27 May 2022

Published May 25, 2022 by rochellewisoff

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Genre: Friction
Word Count: 100


Relentless sun beat down on the roof of the cramped enclosure. How long could this heat last? Mopping sweat from her brow, she reminded herself she no longer had to endure incessant demands of an unreasonable ruler.

“‘I am the master of my fate:
  I am the captain of my soul.’”

“How much for this one?” A man pointed to a framed tricycle print.

“$30.00 plus tax.”

“Sold. My wife will love it.”

“Thank you for your business.”

As he walked away smiling, Rochelle grinned at Jan. “Another profitable day under the purple tent. This certainly beats punching a timeclock.” 

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65 comments on “27 May 2022

  • Master of your own destiny indeed. I know for a fact that you embraced the prospect and the actuality of your retirement, as indeed did I. And what a shining example of maximum use of talent it has become.

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  • It is well worth each of us questioning at what price we will sell our soul, and while it also has its moments, the joy of painting and selling your work beats working 9 to 5.
    I loved your painting of the trike. Just gorgeous!
    Best wishes,

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    • Dear Rowena,

      I’ve sold many copies of that trike. 😉 Thank you. I really do love being my own boss, so to speak. My husband is master of the set up. We work well together. There are days, however, I question my sanity.




  • Querida Rochelle,
    Su cuento me trajo muchas memorias.
    Oh those … HOT … HOT … HOT days of art shows.
    They were rewarding in so many ways but a lot more
    difficult then people can imagine. Bravo for a story well-told.
    Loved the pics especially the booth lock down one. Cute and adorable.
    Abrazos y Carino,
    Isadora 😎

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    • Querida Isadora,

      Tu sabes. 😉 The shows are a lot of work, particularly for Jan doing the heavy lifting. We do have our system for set up and tear down down to a science. But still it takes time. Some days we question our sanity. But then there are those days when the sales and people you meet are amazing. Saturday I met a little girl who loved my flamingo picture which her mom bought for her. Then the proud mom showed a me a flamingo sketch the child did in kindergarten. Truly this niña has a gift. I loved seeing it and telling her that maybe one day I’d be buying one of her pictures.
      Gracias mi amiga.

      Shalom y abrazos,



  • I like this, Rochelle.

    I can’t be of much help because I’ve never punched a time clock. Do they still have those?

    My mother did (shoe factory). I recall watching people line up as quitting time approached. They could not punch out until time (or pay got docked). Then madness. A good many folks quickly found their way to a local watering hole.

    While I’ve been to few art fairs and the like, it was only as a looker/buyer. Now if I go I will be watching for any purple tents. 🙂



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    • Dear Bill,

      I haven’t seen too many other purple tents at fairs, although I’m not always the only one. As for time clocks, by the time I retired they’d done away with time cards but we still had to time in and out, ie punching in our employee numbers. I’ve no clue what they’ve gone to in the 6 years since I left. Don’t much care neither.
      How did you get out of punching a time clock anyway?
      Perhaps one day you’ll make your way to my purple tent. 😉 Thank for coming by the virtual one.



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      • Hey Rochelle,

        I never had a job where I was (actually) paid by the hour or had to punch in. I had a few jobs where I did have to fill out time sheets after the fact, but they were usually bogus or resulted in “comp time.” Just lucky I guess. 🙂

        It’s been 7 years of blissful retirement for me. I loved working until I didn’t, then I couldn’t get away fast enough.


  • To have your passion become your occupation, love , hobby & “feel good” is indeed, a wonderful thing. However, your hours consume the day and your profit, broken down by hourly rates places you way below the poverty line. Your Boss is a harsh taskmaster but you don’t seem to mind. Lol. I am soooooo glad you don’t have to punch that time clock anymore. You are in a happy place. Great job M’Luv.

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    • Dear Jan,

      I’m fortunate in having a life partner who supports and encourages my passion. I couldn’t do the shows as effectively without you. As for profit…at least the business is, for the most part, paying for itself. 😉 It’s a good thing we don’t depend on it for income, eh?
      Throw in a swimming pool and I’m definitely in my happy place. Thank you, m’luv.


    • Dear Brenda,

      While we brave the weather a lot of the time, there’s no boss hanging over my head barking at me about overtime or getting things done in a timely matter. Jan does bark…but he knows I bite. 😉 Thank you.



      PS Thank you for the inspirational photo that took me “there.”

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  • Dear Rochelle,

    I read this twice and still hadn’t commented! Sheesh.

    I love that you are now living your passion. Punch clocks be damned! Enjoy your purple tent and all that is under it!

    Shalom and lotsa love and freedom from bosses,


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    • Dear Dale,

      Whassamatta-u? No worry. You’ve had a busy week. 😉 Besides, you’ve been along for this journey since its inception. Listened to my kvetching. Let me vent…or sob on your shoulder. Thank you for all of that.

      Shalom and lotsa freely given hugs,


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