5 September 2014

Published September 3, 2014 by rochellewisoff

Snorkeling in St. Thomas

Undersea St. Thomas 4 Meme

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The following photo is the PHOTO PROMPT. Let it ignite the flames of your imagination. Then, tell me a story in one-hundred words or less. 


PHOTO PROMPT -Copyright – Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

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Genre: Realistic Fiction

Word Count: 100


            Two months ago my husband bought a dehydrator, a nifty gadget that reduces ten pounds of apples to less than a pound of mummified slices in a matter of hours.

            “Think of the money we’ll save,” said Jeff. 

            “Seriously?” I rolled my eyes.

             The final straw broke when he dehydrated jalapeños.

            A short time later the dog begged to be let out. With my howling baby tucked under one arm and a handkerchief over my stinging nose I blindly kicked open the front door.

            It took a week to fumigate the house. It’ll take longer to let Jeff back in.

114 comments on “5 September 2014

  • The wife peeled and chopped ten pounds of onions for home-made chili sauce. Our oldest male cat loudly complained until we turned on the ceiling fan. Well done! You’ve grasped somebody’s reality. 🙂


  • It’s a good thing Jeff was caught in time, I heard that the garlic, onions, asparagus, cabbage, and all the near-to-rotting veggies that he wanted to save – were all next.
    In fact, Jeff’s wife might have just saved the world.



  • Dear Rochelle

    As Bjorn has already noted, the dry humour in this stands out. Don’t want too think too hard on what is real and what is made up , but loved your take on your take on your photo this week.

    Well done

    Best wishes



  • It’s a crying shame about those peppers!! Reminds me of the time our friends were over for a tapas party and Nate fixed some shrimp that caused such heat (both in the sense of the smoke detector going off and in eyes watering) that all of us had to open every window and leave the kitchen for ages.

    Happy, jalapeno-free birthday, my friend,



  • Based on the comments, this looks like a true story. In any case, it feels like one, and a lovely slice of life quite different from your usual style. I’m back, I’m reading and (as always) I started with you because I know I’m going to get something good here.


  • Dear Rochelle, This is so funny – poor Jeff and isn’t the truth that when (sometimes) men figure out how to do something – they go overboard and do way too much! Poor doggie, Poor baby and poor mom – I wouldn’t let Jeff back in for awhile either. Good story and hilarious Rochelle! Nan 🙂


  • Oh! Hahaha! Such a great piece blending reality with fiction. Sounds like Jeff is going to need that campfire for a while.

    I think Nan added a great historical note: best not to forget about some people learning something new and then going overboard.

    Hope you enjoyed your vacation. Welcome back!


  • Great piece! I detect a bit of humor here. Hee hee. Maybe Jeff can return when the sting in gone! Oh, that hurts! I’ve felt that with an accidental rub around the eye with jalapenoed fingers. Welcome back…although you didn’t really leave. I hope you had a nice visit with your son.


  • Absolutely well written — and so sorry that part of it is based on truth – yours. Indeed, some foods are dangerous when prepared certain ways …. my stomach is roiling at the thought of the smell. You’ve painted a very clear picture Rochelle!



  • Such a timely story…. my friends and I canned salsa yesterday and this morning I decided to put on the same shirt I wore while canning…. yikes… luckily I sniffed before I left the house. Your story is wonderful and confirms everything I have learned so far about husbands.


    • Dear Claire,

      They say you should write what you know. 😉 Of course I upped the ante on the drama of the moment.

      Boys and their gadgets indeed. We have a garage full of cast off boy-toys. They were once cutting edge had to have pieces of technology. Now they’re dust collectors that we can’t get rid of because they might have a use someday. Am I the only one?

      Thank you.




      • I had a first husband who was like that – had to have the latest thing, which then gathered dust. My second husband is the other extreme, anything I’m not holding down will be liable to be chucked away!


  • I think you know this is brilliant. But, it can’t hurt to let you know. Funniest thing I’ve read in days. By the way, I have to agree, jalapenos should come with a warning label. I have to cut them wearing gloves or suffer the irritating consequences.


  • Clever and funny piece this week, Rochelle. Interestingly, I first read this that she had freeze dried her husband (hence the smell and burning eyes). Then, I realized that this wasn’t your style, and the words came together in an entirely different, funnier story. Strange how we can see such different things from the same story!


    • Dear Grace,

      I usually steer away from using the prompt as a illustration. 😉 And some parts of the story are true, some aren’t. The beauty of writing fiction is taking an event and turning it on its ear.

      Thank you.




  • Very funny! I know how hot those peppers are. The first time I handled some, I washed my hands very well, I thought before I put my contact lenses in. Well, they had to come out right away.



  • Cute story, Rochelle! I love the title and “mummified slices.” Using mummified in reference to food is awesome. The first time I ever used jalapeños in cooking, I burned my hands. Lesson learned; don’t touch the flesh with bare skin. They aren’t even that hot, but I had to ice my hands for hours after.


  • Ha! Ha! We got kangaroo mince for our dog once and boiled it. The fans and the exhaust had to run for a very long time before the stench was purged. Maybe it was just a bad batch but I haven’t been game to try that again.


  • my eyes wanted to water up just reading about this disaster…a consolation for the fumes would be if it also worked as an insect fumigation treatment. zap the bugs down! ha-ha! great story and lesson in what not to dehydrate. 🙂


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