The Gift

Published July 3, 2014 by rochellewisoff

For the first time in over two years I took a two-week break from Friday Fictioneers. The reason being that I had some special out of town guests and I wanted to devote as much time to them as I could. Many of you know these two stellar writers, Janet Webb from Naperville, IL and Douglas MacIlroy from Kamuela, HI.  

Since Doug planned to be in town for a couple of disc golf tournaments I invited him to the “Fields Bed and Breakfast.” Naperville isn’t far from Kansas City so I extended an invitation to Janet. One of the perks of having more than one guest room is that we can accommodate more than one guest.

Janet and me on the Sofa

It was nice to relax and get in some recreational reading. I think I was waking up from a recreational nap when Doug snapped the photo.

Doug at my desk

Doug sitting at my desk.

 One of the high points of the visit was a trip to Joplin where we had lunch with Russell and Connie Gayer. Since they live in Arkansas we met in a somewhat central location. On the way we stopped for gas in Webb City, MO. Doug snapped the next photo. Too good to pass up. 

Janet in Webb City

Janet Webb in front of that Webb City water tower.

photo 1 (1)

Connie and Russell Gayer. A rather serious expression on one of our favorite humorists.

photo 4

The man behind me is my husband, Jan. Connie took the picture.

We celebrated Doug’s victory in his division of the KC Wide Open. 


One of Doug's favorite Kansas City sites. A disc golf shop downtown. The photo's a bit blurry but the expression on his face says, "I've found Paradise."

One of Doug’s favorite Kansas City sites. A disc golf shop downtown. The photo’s a bit blurry but the expression on his face says, “I’ve found Paradise.”

Selfie in a reflection. Doug had to snap this one so you get an idea of the differences in our heights. (One of us has some.)

Selfie in a reflection. Doug had to snap this one so you get an idea of the differences in our heights. (One of us has some.)

While Doug was in Columbia for his second tournament, I managed to break my toe, the second in two months. You can read all about it here

Fancy Footwear

Y’all come back now. Take your shoes off…at your own risk.  

59 comments on “The Gift

  • Dear R,

    You look like you guys enjoyed yourselves, like you’ve found your piece of haven. I love it! And D looks like a 5 year old in a candy store 🙂



    • Dear Susan,

      A very sweet time. I have quite a few photos I didn’t post. Times like these make me feel that Friday Fictioneers really is a vast extended family. Color me grateful.




  • Hi Rochelle… It warms my heart to to read this post and see my friend Doug again. And, I’m damn jealous he got to see Janet. What a blast you guys must have had on your road trip. When I saw the fourth photo, I thought that you had stopped into the local Madame Tussaud’s and they had a statue of Russell. It was nice of you to not name the division Doug was in, but for those curious… it’s the old guys with white hair division. Yes, he must have thought he was in heaven, I didn’t know those shops existed… he probably needed a bigger plane back to Hilo. I see you are still getting milage out of the toe thing. We should have a convention of the FriFicFaithful in your neck of the woods. Ted


    • Dear Ted,

      There’s nothing I’d like more than having a FriFic convention.

      Doug called his division the Halt and the Lame. I didn’t know about that shop either until Doug found it online. Of course we had to go there.

      I tried to include K.D. McCrite and Madison in the Joplin meeting as a surprise for Doug but both of them had to back out at the last minute. Another time perhaps.

      I should have included the photo he sent of the stack of plastic he collected while he was here.

      Of course I’m getting mileage out of the toe. I have to wear this 5 lb. monstrosity for who knows how long I might as well have some fun with it. 😉

      All in all I had a great time and the goodbyes were tough.




  • Looks like a fantastic time was had by all – if you can host FF online why not host it in real life too?! Mind you, if you want to have everyone there, you might need to hire a convention centre!!!


    • We have a convention center in KC, Jen. Somehow I don’t think we could afford the fees. And then there would be the issue of where to house everyone. On the other hand, maybe we could get good rates at a local hotel. I’ve learned never to say “Never.” 😉

      It was a great time. I hated to see it end.




