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This week Pegman goes to the Great Wall of China. Feel free to choose from photospheres you find anywhere along it’s length. This link will get you started, or you can venture off on your own. No need to stay with your tour group on Pegman tours 😉

Your mission is to write up to 150 words inspired by your tour of the location. You’re welcome to write fiction, essay, poetry, or anything you choose. Once your 150 words is polished, you can share it with other Pegman contributors at the Linkup below. Reading and commenting on others’ work is part of the fun!

Thanks, always, to Karen and Josh for hosting this challenge. Great fun!

I wasn’t sure I’d make it back this week. We’re finding it takes a while to re-acclimate after a long trip. At any rate, this story has been brewing for the past couple of days, so, despite my being late for the Pegman party, I post this for those who’ll read. 

The photo I chose.

Genre: Realistic Fiction

Word Count: 150


The letter arrived a few days before my thirtieth birthday. I studied the handwriting. It almost looked like I’d written it myself. Was it a cruel prank or a defining moment?

            “No doubt this is terrible timing, but I’ve been searching for you half my life. Your Facebook posts about your poor mum’s dreadful automobile accident, told me I’d found my answer…”  

            Searching for me? I lived in Missouri, thousands of miles from London. This stranger, named Sally Myers-Hempstead, proposed we make a Skype date.

            Ron booted up my laptop. “What’ve ya got to lose, Sis? This might be your answer, too.”

            What answer? My adoption had never been a secret. Mom and Dad loved to tell the story of how they went all the way to China for their baby girl.   

            My mirror image smiled onscreen. “Happy birthday, Sondra!”

            I managed to whisper. “Happy birthday to you, too, Sally.”           



It does happen…quite a bit actually. These two young ladies, adopted by different families were reunited on GMA a couple of years ago. There are many other stories out there, similar to my bit of fiction.

41 comments on “BEYOND THE WALLS

  • Dearest Rochelle,

    This is the type of story that gives me chills. And you gave me chills big time! I love how you brought forth this particular tale – yes, there are a few out there! And no, you will never get me to diss Facebook because of stories like these!

    Lotsa love,


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    • Dear Dale,

      The actual story that inspired this one is a set of identical Korean twins, one adopted in France and the other in the States. The French adoptee became a fashion designer and the American, an actress. These stories give me the chills, too, as well as fascinate me. Of course, in digging deeper. Invariably these twins find out how alike they are in mannerisms, likes and dislikes, etc. At any rate, I’m glad you enjoyed my story. 😉 Thank you.



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    • Dear Jane,

      In most of these cases, the adoptive parents had no idea their child was a twin. Due to China’s one child policy, many of these babies were abandoned in different places. The parents didn’t necessarily mean to throw their children away. It sounds more like Moses in the bulrushes. Thanks for reading. Evoking strong emotion is what we writers strive for isn’t it? 😉



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      • That makes sense. There was the story of the Australian couple who had a surrogate mother in Indonesia, I think, and it was twins. One of the twins had Downs Syndrome or some disability or other and they said they wouldn’t take the faulty one. They left the handicapped baby with this extremely poor woman who didn’t have the means to give it the medical help it needed. There was a national outcry and the second baby was adopted too, but I’m not sure by whom.

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  • Thankfully, there are some great outcomes due to social media. I just wish it would outweigh the bad. Now, to the story. I love it when these little miracles come together. Your story is well written and gives one a “warm fuzzy” feeling when read. That’s always good.

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  • I imagine this with a pang. What would it be like to learn you had a twin? How would it feel to finally find your features in another’s face? Wonderfully told and thought-provoking.

    Great to see you back! It can take awhile to recover from a big trip for sure.

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    • Dear Karen,

      I can’t imagine what it would feel like to find you had an identical twin raised by other parents. If you check You Tube there are scads of stories like this. These stories made me tear up every time. Happy to pass along the feeling. 😀 Thank you.



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  • Dear Rochelle
    What a heart-warming story! You make me feel that although Sondra at first doubted whether the encounter would answer any questions, when confronted by her twin sister she discovered that it answered questions she’d never thought to ask.

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    • Dear Lish,

      I’m of the mind to agree with you. There’s something about twin siblings that goes beyond nurture. Studies consistently seem to show this. One set of separated Korean twins learned, after discovering each other, that they’d each failed Algebra the same year. 😀 Thank you.



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  • Seems so cruel to separate twins like that, but I guess the thinking is better adopted apart than not at all. A moving end to your story Rochelle. That metaphorical wall between them just came tumbling down, didn’t it?

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    • Dear Lynn,

      I love it when a reader catches the deliberate nuances. 😉 You are spot on with the wall metaphor. While it does seem cruel to separate twins, it was more of a desperation to give the children a better life. Sad but true and hard to understand in our western world, isn’t it? Thank you for your affirming comments.



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  • You always weave a beautiful story, Rochelle!! And a thought-provoking one as well.

    These issues are not as simple as what they appear on the surface or what people read in the news. I appreciate your knowledge of the circumstances in China. It strikes a special cord with me. I’ve worked in doing charitable projects within several orphanages in China since the mid-1990’s. The number of little ones who have perished in these institutions is mind-numbingly sad. So, there are times when to save a child, mistakes are made. There are other times when “wrong” is done knowingly. The social issues are deep and complicated. Tragically, the most innocent are the ones who suffer.

    Your story and the little girls who were reunited brought a tear to my eye. =)

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    • Dear Brenda,

      What lovely things to say. 😀 Thank you.

      What I know about the subject come from what I read and see online. To get such validation from someone, such as yourself, with personal experience is akin to receiving an Oscar. Thank you again.



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