18 November 2022

Published November 16, 2022 by rochellewisoff

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The following story is 100% true. Should you care to read the expanded blog post from 2014 CLICK HERE (Boring really). At any rate this is my sordid story is inspireded by Stars’ photo.

Gnere: Embarrassing Anecdote
Word Count: 100


Until eight years ago I’d never broken a bone. Not even a pinkie finger. Sometimes I felt cheated. I never got a nifty cast for friends to sign.

One morning, heading to the kitchen for coffee I stubbed my big toe. After work I made a beeline for the doctor’s office.

An X-ray showed a fracture at the top joint.

To add injury to injury, before the left toe had a chance to heal, I fractured my right toe getting out of the bathtub.

They don’t set broken toes, but I did get a nifty orthopedic sandal and a boot.

79 comments on “18 November 2022

  • Dear Rochelle,

    Should I be laughing? I’m sorry I’m laughing… No, not really! Though I know you suffered pain (seriously, TWO toes?), it is nice to be able to laugh at it after…

    Shalom and lotsa clumsy love,


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  • That’s an incredible piece of bad luck! I’ve never broken a bone, I hope that means something positive. Still, your footwear is very eye-catching. Probably not catch on, but there you go.


  • Dear Rochelle,

    Isn’t it interesting that a broken toe requires a boot to the knee? And the fractured toe is exposed, to boot. The left foot must have been jealous of the right’s boot. And, where do I sign?

    I don’t recall ever suffering from cast envy, but I recall signing them. My father always warned me, “If you break your leg, I’ll break the other.” Irish-Catholic logic. 🙂

    Peace (and may we remain in one piece),


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    • Dear Bill,

      I was a strange child. I envied the kids who got to wear eyeglasses, too. Now I wear contacts because I don’t want to wear them. Don’t suffer from cast envy anymore either. 😉
      I found it odd that my doctor just gave the orthopedic sandal. The ER gave me the boot for the second toe. Really didn’t make sense to me. But walking with both of them at work was a challenge. In fact I lost my balance and feel backward on the concrete bakery floor. Quite a dramatic bruise that left. (At least I could still take off the boot to swim….much better than a cast. ;))
      At any rate, one has to have a sense of humor, right? Of course, right.
      Thank you for coming by.



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  • Oh Rochelle! I’ll leave Dale to laugh and I’ll cry on your behalf. My friend broke her big toe recently and it hasn’t recent so her boot has been glued to her foot, which she wasn’t happy about for a friend’s wedding and she wore something else regardless. I ended up in a boot after I broke my fifth metatarsal just before I went on stage to play my violin but didn’t realize it was broken until a day later. My kids were performing at school and I waited until that was over before trotting off for my xray.
    Best wishes,

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  • Dear Rochelle,

    It can really be that easy to break a toe or foot bone. A friend of mine went through an entire Thanksgiving holiday entertaining guests, feeling only a slight ache which she put down to being on her feet a lot, and the next week went to the doc for swelling and discovered she’d broken her foot! She either had a high tolerance for pain or …. took her hostess duties way too seriously!!

    Hope every toe healed back perfectly.

    Take care, and Shalom,

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  • I know that feeling of being robbed. I’ve only ever broken fingers and toes – for me that involved nothing more than a splint bandage, I didn’t even get a boot!
    Mostly though, I’m glad. And I’m glad you’ve mostly avoided breakages too.

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    • Dear Jen,

      Things are so different in the eyes of a child, aren’t they? I used to envy the kids who got to wear glasses. Now I wear contact lenses as much as I can to avoid the uncomfortable eyewear. And I’m happy to report no more fractures here. BTW, The second break happened while a certain disc flinger was visiting. He snapped the photo. Thank you.




  • Rochelle, sounds like you finally got your big break, although it was nice of you to be symmetrical about it. 🙂 I had broken a few bones when I was younger but my wife never had. Now she’s broken a few since we’ve been married and I haven’t broken any more, so I guess our osteological karma is realigning. 🙂 Glad you didn’t need a cast at least.
    Have a great week!

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  • You said something at the beginning that chimed a bell for me. I paid into our National Health Service all my working life but I’ve never needed hospitalisation, and have hardly ever sought medical attention – so, I feel cheated! I hope I haven’t just tempted fate!

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  • Quite fashionable! I destroyed my pinkie toe as a teen. It still hurts sometimes, but I never thought it was broken. Now, I wonder. I broke my clavicle as a kid, 7-9ish. The only cast I’ve ever had was from tearing the ligaments in my ankle. Like you, I invited many other injuries hopping around. Fortunately, I was 18 and very agile.

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    • Dear Nobbin,

      My eldest son broke a toe at a Tae-Kwon-Do tournament. Because it affected the growth plate, the doctor saw fit to cast his whole ankle.
      I’m pleased to report I’ve remained fracture-free these past 8 years. Thank you for limping by. 😉



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