  • Sounds like you all had great fun. I think I’m jealous. But, of course, I’m not at all jealous of the fun you’ve had with your two feet. I think I’m going to tell that Douglas MacIlroy that the next time he travels all the way from Hawaii to Missouri, the least he could do is hop on over to the neighboring state of Illinois and wave “Hi” to me before he heads back to the middle of the Pacific Ocean for who knows how long! Janet’s a lot closer. I need to try to make a connection with her at some point in the near future. Of course, she’s awfully close to Chicago, and we here in Southern Illinois consider Chicago another country, so I guess “closer” is a relative term. Anyway, so glad you were all able to connect in “real life.” And thanks for sharing it with us.


    • Dear Sandra,

      Clumsy feet aside, i had a great time. You really should try to connect with Janet. I think you’d enjoy her. I love meeting my FF’rs in person and love it when I hear of others meeting as well. It does feel like an extended family.

      Thanks for commenting.




  • How wonderful you guys got together! Looks like a fun time. So sorry to hear about your toes. I hope this means more time to put your feet up at least. Thanks for sharing the pics!


    • Dear Amy,

      I wish I had time to keep my feet up. However I went back to work, Tuesday which means lots of time on my feet.

      The memories of this visit will remain sweet in my mind for some time to come.




  • You all look happy, carefree and relaxed, just as it should be. 🙂 So glad you all could get together and have such fun, minus the toe incident. I can see why you might have needed a vacation from your cake decorating job as well, with being on your feet. Guess you can’t very well sit down for that like you can to write and sketch. Hope it all heals up quickly.


    • Dear Joyce,

      We really did have a wonderful time. We didn’t do a lot of site seeing although there was some of that. Jan, Janet and I did go to the River Market while Doug was out in the heat flinging his discs. A lot of visiting. We introduced Doug and Janet to Kansas City Barbecue at Snead’s which has been open since 1956.

      Doing next to nothing today other than putting my feet up, answering comments and reading FF stories. Back to work tomorrow. Working is physically challenging but I’m sure I’ll get through it. 😉

      Nice to see you here.




      • We loved the KC Barbecue place. Ate there twice I think when passing through. Its nice you have made some good friends through FF. I would enjoy meeting some in person like Janet and husband Bill, and Lora, Jan and Madison and Ted. Don’t really know the others or new ones except for when I did the FF stories. I keep busy enough with my own writing projects and will soon be leading a writers group at our church when we form some new groups with the sole purpose of building a bond and relationship with new members and converts. Will keep me more busy, but really looking forward to it. Tell Jan ‘Hi’ for us and have a very safe and fun July 4th.


  • Looks like you had a lot of fun. Let’s get together soon–you and I–and catch up. (I’m borrowing my parents’ car while they’re on vacation this week and next, so I have transportation for once!)



  • Simply amazing Rochelle and oh so much fun. One fine day you will see me there too 🙂 Last month I had lunch with two blogger friends here and I posted the pics on my blog. Unfortunately WP was being tricky and my followers commented that they could not see the pictures I posted.

    You guys are fabulous. 🙂


    • Dear Celestine,

      I love meeting FF’rs face to face. I’ve met a few. I also love it when other FF’rs meet each other and send me photos. It makes me feel connected. I’ve felt from the beginning that there was something special about this group which is why I begged Madison to let me take it on.
      I’ll have to say that this past visit was a major high point.

      Prepare to be hugged whenever we do meet. 😉




  • This is SO fantastic! It looks like you guys had a really wonderful time; it’s so nice to see the photos and read about it! You know I’m a big fan of blog meetings, so if you get another together I’d love to try and meet y’all. Such fun to put faces to all those magical, written words. Thanks so much for sharing Rochelle!


    • Dear Dawn,

      This is one that I’d never have figured on a year ago. Although I met Russell and Madison a couple of years ago at an Ozarks Writers League conference I wouldn’t have figured on meeting those farther out. I have to give Doug the credit for getting the ball rolling or, rather, the disc swirling. 😉 The rest sort of “happened.”

      But, rest assured, should the opportunity present itself I would dearly love to meet you face to face.




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