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Published December 8, 2019 by rochellewisoff

I’m reasonably certain I’m not the only blogger who takes issue with spam. If you’re a Word Press blogger like me, I strongly recommend a daily sweep of your spam folder. Akisment does a wonderful job of keeping these unrelated “comments” from showing up on my post, but there are days I find up to 20 of them in my spam folder. Not to mention that, on occasion, valid comments find their way there, too. 

I seriously do not understand what spammers hope to accomplish by littering my posts with links to porn sites or lengthy paragraphs that make no sense whatsoever. 

Here’s one from this morning:

Do I need to explain why I can’t read this? Oh wait, I can read “ero-videos” toward the bottom of the comment.  

I do not like spam, Sam I Am. I do not like it with toast and jam. Wham, bang, no thank you, ma’am. 

Here are a couple from this afternoon. (Yes, I checked it twice today…10 this morning and 7 this afternoon.)

It’s nice to know this person loves junk food. But I’ve no clue what this might have to do with  the post which featured a flash fiction about my brother’s difficulties with Latin in high school. CLICK HERE to read that story if you wish. 😉 

My brother Jeffrey and his wife Debbie.

Then here’s this next little goody: 

Of course I don’t read Russian either. Then I noticed the translate option at the top of the page. 

Just what I want to see, right? NOT! Another thing I’ve noticed over the past few years of policing my spam folder is the majority of these annoyances show up on my November 26, 2016 post. I’ve never been able to figure the reasoning behind it, if there’s any reason to be had.

The post in question was a piece I did for Friday Fictioneers expounding on my great love for the color purple. CLICK HERE if you’d like to read. 

For more on this nuisance, my fellow blogger, Dale Rogerson, shared some of her thoughts recently. 

25 November 2016

Published November 23, 2016 by rochellewisoff

Prom Night 1971 Enlargement

(This year, November 28th, marks our 45th wedding anniversary. And our parents didn’t think we’d last 6 months. 😉 )

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Genre: Hysterical Fiction

Word Count: 99


“What are you wearing to the party tonight?” he asked.

“My purple dress.”

“Could you be more specific? Almost everything in your closet is purple.”

“It’s the color of royalty.” She clicked on Wikipedia. “The ancient Phoenicians prized it as early as 1570 BC. Phoenicia means ‘Land of Purple.’”

He rolled his eyes. “Of course it does.”

“Billions of sea snails have given their lives to produce the dye. According to historians it fetched its weight in silver in Colophon in Asia Minor. The Romans used it for their ceremonial robes.”

“So that means you’re wearing…”

“…my purple dress.”

Dibromindigo is the major component in Tyrian purple.

Dibromindigo is the major component in Tyrian purple.

Charging up for next time!

I couldn’t resist including this.

It’s also my default ringtone. 😉

If you missed my interview on the The Writer’s Block Radio Show, click to listen. 

It Must be the Shoes

Published October 11, 2016 by rochellewisoff

 At the Ozarks Writers League conference in August, I left my purple high-top Converse sneakers at home, opting for sandals instead. How was I supposed to know my agent, who was a speaker that weekend, had told an editor about my colorful shoes?

“You have to wear those shoes,” said Jeanie , with her sweet Southern drawl. “They’re your trademark.”

Thank You, Jeanie!

With Jeanie Loiacono

There’s no denying it. Those tennies are a conversation starter and comfortable to boot.  In that vein I solemnly promised to wear them to all conferences and book signings.  

September 17 I wore them to my class reunion where I was encouraged to set up a book table.  Not only did I enjoy connecting with old friends, ten of them bought books.


Can you spot me? My shoes?


Back in the day.

The following week I had a book table at the Heritage Festival in Independence, Missouri. I enjoyed meeting people of different ethnicities. However, it turned out to be a very hot day with not-so-hot attendance.


Last Friday night we went to an art fair to watch a good friend of ours perform. While listening to Br. John Anderson and his accompanist, Rick Cole, I perused handmade jewelry in a nearby booth.

With Br. John Anderson

With Br. John Anderson

The gentleman minding the shop for his wife asked about my attire which, of course, included my purple footwear. “I’m interested in how people dress for art fares,” he said. “Is this how you dress for them?”

I explained that I was also an artist and an author.  “This is pretty much how I dress most of the time.”

“Really? What do you write?”

“Historical fiction.” 

“Can I find them on Amazon?”

“I have two in my bag.” I grinned and whipped out a copy of Please Say Kaddish for Me and one of From Silt and Ashes. “They’re first and second in a trilogy.”

He handed me a twenty-dollar bill and had me sign Please Say Kaddish for Me to him and his wife.

I’ve learned three important lessons this past year: Keep books on hand, keep the Square in my purse to take credit cards and always wear the shoes!



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