Published May 15, 2017 by rochellewisoff

This week Pegman takes us to Cirque de Navacelles, France. This week’s location was suggested by JS Brand.

Many thanks to K Rawson and J Hardy Carroll for hosting this unique challenge. 

Feel free to stroll around using the Google street view and grab any picture you choose to include in your post.

To enjoy stories inspired by the What Pegman Saw prompt or to submit your own 150-word story, visit the inLinkz button:

This challenge has become a favorite of mine and I couldn’t bear to miss it this week. This weekend has been an incredibly busy one. And as I’m working toward Book Four of my trilogy (coffee table companion book of illustrations and character studies), I hope you’ll forgive my posting an excerpt from my first novel PLEASE SAY KADDISH FOR ME. 

While the photo I chose is in Cirque de Navacelles, my story is not.

Genre: Novel Excerpt

Word Count: 149


            Rocks, frozen grass and thorns stabbed the soles of her bare feet. There had been no time for shoes, no time to dress. 

            Who would pray for their souls? Who would remember David, the artist or Mendel, the poet or Mama or Papa?  She forced her heavy mouth to shape the Hebrew prayer—Kaddish—prayer for the dead and prayer for the bereft.

            “‘Magnified and sanctified is your great Name…’”

            Havah Cohen detested its beauty. Her hands, held over her ears, could not blot out the anguished cries of friends and neighbors, fast becoming memories.

            “‘…in the world which you have created…’”

            Thorns grabbed at her nightgown and she fought to ignore the fire in her lungs. “‘…according to Your will.’”


            Brambles ripped into her flesh.


            The muscles of her legs burned. 

            Don’t stop. Run.

            “‘Let His great name be blessed forever and to all eternity.’”

Original Artwork © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields


    • Dear Lish,

      There are a lot of places where the books lend themselves to stand alone excerpts. Of course my hope is that more people will be drawn in and read the rest of the series. 😉 At any rate, thank you for your kind words.




  • Dear Rochelle,

    I remember this piece so well, but then how could I forget it, especially knowing all that follows? Of course, you know how much I love Havah, and that painting utterly captures the sense of her being cast out into the “wilderness”, both physically and emotionally.

    Re Alicia’s PS about the typo and your comment about lack of in-house editors, I think that even when stuff is sent out to freelance editors by publishing companies, often the MS is checked on a computer; thus, so much is missed. When things are proofread from hard copy, it’s much easier to spot the errors.

    You sound as if you’re being exceptionally industrious and focused this week. I hope you’re remembering to take time out to eat, exercise, and rest 😉

    All best wishes,

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      • Dear Rochelle,
        I was going to suggest a FB chat or Skyping session for today, but it sounds as if you’re too bogged under with work. I’ll sign into FB later and you can message me if you want a few minutes break, otherwise I’ll leave you be.
        Best thing is to stay calm and focused. I’m always behind with replying to comments and am in awe of you for managing to read all the offerings in FF every week. As much as I would like to have time to do so, neither am I fast and focused with my work, nor am I a magician who can stretch time.
        Good luck with your paintings, which are always quite beautiful.
        All best wishes,

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        • Dear Sarah,

          It’s not looking too promising for a Skype but I’ll play it by ear. We’re headed for a conference and I haven’t come close to organizing. We spent yesterday running errands. But the upside is that I’m closer to being ready for the art fair in June.


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