6 December 2019

Published December 4, 2019 by rochellewisoff

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PHOTO PROMPT © Fatima Fakier Deria


Genre: Non-Fiction Out of Mind Experience

Word Count: 100


Laps. Freestyle. I count backward from esreem v’arbah…backstroke, veintitres,…breaststroke, esreem v’shtayeem…and so on. The water’s rhythm sets my mind and spirit free. Free-flowing.

            Somewhere around shtem-esrey, I lose count and go into some sort of trance. A waking dream.  Keep swimming. Lights flash. Mirrors, as if on a carousel, spin about me. They reflect golden walls with Egyptian drawings. What side of the pool is this? Keep swimming. Gazing though the watery ceiling, I flip, change direction and dive under. Visions of nothing-in-particular bombard me.

            Gertrude was right. “When we are in the water, we are not in this world.”

* Note: I can’t explain what happened, I can only tell you that this happened recently on Monday, October 28. At least this is the best way I know how to describe it. 

Note 2: I count backward from 24 (3 sets of 24 actually, making it 72 lengths or 36 laps–a mile) alternating Hebrew with Spanish. It helps to keep me focused. 





81 comments on “6 December 2019

  • I would take it as a sign that you were enjoying the swim, perhaps even too much, transporting your mind to some other world nirvana! Better to get lost than feel the pain of the exercise – I need to find this mind space when I’m on the treadmill! 🙂

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    • Dear Iain,

      I alternate my swimming with time on the elliptical trainer for the weight-bearing benefits. However, while I enjoy the latter, it doesn’t take me to other places. There’s something about the water and the rhythm of the swim that transports me to other worlds. However, this particular time was a new experience. Surprising, but not unpleasant. 😉 Thank you.



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    • Dear Susan,

      It’s nice to know I’m not the only one who enters the zone while lapping. It’s a great exercise but that’s not the only reason we do it, is it? Hard to explain to those non-swimmers. 😉 As for my admittedly tenuous connection to the prompt I was zeroing in on the lights. Because in my waking dream there were flashing lights. Makes perfect sense to me. 😉 Thank you for swimming by and leaving strokes.




  • You’re very lucky to be able to experience that. The rare moments when I experience something similar are when I’ve been awake most of the night and suddenly, towards dawn, the mind runs free for a few minutes before I descend into sleep. A much more short-lived experience. Well expressed.

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    • Dear Sandra,

      At the time, the experience was quite unsettling. While I do enter the ‘zone’ as they say, I’d never just lost touch with reality. It was pretty amazing and stuck with me for hours afterward. I am fortunate in having an accessible pool so close to home. The other day when I had finished my swim, the lifeguard on duty, said, “You’re somewhere else when you swim, aren’t you?” Indeed. 😉 Thank you for the positive strokes.




    • Dear C.E.

      I’ll not argue. I’ve been told exactly the same thing by another friend recently. Swimming is a better option than sitting and chanting “Ohm.” 😉 Thank you for the strokes.




  • I understand your going into another world for a short trip. I sometimes do that with music when I am on the Treadmill. Music will take over in my head and I lose my count on the exercises I do while on the treadmill. Yours appeared to be quite visual. Good story.

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    • Dear Jan,

      I’ve been accused of living in another world anyway. 😉 I know you understand. It’s why we both have screwed up sleep (?) patterns. Glad you liked my story. Thanks for the positive strokes, m’luv.


    • Dear Keith,

      To each their own. Some people find sky-diving relaxing and are terrified of water. Me? I’m terrified of heights and the last thing you’ll find me doing is jumping from a plane while it’s hundreds of feet in the air. Thank you for paddling by.



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  • Literalist that I am, I kept looking for the connection between your subspace moment in the water and the tour bus pulling out. Then I got it. Little slow on the uptake this morning 🙂

    I used to swim, but I can’t now due to physical setbacks, but I remember that wonderful floating sensation when your are isolated in a bouyant, blue world where your mind can go wherever it chooses. Makes me miss the pool 🙂

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    • Dear Linda,

      I work out on a regular basis, be it swimming or elliptical trainer or just a good ole walk in the neighborhood. The times I’m not allowed in the pool for whatever reason, I go through severe chlorine withdrawal. 😉 I’m sorry you’re unable to swim.

