10 February 2017

Published February 8, 2017 by rochellewisoff

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Contrary to the familiar Thoreau quote, this week it’s what I’m looking at that matters in my story. 

Genre: Hysterical Fiction

World Count: 100


              Ethel, Cheryl and Ted strolled along the banks of Egg Lake singing “Alice’s Restaurant” in three-part harmony.

            “Walk right in, it’s around the back…,” sang Ethel.

            Cheryl chimed in with, “…just a half a mile from the railroad track.”

            Ted stopped at the lake’s edge and raised his trusty Canon. “Whoa, what a great shot!”

            Ethel frowned. “With all this beautiful scenery why would you take a picture of an old chair in the water?”

            “To post on my blog.” Ted snapped another angle. “I never know when that purple-obsessed midget might snag one of my photos for Friday Fictioneers.”




Ted and a familiar book. 😉

137 comments on “10 February 2017

  • I resemble that story. 🙂 Still taking photos as fast as I can, except on Wednesday mornings when I walk with a friend and her two dogs. As one of the dog-walkers, I have no time to stop (although they do from time to time.) Enjoyed this.


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    • Dear Iain,

      Ted does have an eye for oddities. He also has been known to take pictures from the dentist’s chair. I used a photo of his a couple of years ago of a tray of dental instruments. Gotta love it. 😀 Glad you laughed. My work here is complete. Thank you.



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  • Hysterical fiction. Ha. Great genre, or “gen-air” as I heard a self published author state on live TV. (Yes, really) Anyway, great picture and story. I have learned however, that you must be very careful in the presence of this Purple-obsessed midget. As one of her coffee cups state, “Careful, you may end up in my novel”. It’s twu, it’s twu” as Tweety Bird says.

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    • Dear Jan,

      I’m still amused and horrified by turns at ‘gen-air’ from someone who fancies herself an author. What’s more horrifying is that someone put her in front of a camera.
      Yes, indeed, I’m always trolling for interesting characters. 😉
      Thank you, M’Luv,



    • Dear Michael,

      I suppose I dated myself with that track. But the truth of it is that I can still recite whole portions of it. There’s one radio station in our area that repeats it all day long on Thanksgiving….”Now it all started two years ago on Thanksgiving…” 😉
      Thank you.




  • Dear Linda E. November,
    I clicked expecting to hear strains of Deep Purple, or heard you wailing some Barry Manilow jingle from the 70s.

    I’d say Ted has you pegged, both for your single-color obsession and your propensity to choose photos that make us say, “Huh?” for prompts.

    You’re in fine form today. Loved the self-deprecating humor.



    • Dear Ronald,

      I left you a little something to listen to on your page. And if you really want to know my theme song, here ’tis. It’s even my cell phone ringer.

      He he…I’ve often said,”I am my own anecdote.” 😀

      Thank you,



  • Dear Rochelle,

    What can I say? That story is even quirkier than one of mine. It’s very healthy to be able to laugh at yourself from time to time; especially in this world where everybody is taking themselves far too seriously; when they do poke fun, it’s at others in a derisory manner.

    You made me laugh. Your story reminded me of a Monty Python sketch! By the way, Ted has stolen one of my kitchen chairs for that photo of his 😉

    You know I said my granny was the same height as you. My grandfather was 6′ 4″, so could tuck her right under his arm. I once worked with an Irish nurse who was 4′ 10″. The patients nicknamed her “the mighty atom”, as she was very strong and energetic.

    All best wishes

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    • Dear Sarah,

      I know you’ll relate if anybody will, but one of my therapists told me that it was my sense of humor that kept me from jumping off a tall building. (Not to mention that I’m terrified of heights.) And to be compared with Monty Python is quite an honor. Has me singing “Always look on the bright side.”

      BTW, my mother was 4’10” to my dad’s 5’5″. In my family I’m quite average. 😉

      Thank you for adding a smile to my day.



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      • Dear Rochelle,
        All is lost without humour (humor). And yes, I hate heights, too.
        As for Monty Python, I remember watching the first ever episode on British TV as it was aired for the very first time. Wow, I could not believe that something could be so funny, so different, and so in tune with my own brand of quirkiness.
        As I’ve already told you, I’m the titch in my family at around 5ft 7ins and a bit, now my Granny is no longer around.
        Am glad to have made you smile.
        All best wishes,


  • Querida Rochelle,
    You are vertically challenged as I am as well – I think. (me- 5′) You’re sitting how would we know how tall you are. However, you are tall on humor this week. Gave me a real belly laugh. Bravo!!!
    I took a very different route this week. Poetry. Still writing about my Mom. So grim but the isolation of the chair crept those solitary moments into my mind. Hope you enjoy …
    Happy weekend to you, mi amiga.
    Abrazos y carino,
    Isadora 😎

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    • Dear Amy,

      When I worked at the grocery making signs, one of my coworkers referred to me as the “Sign Goddess.” 😉 At five-foot-nothing, I’m certainly no giant. Happy to give you a needed laugh. I think we all need one about now. Glad to see you back this week. I missed you.



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