7 September 2018

Published September 5, 2018 by rochellewisoff

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PHOTO PROMPT © Gah Learner

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Genre: Historical Fiction

Word Count: 100


             Minnie stared out her window at the rising moon and yawned.

            “Girl,” said Mama Mary, Minnie’s great-grandmother. “You ain’t gonna learn to read stayin’ up all night.”

            “I hate school. The kids call me Minnie Crazy.”

            “Tell me what’s in them visions, child?”

            “I see my great-great-grandma being brung here on a slave ship. I see elephants and birds and angels.”

            Minnie Evans’ visions continued to haunt her. One day, paintbrush or crayon in hand, she recreated her dreams.

            Her husband Julian frowned. “Pictures don’t put food on the table.”

            Minnie trembled. “God told me I havta paint or die.”




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Heeding the Call by Minnie Evans

In her own words:

135 comments on “7 September 2018

  • I love the idea here, where her passion is paramount and achievement follows.
    I have always encouraged my two young girls, that at school you will succeed if you just do the work, concentrate and focus, don’t fret and worry about it. They have done well.
    A nice inspiration story, I enjoyed reading it.

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  • What a beautiful story about an interesting woman. I love how you show us all these interesting people and make them come alive. That makes history fun. Thanks for using my piccie, too. 🙂

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  • Dear Rochelle,

    I love how you discover these little jewels in the world and bring them to life. And I am in awe of those who have such a calling and feel compelled to do something about it.

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful woman’s work!

    Lotsa love,


    Liked by 4 people

    • Dear Dale,

      I never really thought of it as a calling until recently. Another friend has told me the same thing. Perhaps there’s something to that? There are so many human flames who lit up their own corners yet the rest of the world is oblivious. Thank you for such a sweet and wonderful comment. ❤

      Shalom and hugs,


      PS Happy to share the throne with you this week. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      • Dear Rochelle,

        I really believe some people are called to their work/art/life and could not fathom tuning out that calling. I almost envy them.

        And very happy you allowed me – okay, you didn’t know till I wrote it, but still!

        Lotsa love,


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    • Dear Eric,

      I’ve always felt there’s a fine line between genius and insanity. I prefer the word ‘eccentric.’ 😉 Artists have different perceptions of reality, don’t we? Glad you enjoyed meeting Minnie as I did. 😀 Thank you.



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    • Dear Shrawley,

      Hard to rein in those Wednesday Fictioneers. 😉 At any rate I’m happy you liked my story. I love to troll Google for people I didn’t know about. As it turns out, this one was ‘dropped’ in my lap on my recent trip to NC where there’s a bottle house built in her honor at Airlie Gardens in Wilmington. I bought a coffee table book about her life. Had to share. 😀 Thank you.



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  • This is wonderful! As life would have it, a friend had told me about her artwork just a few weeks ago — I hadn’t know of this amazing artist before that — and here you write of her in this very evocative anecdote!
    Thank you for sharing these lovely historical tidbits and in such a personalizing, real voice. Well done!

    Have added my little contribution to the Linky-thingy, and as usual … am being stubborn and copying the link here, too.

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  • Nice story of an artist’s need to create. The picture you show us reminds me a bit of Pennsylvania Dutch designs. I love the complexity and vibrant color, yet she seems to shy away from outright representation. Enjoyed it and i will be hunting down more images forthwith. pS a South Carolina basket artist made the basket pictured on the frontispiece ( welcome page) of my blog. Never got her name, but what pleasure it has brought me! Such abilities astound!

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  • Dear Allie Hirshfeld W(T)F,

    Your story doesn’t mention Walla Walla Bing Bang Art Institute, but I’m sure there’s an association hidden in there somewhere. At least Minnie used more crayons than just the purple one.

    Another interesting piece of history revealed. Nicely done.