      Admittedly, my story’s connection to the prompt is tenuous. I went for the bright lights I saw in my waking dream. In rereading my story it looks like that part got edited out. Ah well.

      Thank you for the strokes.



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  • Dear Rochelle,

    I envy you falling into that “otherworldly trance” so to speak – even if it was disconcerting at first. It is taking the zone to the next level. Love it.

    Shalom and lotsa good trance-ly love,


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    • Dear Dale,

      I haven’t had another trance experience since, but if and when I do I won’t be quite so unsettled by it. This morning’s swim was nonetheless wondermus. 😉 Thank you for the positive strokes.

      Shalom and lotsa dreamly hugs,



    • Dear Mike,

      Any pool is a great swimming pool. 😉 Or an ocean works. It’s lovely that we have a pool very close to our home. There is a fitness center attached to it but I only joined for the lap pool. I love being in the zone. Thank you for paddling by.




  • Awesome story, weird experience for sure. Sounds like some of the visualization exercises the pain specialists led me through as a non-medication alternative…sometimes is works better than meds. Next time you’re in that “zone”, look for the details in the Egyptian things. Love this!

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  • I love the way you describe your magical experience in the pool. Being a lover of the lap pool, I can relate to the trance like state of cutting through the water, counting the laps, and the rhythm of the strokes. It’s an incredible feeling.

    Great writing as always!!

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    • Dear Fatima,

      I’ve heard runners say they lose themselves. I never could with running. I always looked forward to being finished. I can’t say that with swimming. Most of the time the most difficult part of it is making myself get out of the water. 😉 It takes time to build stamina so don’t be too hard on yourself. Thank you for your comments and the lovely picture.




  • I very much enjoy the rhythm and repetition of swimming lengths (although I fallen out of the habit of late) so I know what you mean about another world. Nice evocative story although I will have to have another look at the prompt photo to see how you got there, if possible. It’s been so long since I posted that I can’t remember how to get the inlinkz code to post the blue frog on my blog! 🙂


    • Dear JWD,

      I won’t make you strain your brain. 😉 My connection to the prompt is a bit on the tenuous side. In the waking dream I saw flashing lights. It seems I edited that line out for sake of word count. For me there is no other exercise to compare with swimming. I have an elliptical trainer for bone health and I enjoy it, but it’s not swimming.
      The easiest way to get the code for inLinkz is to do a CTRL C with the URL at the top of the inLinkz party page. Then you can really post any frog picture (As you see we’ve all gotten a bit creative) and imbed a the link URL. I hope this makes some kind of sense. As for including your link, follow the directions at the bottom of the page. Hope that helps.

      Thank you for the positive strokes.




  • Dear Scarlett Curly-Hara W(T)F,

    Sorry I missed the bus this week. I’ll have Connie write me a note. She’s gone remodel crazy–I swear. At least her next husband will have a nice place to kick back and relax.

    I’ve never counted laps, but I have counted chews. Connie once chewed a bite 32 times before swallowing–I’m not kidding–I counted them. She would have probably chewed longer, but she saw I was watching and counting. 🙂 I don’t know if she wafted into another dimension or not, but she looked at peace.

    Happy Paddling,
    Redneck Butler

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    • Dear Redneck Butler,

      Connie chewed 32 times? Her jaw mO’ust’ve been in a state of something. Perhaps the deer you bagged was too tough. Well fiddle-dee-dee. I’d say I missed you this week but, frankly, my dear, I don’t give a gosh darn. (not true)

      I’ve noticed the intense remodeling. I hope you’re getting our suite ready for the time we manage to make it to the Land O’Goshen.

      Thank you for the strokes.


      Scarlett Curly-Hara W(T)F

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