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How writing flash fiction helped me write a novel

Published February 7, 2017 by rochellewisoff

If you think that Friday Fictioneers is just a diversion for those who have nothing better to do, read this by Louise Jensen. 

fabricating fiction

the-sisterWhen I started writing in earnest two years ago I created this blog and stumbled across a weekly flash fiction challenge called Friday Fictioneers. A photo would be posted each week and participants were invited to use the prompt to create a hundred word story.

It sounded fun and a good way to kick off my blog. Writing the first story was difficult. It took me ages to edit it down to 100 words. It was nerve wracking sending my first story out into the world but if I’m honest, I didn’t expect anyone to read it, but read it they did. I was enveloped into a supportive writing community who have critiqued with kindness, encouraged and soothed every step of the way on my journey to publication, commiserating with every rejection and celebrating my first two novels hitting No. 1 on Amazon. I am so grateful to those bloggers…

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22 January 2016

Published January 20, 2016 by rochellewisoff

Another Hightway

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Quite a few fictioneers took liberties with the word count last week. Remember, the challenge is a hundred words or less. Please take into consideration that our numbers are growing and there are more stories to read. Thank you. 

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The following photo is the PROMPT and comes from my own hubby. 

PHOTO PROMPT © Jan W. Fields

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Genre: Historical Fiction

Word Count: 100


“I ain’t got no money for no music lessons, Professor Weiss.”

“Turn left and do the cake walk prance…”

“Your boy has a rare gift.”

“…Turn the other way…”

“I got five mouths to feed ‘sides his.”

“…do the slow drag…”

“No charge.”

 “…take your lady to the world’s fair.”

“Come away with me, my love.” 

“Is it really you, Chrysanthemum? But you’re—dead. Does that mean…?”

“…and do the ragtime dance.”



“Poor demented fella. Looks like he tried to play the piano…”  The doctor released Scott Joplin’s stiff, distorted hands from the restraints. “…and sang his life away.”


Note: Scott Joplin, known as the King of Ragtime, died in Manhattan State Hospital, 1 April 1917 in the final stages of syphilis induced dementia. 

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Freddie Alexander Joplin, the woman for whom The Chrysanthemum was written.

Freddie Alexander Joplin, the woman for whom The Chrysanthemum was written.


Scott Joplin

15 August 2014

Published August 13, 2014 by rochellewisoff

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Friday Fictioneers BookshelfFF copyright banner finalThe next photo is the PHOTO PROMPT

Let it speak to you. Does it tell you a story?

PHOTO PROMPT -Copyright - Jan Wayne Fields

PHOTO PROMPT -Copyright – Jan Wayne Fields

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Genre: Historical Fiction

Word Count: 99


            “Nights are long and my bed ever so cold…”            

             She stopped writing, crumpled her letter and recalled their conversation the day before he left.


            “The last time you went for six months it turned into four years.”            

            “I am needed there.”            

            “You are needed here.”            

           “Debbie, my dearest.” He placed his hands on either side of her face. “Accompany me. You will love London.”


             Deborah Franklin laid another sheet of parchment on the desk, dipped her quill in the inkwell and wrote.              

             “Dear Benjamin,            

              I love you so. Had it not been for my ridiculous fear of the sea…”    



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