4 November 2022

Published November 2, 2022 by rochellewisoff
Another Hightway

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November 9–10, 1938, Nazi leaders unleashed a series of pogroms against the Jewish population in Germany and recently incorporated territories. This event became known as Kristallnacht (The Night of Broken Glass) because of the shattered glass that littered the streets after the vandalism and destruction of Jewish-owned businesses, synagogues, and homes. This was only the beginning of one of the most barbaric and vicious times in recent history.

We say “never again.” But...

Genre: Historical Fiction
Word Count: 100


With eyes that pierced her soul, Dr. Mengele told 16-year-old Edith, “You’ll see your mother soon. She’s just going to take a shower.”

            That same evening, he forced her to dance for him.

            For decades she grappled with guilt. “Why me? Why did I live?”

            When her patients, Vietnam veterans, would ask her the same question she realized, as a clinical psychologist, she’d never found the answer for herself.

            In 1990 she returned to Auschwitz where she allowed her mother’s final words to heal her soul. “No one can take away from you what you put in your own mind.”

If you have a few minutes to spare, you can listen to Dr. Eger’s story in her own words. HERE



My work in progress, LAST DANCE WITH ANNIE, is under contract with Ozark Hollow Press!

Short Summary

Elise, a military spouse and mom in the throes of midlife, dances three times a day with the most relentless partner, her secret nemesis she’s nicknamed “Annie Wrecks-Ya.” Will Elise’s strive for perfection kill her, or will she learn to let go and face the truth: she’s an addict. At the same time, her devoted husband Tony feels helpless to save her as he battles demons of his own that followed him home from war.

Can Elise and Tony join forces and defeat these threats to their lives and their marriage? And can Elise learn to dance again, this time with the carefree joy she experienced as a child.

78 comments on “4 November 2022

      • Elise, a military spouse and mom in the throes of midlife, dances three times a day with the most relentless partner, her secret nemesis she’s nicknamed “Annie Wrecks-Ya.” Will Elise’s strive for perfection kill her, or will she learn to let go and face the truth: she’s an addict. At the same time, her devoted husband Tony feels helpless to save her as he battles demons of his own that followed him home from war.
        Can Elise and Tony join forces and defeat these threats to their lives and their marriage? And can Elise learn to dance again, this time with the carefree joy she experienced as a child.


  • Dear Rochelle,

    First off, congrats on “Last Dance With Annie” – it’s a book that not only deserves but needs to be put out there! Woo hoo!

    As for Edit: I cannot agree more with her mother’s last words to her. The question is not “Why me?”, at least I have never uttered them. “Why NOT me?”

    History brought to life by your most adept pen.

    Shalom and lotsa worthy love,


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    • Dear Dale,

      Thank you on both counts. I watched a few videos of Dr. Eger’s testimony. I’m glad she’s on video to keep the memory alive. Although these days it doesn’t seem to do much good. Antisemitism is on the rise which sends chills through me.

      I’m excited to see where Annie’s going to go. Again thank you.

      Shalom and lotsa memorable hugs,


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  • Congratulations on your new book contract, Rochelle! Sounds like a really great story. Your fri fic is good to. I have often asked myself the same question when I consider all that I have been through… I’m sure I’m descended from Job himself sometimes. But then, when I least expect it, someone says something and it assures me that I’m here for a purpose that only YHWH knows.

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    • Dear Bear,

      This book is based on my own experience. I fictionalized quite a bit of it to protect the innocent (and myself 😉 )
      I believe Adonai does have a purpose for all of us.
      Thank you.




  • First, congratulations again on your new book. So happy for you, that your hard work is being rewarded!

    Second, I know outer beauty is not a sign of character. Still, Edith’s character remains from her youth and keeps her beautiful as she ages. It’s a wonderful story, and once again you’ve introduced me to someone I’d never have heard of without you 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dear Linda,

      Thank you re LDWA. I had a great cloud of witnesses. 😉

      Edith certainly took her experience to speak healing into the lives of others, didn’t she? I didn’t know of her either until I found her on Google. Happy to share what I learn. Thank you.



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  • Great news about the book! A change from your usual fare, but I’m sure still up to your wonderful standards. I’m slowly edging myself back into reading so I’ll be sure to get a copy.
    Your FF story is as hopeful as it is harrowing. I’m glad those final words brought healing in the end.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dear Jen,

      Edith’s story is tragic and she shares it freely. Thank you for your comments on that and my upcoming.
      It is definitely different from my other books. It was born out of friends urging me to write about my experience with anorexia. It’s a fictionalized version, but, nonetheless difficult to write as it dredged up old emotions and memories. Having said that, i feel it has a message that needs to be heard. I will let everyone know when it’s available. Currently I wait for the editor’s suggestions.




