15 April 2022

Published April 13, 2022 by rochellewisoff

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PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson

Genre: Plain Ole Fiction
Word Count: 100


Ted set up a row of chairs in the reception hall. Jessica plopped down on one and pouted. “This is all-kinds-of wrong.”

“Hey sis, ever hear of John Cram?”


“Lemme educate you. John Cram patented the folding chair in 1855. Then in 1947 Fred Arnold created the first aluminum one and by 1957 his company was manufacturing—”

“Ooh, cram your history, Mr. Wikipedia.” Jessica gritted her teeth. Tears stung her eyes. “It’s just not fair.”

Ted hugged her.  “You’re going to be a gorgeous bride tomorrow.”

“What about my garden wedding? It’s not supposed to snow in May.”

81 comments on “15 April 2022

  • You’ve got to feel for people having outdoor weddings, and being at the mercy of the weather. I really liked Dale’s photo this week. I’ve seen snow a handful of times in person. So, it’s quite foreign to me to live with snow like so many of you do.
    Hope you have a good week.
    Best wishes,

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    • Dear Rowena,

      Winter has hung on tenaciously this year in my part of the country. It’s rare to see snow in May, but it has been known to happen. I can’t say I’d miss snow if we moved to a warmer clime. 😉 Thank you.



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      • Rochelle, I frequently listen to an Irish podcaster and author, Michael Harding, and he spoke about having Christmas in the snow and with the lights shining through the darkness. It sounded so magical. We usually have really hot days and end up in my aunt’s swimming pool…a very different experience.
        It rained through all our Summer so don’t know who is getting all the sunny Summer weather, although I could hazard an educated guess at Western Australia. They’ve had a few heat waves. I hope it warms up for you soon.
        Best wishes,


  • Snow in May. Yes we have had that. I can feel for her, my daughters wedding last year wemt from five guests in the garden to only being allowed twenty. (because of Covid). It turned out well. I enjoyed the history lesson.

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  • Well, I have seen snow storms in May… thing is, it is always melted by the next day, even the time I saw over a foot in May! So her garden wedding tomorrow just might happen. Though, this year? I wouldn’t bet on anything this year. Liked the story.

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  • You created distinct characters, setting and tone in just 100 words…kudos! BTW – I want that chair. It’s begging me to sand it, refinish and show off its full glory.

    (Not Anonymous- Accidentally pressed post without entering info)

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  • I think we’ve met these siblings before, Rochelle? Mr Wikipedia sounds like he’s just trying to help though, and I suspect the bride will realise after that the fact that the wedding is the least important part of a marriage.

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    • Dear Jen,

      I think Ted, Jessica and her husband-to-be will look back on the day and laugh. Yes, I’ve written similar siblings before, different names perhaps. 😉 I have a brother like Ted. Knows it all and likes to expound. (Actually we’re very much alike.) Thank you for the read and the comment. 😀




  • Ha! A twist and a turn, and an note of almost self mockery detected in his story interrupted!
    Here in Ukraine I am invited to spend time at a man’s house during Passover, a man who met me on the street and immediately introduced himself, telling me he spoke 5 languages, English, Hungarian, Ukrainian and Hebrew, as well as Yiddish. We conversed in Hungarian while we strolled the town and he recounted the (tragic) history of the area. His hatred of that vampire in the Kremlin so apparent…as well as his disgust…”how dare he call us nazis in Ukraine… …how……dare…….he..,” he said, almost spitting the words out. I put my hand on his back and agreed with him. The horrible bombing, the raping, executions ….but also the horrible things they say from Moscow…as for us two, new found friends, of about the same age, during this war, we have some pleasant days ahead.

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  • Dear Rochelle,

    One would think that planning a wedding in May would be safe… but it can happen! Makes it more memorable. And I love that sneaking in of history as you do so with such finesse!

    Shalom and lotsa happy love,


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  • Wonderful, Rochelle.

    I was just talking about those miserable moments in life that end up as stories told repeatedly and laughed about, for years afterward. I’ve embraced a new idiom: ’embrace the suck.’ 🙂



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    • Dear Bill,

      “Embrace the suck.” That would make a great bumper sticker. 😉 Now you have me accessing my memory for those stories. And we do all have them. I’m sure Jessica and her family will tell this story for years to come.
      And once more I’m finishing up last week’s FF on Tuesday. When you can’t get it all together, procrastinate!
      Thank you.



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      • My hubby and his sister did a lot of that when I was dating him
        way back when. I guess the older you get the less that happens.
        I always found the competitve banter amusing. She is older then
        him. I think that may be the reason. I’m rushed for time. I won’t
        be doing FF this week. It wouldn’t be fair if I couldn’t reply.
        Have a super weekend. 😍🤗💜

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  • Haha, lovely bit of sibling interaction, and we get the info on the folding chair together with the bride. We’ve had snow in May before too. These days, it’s more likely to snow in May just to spite us, and nothing all winter.

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    • Na’ama Y’karah,

      And I’m even later in wrapping up my replies this week. Just a few hours until the next prompt is up. Chalk it up to gluten free matzo and charoset with horseradish for breakfast. 😉 I’m hoping that April has dropped enough snow on us and the snow gods will stave off in May. But I suspect by the end of May we’ll be kvetching and moaning about the heat. Glad you participated. Thank you for you kind words.

      Shalom v’hag pesach sameakh,


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  • Never trust the weather. Outdoor weddings and other events are very popular in Australia, and usually our weather is perfect for them, but I’d be having a plan B too. I like how you’ve blended the story with the information about folding chairs. Very interesting.

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