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Today Pegman visits Yorkshire Dales.

Feel free to stroll around using the Google street view and grab any picture you choose to include in your post.

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A busy weekend and a case of writers’ block made me late to the party this week. As always a hearty ‘thank you’ to Karen Rawson and J Hardy Carroll

When I saw that we’re in Yorkshire this week, my mind went to one of my all-time favorite books, ‘The Secret Garden” by Frances Hodgson Burnett. I searched Google for information about the author who was a progressive woman of her day. Alack and alas, the pieces just wouldn’t come together for a biographical flash. As a child and, even now, I like to daydream sequels. So today, just for grins and giggles, I dashed one off.

The photo I chose is a garden in Yorkshire Dales.

Genre: Daydreamed Conception

Word Count; 150


            Colin sniffed a rose. “Springtime in Yorkshire. I miss it.”

            Mary knelt to pull a weed from her uncle’s grave. Standing, she brushed dirt and leaves from her swollen belly. “He loved this garden so. If it’s a boy we’ll name him Archibald. ”

            Dickon kissed her.  “A grand name our little ‘un.”  

            Colin’s eyes welled. “There’s magic in this place.”

            Mary swallowed. “Must you go?”

            Colin squared his broad shoulders. “I’ll stay until the christening, Cousin Mary. My patients depend on me.”

            At that moment, a woman with gleaming curls entered the garden and embraced Mary. “Am I late?”

            “I hope no one minds,” said Mary. “I invited Teresa to dinner.”  

            Colin flushed. “Pleased to meet you—Teresa.”

            “Dr. Craven.” She offered her hand.  “Mary says you have a thriving practice in London.”

            “I—I’m moving back here soon.”

            Dickon’s lips curved upward. “Aye, there’s magic in this place.”




48 comments on “IT’S NO SECRET

  • Love is a powerful force indeed. It moves mountains, changes the world, and convinces a certain doctor to reassess his priorities. All in the blink of an eye, or introduction, as it were. Good job.

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    • Dear Jan,

      It pleases me to no end that you see this as a stand alone story since it’s certain you never read the book. 😉 At any rate it was great fun to write out one of my daydreams and take you along. Thanks, m’love.

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    • Dear Karen,

      At least I follow so the Pegman prompt always comes to my email. 😉 I know how I appreciate being told when something isn’t as it should be in FF.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the story. I had great fun just letting my mind wander through my Secret Muse Garden. Thank you.



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    • Dear Lynn,

      I’ve concocted many variations on a sequel. Great fun. This is the first time I’ve actually put one of those ‘what if’ scenarios in print. In each one the three are great friends. It stands to reason that they would be after the magic they’ve shared. I like to think that Archibald Craven saw the garden through the eyes of his children and came to view it as a place of solace rather than sorrow. Thank you.



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    • Dear Jan,

      It makes me happy to see that this little story stands alone. I highly recommend The Secret Garden. Interestingly, Frances Hodgson Burnett didn’t originally intend it for children.
      Thank you. 😀



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  • This was indeed a lovely sequel to the story! I did like Jan and Googled the crib notes because I had seen the movie eons ago and had forgotten (I know, gasp!) the names and needed a reminder of the whatsits and whosits!

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    • Dear Dale,

      I don’t think any movie has followed the book too closely. I love the 1993 version even though it veers far afield in some places. However, I wrote this so both the whatsits and the whosits would fit either book or movie. 😉 (Because I can.) Thank you as always for sitting in my cheering section.



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  • A lovely story Rochelle. It reminds me how much worse my memory is getting – I used to read this book to my daughter, but had forgotten all the characters. It’s now my granddaughter’s favourite book, but she reads it herself, so I’m without a cover story if I re-read it.
    If you’re a fan of Harry Potter and find yourself flying over the Yorkshire Dales again (courtesy of Google Earth), you might want to travel a short distance south-west of where Pegman’s view was, to see Malham Cove, where the camping scene in Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows was filmed. If you’re not keen on HP, it’s an amazing place anyway.

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    • Dear JS,

      I’ve never read any of the Harry Potter books, but I’ve read The Secret Garden more times than I care to count. I guess you could call it one of my ‘comfort books.’ Thank you for your thoughtful comment.




    • Dear Michael,

      I searched specifically for a garden picture so i’m sure I passed by some stunning photos. 😉 (I envy the fact that you probably have a few that you’ve personally taken.) I’ve always loved the book and I’m pleased that you enjoyed my story. Thank you for taking the time to say so.




  • Rochelle your story has prompted me to write my own piece of flash fiction about a garden for a site called Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers.

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    • Dear Christine,

      i’ve been in love with Mary, Colin, Dickon and the rest for many years. I like to think their futures entwined. 😉 When i think of Yorkshire i think of them. Thank you.




  • I thought the names were all familiar. One of my favourite childhood books. About 20 years ago we used to visit an old gentleman in a stately home that had been turned into (very luxurious) flats for elderly people. In the beautiful grounds was the garden which was supposed to have inspired Frances Hodgson Burnett for her story – though this was in Kent, a long way from Yorkshire.

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    • Dear Hilary,

      You must be referring to Maytham Hall. I read a few bios on Miss Burnett thinking i might spin a little story about her. Alas, nothing really struck me so i went with three of my favorite childhood friends instead. 😉 Thank you for reading and sharing.




      • Yes, it was Great Maytham Hall. Our two toddlers loved to visit there, though I still remember the place because of my terror when our four-year-old vanished. After being so good on our visit, she flew across the lawns and just disappeared. There are a lot of grounds there, we ran in all directions, and I stood by a lily pond and thought, do I jump in. Luckily there was a shout behind me, as she had been found. She didn’t even know she had been lost, so all was well.


  • hey, that volume in your picture looks awfully familiar indeed. In fact, I wore that one out in my youth until the pages were beyond reading anymore. Loved your magical story, revisiting the old garden. Amazing what new things you’ll find…:) ❤

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    • Dear Jelli,

      I’ve probably ‘written’ Mary’s future a gazillion times in my mind. And the volume pictured is the one I’ve had since I was 7 or 8. Very precious to me. I’m glad you enjoyed the story and the garden that was magic to so many children over the decades. Thank you.



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  • Wonderful continuation, Rochelle. It’s much nicer than the film version (I think it’s 1993) in which Dickon dies in WWI and Mary marries Colin. I prefer your recreation because Mary and Dickon would make a great couple💖. I’m glad you imagined Colin also found love in the secret garden. Such a lovely book. I’ll be rereading it, too.


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