20 April 2018

Published April 18, 2018 by rochellewisoff

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*Note: This marks the third week we will be on our road trip from Kansas City to Los Angeles and back again. This has been posted ahead. Thank you for understanding my slowness to read and comment. 

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PHOTO PROMPT © Douglas M. MacIlroy


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The following story is a rerun from November 2014, so many of you will remember it, some of you won’t. However I did use a different prompt at the time. To visit Click Here 

Genre: Hysterical Fiction

Word Count: 100


            “Too much studying will ruin you. Carpe Diem. Let’s play catch.” Ted grabbed Douglas’ notebook and pressed a pie tin into his hand.    

            “Catch? With this?”

            “From the Frisbie Pie Company. It’s all the rage on campus.”          

            For the next hour Douglas forgot about Yale, final examinations and commencement. Tension from late nights hunched over text books lifted off his shoulders and a sense of euphoria filled him as he and Ted flung the whirling dish back and forth.   

            “This is bound to become a national sport,” cried Douglas.

            “Tin Tossing Tournaments?”

            “Why not?”

            “School’s finally driven you mad, MacIlroy.” 

With Doug, in Kansas for a disc golf tournament in 2016. I think I was standing on a step.


102 comments on “20 April 2018

    • Dear Ted,

      If the old disc flinger doesn’t like my borrowing his photo he’ll just have to show up and tell me about it. 😉 Mad? A little fershimmelt perhaps. Well, okay, batshit crazy but gotta love him anyway. Thanks for swinging by.



      Liked by 2 people

  • Dear Rochelle,

    Indeed… too much studying and not enough playing makes for a boring Uni life…
    Fun stuff.

    Hope you are taking advantage of your road trip and having a blast!

    Lotsa love,


    Liked by 1 person

  • I do love to fling the pie tin around myself 🙂 We have a rubber one with a hole in the middle, though – flies like a dream but would be rubbish for baking! I had not idea these maddening discs were named after a catering company. You learn something new every day. Thanks for sharing this lovely snippet of history, Rochelle

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  • I always loved playing frisbee. It really it relaxing, soothing. I’m pretty good at doing all sorts of catches too. On the campus near where I grew up, everybody played frisbee. Oh those were the happy days. Great one, Rochelle!

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  • We have one of these frisbee courses in a park here in Bellingham. People love them! Funny, I was just thinking about Doug the other day, wondering where the heck he went. You brought up some good memories with this piece. Must dust off the old frisbee.

    Liked by 1 person

  • My fifteen-yr-old grandson was just saying the other day that everything simple has been done; there’s absolutely nothing left to invent. I reminded him of the bright-wits who designed the Frisbee. Not exactly new, but simple. And now Frisbee golf! Who’d-a thunk it.

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  • Sadly, my wife knew what this was right away. I was floored. I sputtered saying to her that I wrote that it was nothing. I slapped my forehead! Unbelievable,

    Then I read your story and called her back to tell her that she was wrong. See, it’s a pie tin tossing contest thingy.

    Then she slapped me on the back of my head.



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    • Dear Sandra,

      I’d really hoped to lure our homesteader back, if only for just a week. :/ Ah well. I’m pretty sure I was standing on a step when the photo was taken. That way our heads could both be seen. 😉 Good times those. Thank you.




  • I loved the Phrase ‘ hunched over text book’.
    Thanks for affording us a glimpse into an inspiring friendship.
    Wonderful read, as always.🙂
    Best wishes for the third week of your road trip.

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  • Dear Mammy Warbucks W(T)F,

    Knowing MacIlroy, I assumed he started out with glass pie plates. Here in Redneckville, we’re considering a Booger Flinging Tournament. The biggest problem is setting up enough divisions to accomodate the huge number of participants.

    I’ll let Doug know once we get it “fingered out.” He’s highly competitive and would love to play.

    off to the cleaners.
    Sir T. Whitey

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dear T. Whitey,

      I think I’ll steer clear of Booger Flinging. That would be nothing to sneeze at. Just don’t blow it. If Doug were to participate that would be boogers from high up. Umbrella needed.
      Hope the cleaners can remove those skid marks for you.


      Mammy Warbucks W(T)F

      Liked by 1 person

  • Love the pictures in this. I could feel Doug’s tension melting away as he got out there and played, trying to beat Ted of course. And now I know where the Frisbee came from too – educational and fun!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi there!

      I’m not sure which one of the disc-flinging family you are, but I appreciate the read and comment. I had no idea what disc golf was until I met my friend Doug, a professional player. He’s played in tournaments all around the world. Although I don’t share it, I understand the passion for the sport. May you rattle those chains and thank you for stopping by. 😀



      Liked by 1 person

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