4 July 2014

Published July 2, 2014 by rochellewisoff



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Genre: Realistic Fiction

World Count: 99


            “There’s so much I haven’t seen, Mom.”

            “It’ll keep. You’re only eighteen.”

            “I’m a woman.”

            “You’re still a child. The city will eat you alive.”

            “It’s a full scholarship.”

            Three months later, miles from parental scrutiny, Evelyn strolled into the university studio, virgin sketchbook under her arm. 

            She lowered herself onto an art bench, looked up at the statuesque model on a raised platform, held her pencil erect at arm’s length to calculate perspective and, with great relish, contemplated all that nature had bestowed upon him.

            “Study hard,” her mother had said.

            Evelyn smiled.

            “I will, Mom, I will.”  

126 comments on “4 July 2014

    • Dear Karen,

      I was also an art student, although I wasn’t quite as enthusiastic as Evelyn when I entered my first figure drawing class. I turned at least 50 shades of red I think.

      Thank you.




  • I think she’s pursuing her vocation with … er … dedication. I like to see a girl who takes an interest in nature. Nice one Rochelle. Hope your toe is on the mend.


    • Dear Sandra,

      Evelyn’s most definitely an aficionado when it comes to nature. 😉 Wish I could say better of the toe. 😦 First day back at work was challenging.

      Thank you.




  • Rochelle, Good story and well written as always. I never heard of that type of course when I was in college. It was rather a conservative city college in a midwestern city in the 60’s. I was studying mainly elementary education courses anyway so I wouldn’t have taken it. Hunorous and well done. I hope you’ll feel better soon. 🙂 —Susan


    • Dear Susan,

      I went to the Kansas City Art Institute. The first time I walked into a figure drawing studio, the model was male. Every try to act sophisticated and nonchalant while you face is turning fifty shades of red? After a while, however, I grew accustomed to and even bored with nude models.

      Thank you for the compliments to my story and the well wishes for my battered tootsies.




  • My, this is loaded with puns. I expect she enjoyed “nature” as much as she could that first year, opening herself up to new experiences. This is a wonderful story Rochelle. You’ve given me a great smile to start the day.


  • Great story, Rochelle!
    I thought of you yesterday during my brisk walk. The toe I suspect I broke 30 years ago, started throbbing. Yes, you will feel it until the day you die, not everyday but enough of them.


  • simply perfect — in all its glory — and having been an art student myself, it definitely makes me smile – clearly gods/goddesses can have shining moments of glory, in all forms and shapes!


      • Well I do believe there is a universal quality to the piece — and in some way, most would be able to relive that first experience of setting down to sketch with a live model. Lol —- it can be much more than anticipated, no matter how well prepared we may *think* we are.

        Shalom Rochelle 🙂


  • Mother hen seems to be afraid of letting the chick leave the nest which is perfectly understandable, but the little chick needs to experience the world and grow on her own. I believe she is well on her way to doing so.

    I find this story quite realistic. Thank you.


    • Dear Jen,

      Good to be back. The break and the visit were nice. I’ll be soon sharing some photos with everyone.

      Thank you for your kind words on my story. Playing with words is one of my favorite games. 😉




  • Rochelle, this is so different from your norm that it really surprised me. Too funny and I loved all the wordplay!

    Thanks for the naughty giggle with my coffee this morning. ~ L


  • Ah, yes, one must indeed study life in order to imitate it in one’s art. Fun take on the prompt. I especially enjoy the double entrendre of “There’s so much I haven’t seen.” So much indeed!

    All my best,
    Marie Gail


  • Virgin sketchbook, held her pencil erect, all that Nature had bestowed, study hard… Oh yeah, this piece is chockful of innuendo. As a matter of fact, I’ve always thought the word innuendo was an in you end o; )
    Love your word-play!:D
    P.S. Do you happen to know where/of whom this statute might be?


  • Great writing on a delicate subject. Very funny and cute! Thanks! Nan 🙂 Hope your toes are better – we have a huge roll of bubble wrap here – and it would help your toes to be wrapped up! 🙂


    • Dear Nan,

      I’m glad you thought it was cute. It was a fun write. But can you imagine? Some FF’rs are calling me “naughty.” 😉

      Bubble wrap has been suggested. I seem to be a danger to myself . I’d like to find a medicalert bracelet that says, “Klutz.”

      Thank you.




  • Dear Lady Astor,
    Plenty of subliminal sexuality throughout this little tale. Even if the model wasn’t truly blessed, she could always make improvements on the sketch pad. Hazel of Havertown would definitely approve. – Cepheus


  • Couldn’t help but to laugh. I was a model for art classes myself see? And remembered that girl, lol. On the literary side, the shift into naughty was plenty subtle, two thumbs up Roach Boss!
    Peace, Tay.


    • Dear Tay,

      Nice to hear from the other side. As an art student in those classes I couldn’t help but wonder what went through the models’ heads as the stood stock still and stark naked. Thank you for the two thumbs up.




  • “There’s so much I haven’t seen, Mom.” lol! Such a delightful story, Rochelle. I laughed and laughed. And I’m happy to see that you enjoyed your break! You most certainly deserve it. 🙂 🙂


    • Dear K.Z,

      It appears you’ve taken a break as well. It’s nice to see you back. 😉 Yes, this is one vacation that will linger in my heart for a while. Good friends do that.

      Happy to make you laugh.

      Thank you.




    • Dear Niff (or is it McNiff?)

      Thank you for commenting on my story. Glad you liked it. I had a lot of fun writing it as it’s just east of my comfort zone. 😉

      As you’ll see, I’ve posted some suggestions. I did enjoy your story. Certainly a dysfunctional family.

      Thank you again.




      • Hi Rochelle
        Yes, its Mc Niff, most usernames I tried were already taken.
        Suggestions duly taken on board. I have always had difficulty with punctuation, Will certainly work on that in the future.


  • Dear Rochelle,
    Your creativity never ceases to amaze and please! I loved the humor, the subtlety, the gentle hint at a blossoming sexuality and artistic ability, the dialogue … all of it! Great take on the prompt!


  • you undressed a very entertaining story considering all you went through while you were supposed to just be enjoying some down time for yourself. hope your feet are healing as they should – take care. 🙂


    • Dear Sun,

      This story was the epitome of downtime. I had a blast writing it and had personal input from a good friend during his visit. What could be more fun than that?

      As for the feet. Sigh.

      Thank you.




  • Beautiful, Rochelle. 🙂 I like your wicked sense of humor. I’m really late replying this week since I just moved back to this side of the world, but I’m glad I caught yours all the same.


    • Dear Keith,
      Thanks for taking the time to come back and read. I did have fun writing it. I can’t say I was as enthusiastic with my first male model as Evelyn is with hers. 😉 After I stopped blushing…




  • Dear Rochelle,

    Oh my goodness this was great! Virgin notebooks, nature and no parentals? Sounds like Evelyn is truly getting a whole new education! Love this!

    Shalom and Lotsa natural live,



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