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Launderette Trauma

Published March 1, 2023 by rochellewisoff


I double dipped this week. The sight of the laundromat triggers a not so pleasant memory for me. I’m sure I’ll be able to let it go one of these days.

Genre: Memoir
Word Count: 100


As we crammed our bedspread into an industrial-size dryer, my iPhone pinged with an email from my agent. “Last Dance with Annie” was in the subject line.

            “Good news?” asked my husband.

            I bit back tears. “Maybe I’m not meant to be an author.”

            The well-known publisher who’d expressed an interest in my novel based on personal experience turned it down flat. My agent released me from my contract.

            “Failure,” intoned my inner voice.

            A year later, at a writers’ conference, struggling with doubt, I pitched LDWA to a new publisher. Within twenty-four hours my book had found a home.   

If I’d had a few more words (blasted word limit! 😉 ) I’d go on to share how my manuscript was turned down a few more times before my agent released me from the contract. I ignored the manuscript for more than a year I think. At the Ozarks Writers conference in October I met Lia Wu who owns Ozark Hollow Press. She was interested in my story of a middle aged woman’s battle with anorexia (A fictionalized version of my own struggle). I sent her the manuscript Sunday morning and she offered me a contract Sunday night. Hopefully Last Dance with Annie (title negotiable) will be out this year.

3 September 2021

Published September 1, 2021 by rochellewisoff
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Genre: Fiction
Word Count: 100


“‘Wanting to be a writer and not wanting to be rejected is like wanting to be a boxer and not wanting to get punched.’” Elise types, continuing with, “Ray Bradbury said, ‘You have to know how to accept rejection and reject acceptance.’

            “Harper Lee suggested the writer ‘develop a thick hide.’

Elise’s muse taunts her. “Hackneyed quotes from successful authors.”

            Elise backspaces and taps out, “The author gropes fragile branches keeping her head above muddy waters of despair. That’s depth. Golden verbiage. Pulitzer material.”  

            “You sure about that?” The muse snorts.

            Elise rereads her words. “Ugh.” Control-A-Delete. “I’m going swimming.”    


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