11 June 2021

Published June 9, 2021 by rochellewisoff

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PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson

Genre: Hysterical Fiction
Word Count: 100


“Tang. NASA sent it to outer space.” Russell stirred orange powder into his water. “Remember the commercials when we were kids? I wanted to be an astronaut like John Glenn.”

“Just like I remember. Fortified with vitamin C and full of sugar.” Rochelle raised her glass. “To William A. Mitchell, the Montana farm boy who grew up to be a food chemist and invented not only Tang, but Cool Whip and Pop Rocks as well.”

            “A toast to our maven of trivia,” Russell took a sip and grimaced. “Blecch! Gimme a beer instead. To quote astronaut Buzz Aldrin, ‘Tang sucks.’”

William A. Mitchell

78 comments on “11 June 2021

  • I agree with Buzz and Russel, Tang sucks, though I guess if sucking Tang out of little plastic tubes would be what it took to get to the Moon, I might do it 😉 One of the greatest marketing coups of all time.

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    • Dear Trent,

      I read that the actual purpose of using Tang on Apollo 11 was due to the foul tasting water on the shuttle. Apparently Buzz didn’t think much of NASA’s problem solver. 😉 Thank you for flying by.



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    • Dear Jan,

      I did like Tang growing up. After all it was cold and sweet. I used to like to eat Cool Whip while it was still frozen. Like ice cream. I know you certainly love your Cool Whip. Pie? What pie? I think there’s a slice of it underneath all the synthetic white stuff. Love you, too, honey. 😉


    • Dear Jen,

      We are two countries separated by a common language. 😉 When I post these types of stories, I figure they will go over someone’s head. The beauty of FF for me has always been the diversity and cultural exchanges. Like going around the world without leaving my desk. (I still remember “the Great Smelt Debate”) I hope your hair wasn’t mussed when this one flew over. I’m glad you enjoyed it anyway. 😀 Thank you.




      • Absolutely! It’s amazing how different two (three, actually, as I’m now Canadian / British, reading American works) cultures can be. Throw in even a small age difference and you’re worlds apart! My comment certainly wasn’t a criticism of you – one can never write for every reader and shouldn’t try.

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        • Dear Jen,

          Why your comment went to my trash folder, not once, but twice, is beyond me. Of course I didn’t take your comment as criticism. I love reading the differences in writings from people in other cultures. And of course the age difference does factor in. But the greatest takeaway in all of this is what we can learn from each other. And that makes me very happy.

          Shalom, my friend,


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  • I’m surprised Tang is still around. I remember it well. It tastes better than Sunny Delite! I do have to thank the guy for inventing Cool Whip though. What would jello be without it? Cool blast to the past.

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    • Dear Dale,

      Give me the genuine article any day…pieces of orange and all. I drank a lot of Tang as a kid and liked it. As for marketing…well, it’s all about that, isn’t it? Thank you.

      Shalom and lotsa genuine hugs,



  • Tang it! I don’t think I’ve ever had Tang. I don’t think I ever will. Pop Rocks, though. Those were magically delicious. Cool Whip is wonderful on a cold winter day crowning a cup of hot chocolate. Mmm…

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    • Dear Nobbin,

      I remember Pop Rocks. My kids and I had fun with those. My husband thinks that Cool Whip is one of the four food groups…especially if it’s smothering a slice of pumpkin pie. 😉 Hang the Tang. Thank you.



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  • Pop rocks — exploding tang!? I vaguely remember those commercials; can’t remember Tang — probably blocked it from my memory. I thought all whipped cream was cool whip! I remember eating it frozen from the tub.

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    • Dear Lorraine,

      Eating Cool Whip from the frozen tub was my favorite way. 😉 Pop Rocks were fun. I don’t remember Tang ever exploding. Maybe it should have. Thank you for your fun comment.




      • I always thought of pop rocks would be like tang exploding in my mouth. Had no idea the same man invented both.
        Drove my mother crazy when she would take out the cool whip and half of it would be gone!
        Thanks for some fun memories and some good trivia questions!


  • I think everybody had something like that in their childhood. Mine was Cremola Foam, maybe a bit like Tang? But amazing how your piece about one drink has called up so many memories. Move over Marcel Proust! 😉 AND I learned another American fact. Really enjoyed this piece.

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    • Dear Jenne,

      My favorite things about Friday Fictioneers is the diversity. It’s my way of traveling around the world without leaving my desk. 😉 It seems we all had something in the food department that brings back memories. Thank you for your kind comments.



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  • I think our version of that might have been Lemfizz cubes, which came in orange flavour too. You could either eat them outright or drop them in water. I remember being violently ill in a music lesson after eating one outright. 😦 You always know how to open the door to Memory Lane, Rochelle.

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    • Dear Sandra,

      We had something similar called Fizzies. They were flat, round tablets that fizzed in water. If your Lemfizz cubes were anything like that I can see why you became violently ill. Ugh. As always I’m happy to be your tour guide down Memory Lane. 😉




  • I didn’t know they took it with them on Apollo 11. What a great little detail. And a fun story. I never heard of the stuff until I spent some time in Canada. We took it on camping and canoe trips. Light weight and when you’re tired and thirsty, it tastes great.

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    • Dear Genia,

      As Plaridel said, ‘to each his own.’ I wouldn’t drink either Tang or Koolaid now. Although I did like grape Koolaid as a kid. Who could resist a smiling pitcher?




  • Dear Dr. Joan Dale W(T)F,

    I was never a big fan of “Dang.” Beer is much smoother and more satisfying to the palette. If I don’t do my part to support all those brewery workers who count on me, I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night (beer helps with that too).

    I also remember a “space candy” that came in a tube. It was similar to jelly or jam in consistancy, but not as tasty.

    Still wondering why they never found Alice Kramden on one of those moon visits.

    “Buzzed” Aldrin

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    • Dear Buzzed Aldrin,

      I’m sure your face will be used for the next Super Bowl ad campaign. Who needs Clydesdales, right?
      Perhaps Alice landed on the dark side of the moon.
      Dang it anyway. Thanks for Zooming by.


      Dr. Joan Dale W(T)F


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