. About when you and Tio John stole away from the island on the big rock.”

            “1962.” He gazed at the sea and squinted at the setting sun, a brilliant ball against the amber sky, reflecting off the waves. “A whole lifetime ago.”         

            “Two lifetimes. Nearly fifty years.” Clarence’s brother John sank into a beach chair beside them. “Wonder if they still remember us. Wish we’d had a chance to say goodbye.”

            “I shore do miss Mama’s fried chicken, ain’t nothin’ in Brazil holds a candle to it.” Clarence could still hear the prison bars clank behind him. He pressed his cheek against Marina’s. “Inescapable Alcatraz. Ha!”  




Anglin Brothers in 1960

Could this be them in Brazil in 1972?


46 comments on “UNRESOLVED

  • It does indeed seem like a good place to hide out for a lifetime. Your wonderfully written tale wraps up so much intrigue into a tiny package. You make it look easy–but then you’re used to doing it in 100 words!

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  • Great little fiction story based on historical facts. I believe that the Anglin brothers did successfully escape and made it to Brazil. The evidence and facts greatly support it. The documentary was very good. They would be in their mid-eighties if still alive. Would love to see a follow up investigation in Brazil.

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    • I knew you’d like it. The story grabbed me as soon as I walked in the door. It was begging for a story. I, too, believe that the evidence points to their successful escape. So my question is, what will the FBI do if they do find them? 😉 Thanks m’luv.


  • Brazil seems to be the destination of choice for escapees (as well as Mexico). I read the article, and how one of them got left behind because he couldn’t fit through the hole he made 🙂
    Nice story! Could it be true…?

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  • Thank you for this skilfully crafted take on a real incident Rochelle. I’d always thought that no one had escaped from The Rock. If the brothers did make it to Rio, they might have rubbed shoulders with Ronnie Biggs, a British petty criminal turned “Great Train Robber” who served only a fraction of a 30 year sentence before escaping and fleeing to Brazil in 1965. He avoided extradition in 1974, but returned voluntarily in 2001 to seek medical treatment. Rather than receiving this directly from the National Health Service, to which he’d made no contribution, he was treated in prison. Biggs was released on compassionate grounds in 2009 and died soon afterwards. I can’t help being puzzled at the way in which people like Biggs became folk heroes/celebrities. At least nowadays people who are not prepared to spend years of honest toil to perfect their craft can achieve celebrity status without committing crime, thanks to reality TV.

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  • Compelling mystery and for me, I’m content not knowing the answer. As long as they did no harm after their escape, the fact they were able to pull it off and survive (if they actually did survive) means they earned their freedom.

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    • Dear Eric,

      The documentary I watched yesterday with my husband offers strong evidence that the two brothers did indeed make it to Brazil. Of course the rest of the story is my imagining what they might’ve been doing all this time. 😉 Thank you.



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  • Dear Rochelle,

    Brilliant. What an interesting link you provided as well. I love how you do what you do so very well.

    Ironically, I had barely ever heard of Mauritius and now, my late friend’s daughter is living there with her boyfriend who is originally from there.

    Just love where you go with all these prompts…

    Lotsa love,


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  • Great story, I’ve always wondered if they made it. Good to see that in your story they did, and what about that other photograph, interesting? I’ve missed the Friday posts, but life does take it’s turns, maybe some day I’ll come back and join the club again, but right now, too much else is going on. Take care, Rochelle, loved the visit!

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  • Well, you have to admire their ingenuity, the great lengths they went to to escape, even if you don’t admire the men themselves. They were bank robbers after all, though not violent ones by the sounds of things. Intrigued by the mobster link and the fact their pal seemingly died while the brothers escaped – could it be the Anglins looked out for each other to the detriment of their extra? Nicely told tale, Rochelle, with warmth and a smidge of humour too. Thanks for sharing the story – fascinating

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    • Dear Lynn,

      Perhaps they’d have received some leniency had they not made so many escape attempts before the final one. I do think, having come from a large family (18 kids I think) I believe that in the case of the Anglin brothers, blood was definitely thicker than water. 😉 Thank you.




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