14 December 2018

Published December 12, 2018 by rochellewisoff


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The holiday season is upon us and I find myself to be busier than a one-armed paper hanger. Between the mandatory gifting, my husband’s birthday the 15th, book signings/art shows, and working on a new novel that’s taking up quite a bit of head-space, I’ve taken the liberty to craft this dreadful run-on sentence and also to post some reruns this month. The photo and story are from December 14, 2012 Some may remember it. For those of you who wrote a story for this prompt, feel free to post a rerun. The photographer of this prompt has been MIA for a while, but I assure you, our disc flinger is alive, well, and happy. 

Genre: Realistic Fiction

Word Count: 100


            Somewhere between “I do” and diapers Gavin’s winsome bride turned into a nattering, self-centered shrew. Everything he said or did she took as either an affront or lack of caring.

            If he brought her flowers she accused him of seeing another woman. If he made overtures she accused him of treating her like a sex object.

            Eventually he gave up trying to fix their relationship and escaped to his garage sanctuary. 

            One afternoon Lois stood over him, packed suitcase and their three-year-old son in tow. “I’m leaving.”

            “Pick up a quart of milk.”

            “For good.”

            He smiled. Peace at last!    

117 comments on “14 December 2018

  • That kind of character is a problem not only with couples. It’s a risk with all kinds of circumstances. When Someone is entitled and a control freak, he can always be counted upon to contextualize in quite a conveniently self.serving manner.


  • Some things were not meant to be. Too bad there is a three year old involved… On the other hand, since you implied in another comment that there may be another man involved, perhaps the three year old isn’t even his. She did become a shrew before the diapers, at least to him…

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  • And then Gavin added “OK, then forget the milk.” I just had to throw that in there. This sounds like a married gentleman doomed from the start. She turned into a shrew, why? He gave up trying, why? It’s often a two-way street. Well crafted story that leaves much to the imagination.

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  • I just love a wonderfully crafted piece of fiction – and this fits the bill in every way. And the “snark-casual” tone of “pick up milk” – just clinched it for me. Especially her reply. As for the actual dynamics of the failed relationship? Well, let’s just allow for minds to consider and be content with this snippet, voyeuristic glimpse. Word perfect Rochelle. 🙂

    Happy holidays and hopefully you can find some breathing room and peace.


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  • Lois and Gavin might’ve gotten their way … but what of the little one? Perhaps the change will diffuse tensions, though I wonder — did either one of them wonder what will become of the boy’s relationship with his father? So often children are the afterthought to separation, when they are so often impacted at least as much if not more than the adults.
    Well done in transmitting the conflict, the selfishness, and the blind spots!

    Am sharing my contribution, of a different kind of perspective, if I may … 😉

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    • Na’ama Y’karah,

      Six years ago when I posted this story I don’t remember anyone mentioning the child. I even thought about tweaking the kid out of the story. Kind of wish I did. 😉 Alas, we are experiencing our own family drama where the children have been afterthoughts in someone’s mind. Thank you for not reporting me to family services. And thank you for your kind words re my story.



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      • I think that it is not uncommon for children to be left out of some considerations or actual discussions, though often not out of malice but out of protection or preference of belief that they’d be okay or would not know or understand …
        As per reporting to family services … while I’d done my share, alas, of having to make reports, as a mandated reporter and a concerned person in some children’s life, I don’t think that this bit of fiction quite makes the ‘bar’ … 😉

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  • Dear Rochelle,

    There are always three sides to a story: hers, his and reality (which we rarely get to see).
    Methinks this was definitely a case of going into something for all the wrong reasons and knowing it was probably a mistake…

    Lotsa love,


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    • Dear Brenda,

      I really thought about editing the child out before I reposted, but that line between I do and diapers begged to be left in. At any rate it’s been the catalyst for quite the disctussion. 😉 I’m glad you enjoyed it and took the time to say so.



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  • For once I find myself with divided sympathies here. Although on balance… probably Gavin wins out. Nicely done, Rochelle. I don’t remember this one, but there have been so many stories over so many years of FF, it’s hardly surprising.

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    • Dear Sandra,

      I seem to be getting more mixed feelings about this one than I did the first time which I find interesting. When I wrote it my sympathies were completely with Gavin. But then I was writing it from his POV. 😉 Thank you for sticking around for all these years.




    • Dear Ronda,

      I don’t think Gavin wants to tame this shrew. Thank you for not calling family services on me. Thank you for the commas…I’ll see what I can do with them…or not. Thank you for reading and commenting. 😉




  • Dear Ruby Slippers W(T)F,

    You wrote pretty well six years ago. How come you’re so much better now? Have some of these FF Fictioneers (Sandra, et al) been rubbing off on you?

    I would have award you a clown nose for this one, but one’s the limit in a 12 month period and you’ve already filled your tag for this year.

    Merry Hanukkah,
    Mr. MacFeely (that’s Mac-Feely to you)

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    • Dear Mr. Mac-Feely,

      That clown nose makes a great nose warmer on these cold days. I do get some funny looks with it though. Not sure why. 😉 I can’t think of a better writer to glean from than Ms. Crook.
      I can’t believe I’ve begun my 7th year as Queen Bus Driver. (I tossed your joy buzzer a long time ago.) Thank you for the compliment. 😀

      Shalom and Happy Merry Hannakwanzachristmakkah,

      Ruby Slippers W(T)F

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  • Actually, she took a wise decision. The child may be a reason that she held strong for so long.His life may have turned ugly if the parents had stayed together. Also, who knows why she was shrewd and he was so adjusting??? Leaves us to choose our ending…
    Lovely read as always.

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  • I immediately recognized the Frisbee golf basket in the photo, but the ball called to me, so…my husband also has a history as a disc-slinger. 😊

    This husband managed to avoid confrontation, to the point of losing his wife. Not sure who the guilty party is, here. There are few times in a woman’s life, when she needs more support and understanding ( even when she is acting like an idiot) than when her children are small.

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    • Dear Andrea,

      I never knew what disc golf was until I met Doug who is passionate about his disc flinging. I’m amazed at what some of that plastic costs.
      As for my story…I’ve gotten very different feedback on it than I did 6 years ago. Interesting. I’m guessing the guilt in this marriage is equally divided and the big loser is the child.
      Thank you so much for your affirming comments. 😀



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    • Dear Francine,

      I suspect, from Gavin’s reaction, there’s no couples’ therapy on the horizon. 😉 Things are slowing a bit this week until Saturday when we’re going to Chicago to spend the holiday with our ‘baby’ and his wife. Enjoy your holiday. Thank you.




    • Dear Michael,

      A friend of mine recounts her divorce with glee. She said when her husband told her he wanted a divorce her reply was, “It’s about time.” So there you go. Thank you for reading and commenting.




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