    Silly (Limp) Biskit

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    • Dear Silly (Limp) Biskit,

      I don’t know if Minnie would’ve been accepted to Walla Walla Bing Bang Art Institute. It’s a pretty exclusive school. Only people like C. D. Van Gogh, Mort Picasso and Cheryl Rembrandt can be accepted. Minnie just didn’t understand the joys purple the way some of us do.
      Glad you enjoyed the history as much as the histrionics.

      Monochromatically yours,

      Allie Hirshfeld W(T)F

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  • Thank you for sharing Minnie’s tale through this evocative story. Glad she followed her dreams.
    So good to be here on your blog after eons Rochelle. I’m writing for this lovely photo prompt too. Been a longer than usual hiatus.

    Love and Cheer and Happy Weekend!

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  • Wonderful pictures from a wonderful woman. And you sum up her progression from uncomfortable-in-her-skin child to artist so succinctly. Am over egging it to give you another wonderful!

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  • Dear Rochelle,

    This story is great on many levels. I think it’s wonderful to see someone with such faith that God is telling them that they have to to do something, and that thing is creative rather than destructive. In my thinking, creativity is the reason for us being on this planet and yet God is so often used as an excuse for destructiveness. I love Minnie’s naive style of painting, with such bold colours.

    Thanks for introducing her. She’s an inspiration.

    Finally, I’ve surfaced. Had a wonderful holiday in the Isle of Wight with daughter and family, then lots of catching up to do. But I was determined to participate in FF this week, after a far too lengthy break from it.

    I’m a bit fed up about Facebook stopping automatic shares of WP posts to our main feeds, as I don’t want all my posts to go to my public brand page, which is specifically related to my novel-writing and publishing. Grrrr…

    All best wishes,

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    • Dear Sarah,

      I love it when these people and stories find me. I’m glad you enjoyed meeting Minnie, too. She’s considered North Carolina’s national treasure I think. I went on and watched the longer video and also picked up a lot in the little coffee table book I bought while on vacation. The God I know is the Great Creator. I’ve always been of the notion that he freely gives his creative gifts to his human creations.

      I have been missing you these days so I’m happy to see you surface. As for FB I didn’t know they ever automatically posted anything from WP. I’ve always copied and pasted my entries to my page. I think I’m confused.

      At any rate, my coffee table book has been released and it exceeds expectations. However the American Amazon page needs to be adjusted. Not sure of the UK one, since I don’t know that I’ll ever understand your monetary system. 😉
      Not available on Kindle I’m afraid, but it is a lovely hardcover and the colors are spot on.
      Enough boasting there.

      At any rate, I’m happy that my story resonated with you. Hope we can chat in the very near future.



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      • Dear Rochelle,

        I was once asked on my theology course to describe in one sentence what the main purpose of our existence is, and I wrote “To be stewards of God’s world”. The trouble is, that sometimes I think this would be better served by engaging in conservational work on Sundays than formal worship!

        Until the beginning of August, it was possible to automatically share WP posts in your FB timeline, along with on Twitter and Linkedin.

        I’m so glad you are pleased with your coffee table book. It’s marked at £23.24 on Amazon UK. Our present exchange rate is 1.00 GDP = 1.295 USD. The price on the UK site will probably not take into account the exchange rate from your end, anymore than it does if I read the price on the US site, which currently says $34.95 but probably says something different for you. Is the book going to be available in paperback eventually, as it’s quite expensive at the moment?Otherwise, I will have to save up, as I have lots of family birthdays and other expenses just now. Anyway, it looks lovely and the cover very classy, so worth saving for!

        All best wishes,

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  • I appreciate her passion to fulfil ​the purpose she was made for, that drive to create. It’s sad that her differences caused her to be made fun of as a girl​​ but glad she didn’t listen. She shut them out and painted. You said so much about her in only one-hundred words, amazing. As usual, I learned so much from your story and am prompted to go and look Minnie up. Thanks, Rochelle!

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  • Hi Rochelle,
    What I’ve missed most about not being here is the new things I learn every week, and this week was no exception – a great story. Also, in the future, when I’m one word over on the count, I hope you don’t mind if I borrow ‘havta’ ;).
    take care

    Liked by 3 people

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