  • Very difficult to shake that kind of trauma-haunting that survivors like Edith and Vietnam vets suffer from. I’m glad she found peace of mind and I’m sure she was able to help some of her patients ease some of their torment.

    Congratulations on your book being published!

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  • Beautiful, yet sad… the Holocaust was such a horrific part of history. I am sorry for those who suffered and the family members who remained who had to live with the memories and survivors guilt. But so many came out of the experience with strength and grace to live great lives in spite of or maybe because of it based on how they chose to respond…. Shalom my sweet friend.

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  • Dear Rochelle,

    Wow! Kudos on your WIP being accepted for publication!! The short summary gives me a glimpse as to why, a story worth reading in more ways than one given the current opioid crisis. May it meet with great success, Rochelle.

    Meanwhile, thank you for sharing Dr. Eger’s story and the peace it took a lifetime to find. “Never again.” But ….


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    • Dear Dorah,

      This book is up close and personal for me as it’s based heavily on my own experiences with a hefty side of fiction thrown in to protect the innocent and not-so innocent. 😉 Thank you for the good wishes. From your computer to G-d’s eyes.
      And thank you for re my story.




  • An extremely brave woman to go back after living through such horror. I cried listening to her talk. We need to hear, to be reminded. Inspirational is not a good enough word. Thank you for sharing this story, Rochelle. Congratulations on the publication of your new book!!

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  • Congrats on the book, Rochelle.

    So many wonderful stories and people rose from the ashes of WWII and the Holocaust (Shoah, 1941- May 8, 1945).
    I listened to Dr. Eger’s TEDx talk. I noticed she credited the US 71st Infantry for her freedom, which saved her life and many others.
    Ironically, the Wehrmact (Germans) also had a 71st Infantry, a very successful and ruthless part of the German Army that was also charged with war crimes.

    It’s interesting that Dr. Eger worked with Vietnam War combat vets. PTSD was not a DSM diagnosis until 1980, but she was an expert on its treatment as a professional Psychologist.
    Up to now I was very familiar with Victor Frankl and Elie Wiesel and their work. Now I must learn more about Dr. Edith Eger. Thank you.



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  • Dear Bill,

    I’m so pleased you listened to Dr. Eger’s Ted Talk. She is an inspiration. Interesting tidbit about the 71st Infantries. Same number, very different.
    Here’s to the heros who rose from the ashes. May we never forget.
    Thank you re the book. 😀




  • Hi Rochelle,
    Well done on the happy news.
    I will miss this week stories as my time has been filled with my new grandson. Time that should never be missed. I lost lots of time with my daughters growing up as work demands took over. Never again.

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  • First of all – CONGRATULATIONS on the book going to a publisher! YEAH!
    And … as for the FF story … alas, we can see all too clearly how “never again” is becoming more of a “possible very soon” to some who are eager to ‘reclaim’ what they perceive as the glory of hatred and dehumanizing of others in order to feel ‘superior’ or ‘racially pure’. UGH. Uck. Uck. Uck. May humanity win. May all who have a vote, vote for sanity and inclusion, not the ‘justification of exclusion’ dressed as pseudo-patriotism.

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    • Na’ama Y’karah,

      As I see antisemitism on the rise it makes my blood chill more than a bit. It seems no one who isn’t lilly white is in danger. I really don’t understand it. These so-called Christians might be shocked to learn that their saviour wasn’t a blue-eyed-white-supremacist blond. I’m with you, may humanity win, b’vahkeshah.
      Thanks again for the congrats and for lending your expertise in LDWA.



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      • Those who hate this way, are weak people who need to stand on someone else to feel taller. It is a sign of a lacking moral compass, not a sign of righteousness. And, yeah, it should make our blood chill, to see one group of people hate another group of people for something like their color of their skin, the circumstance and location if their birth, their faith, or their gender, to name a few. Racism is ALWAYS a proof of weakness in the racist, not in those the racist feels threatened by.


    • Dear Laura,

      I can’t imagine what she went through and then to be able to turn around and use her pain to help others. Thank you. And thank you re the book. Still feels like a dream…that is until the edits start pouring in.




      • Oh thank you!!! I have issues with my email login / username as I changed it and never validated it apparently 🙈 can’t work out how to fix… sometimes it stays logged in and sometimes it asks me for a password for every single story 🙄 so time consuming! But yes, I enjoyed your story very much ! Thanks x

        Liked by 1 person

        • Yep, found this in the trash again. I have another writer who always shows up in the trash folder (which I generally check on a daily basis). With some this happens when they comment on their phones. My husband has issues with Word Press, too. Sometimes he shows up as “Annonymous” with his icon photo. Go figure. At any rate, I do appreciate your participation. That’s what I loved about FF from the beginning (no I didn’t create it), the interaction. Not to mention the global community. As a result I have friends all over the world and have sold a few of my books that way. 😀
          Don’t give up. 😉


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