9 June 2017

Published June 7, 2017 by rochellewisoff

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No doubt everyone has their own version of my story. This came to mind on one such night where I solved all of the world’s troubles and none of my own. 

Genre: Somewhat humorous

Word Count: 99


            I stare at the ceiling fan, hoping to hypnotize myself into oblivion. Instead my tangled thoughts rage with each rotation.

            “Sherry ba-abeee…Sher-er-reee.”


            “I’m gonna make a you my-yi-yi-in.”

            “Authors are a dime a dozen. Chaim Potok I’ll never be. Loser.”

            “Come, come, come out toniiight.”


            Every person who’s ever wronged me comes to mind. I plot revenge.

            “We’ll dance the night awaaaay.”

            03:30. Numpty o’clock. I should just get up.

            Finally my head sinks into the hollow of my pillow and I succumb to a delicious wave of drowse.

            “Crap! I forgot to pay the gas bill.”




And just because I can. 😈 Buah ha ha!

117 comments on “9 June 2017

    • Dear Sandra,

      Thanks for “hanging” with me. I’m told that all has been worked out with the inLinkz issue. I guess I’ll find out next week. 😉 Fortunately last night I slept like a rock. 😉 Thank you.



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  • Hi Rochelle – I can’t find a way to add my story to the link up. Do you know if there’s an issue with it, like perhaps the end date was somehow wrong? (I tried to make a linkup this morning and I think InLinkz is doing odd things…. I struggled with it and finally started over with a blank instead of using one of my templates.)


    • Dear Jelli,

      John Lennon sang “life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.” He forgot to mention that those ‘planning sessions’ often happen in the middle of the night. 😉 Thank you.



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  • Wretched Woman! Ear worm indeed. Been singing it since I read this!
    Insomnia is a bitch, that is for sure. But it worked out into becoming this week’s muse. Kudos to you, Madame!
    This was so much fun…

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  • Love that ‘Sherry baby’ was running through your head – I do exactly the same thing when I can’t sleep. I go through whole songs and films (trying to pace through each without missing lines or scenes) or just stare at the inside of my eyelids and it’s amazing the pictures your brain can pick out – like seeing pictures in the clouds, but fizzing on the back of your eyes instead. I have had a few story ideas in this state – then fall asleep before I write them down and forget them by morning!
    Great story, Rochelle and one it seems many of us identify with 🙂

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  • Oy! I sure know how that goes. Last night I could hear a medley of all my daughter’s favorite kid shows. *sigh* I wish we had more choice in what we got for an earworm. Funny ending. I enjoyed it, Rochelle! 🙂

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  • Well done. I love this story because I live it with you frequently. It’s a wonder that we get any sleep between the two of us. There we go again, “Just the two of us….”. Every line becomes a song. You go girl…..

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  • Dear Morticia,

    Not braggin’, but I’ve had earworms that lasted for days. If you’re going to have worms, that’s a good variety to get. The other tend to cause problems in the lower tract. I’ve often wondered how some men can sing that high. Does the record producer put a band around their scrotum, or force them to inhale helium between lines?

    Inquiring minds want to know,
    Uncle Fester

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    • Dear Uncle Fester,

      Perhaps it was all the debt Frankie owed that kept him hitting those high notes. It was either that or Guido broke his kneecaps.

      I’ve had rotating ear worms. One leaves my head and another takes its place.

      Thank you for dropping by with your enlightening comments. Cousin Itt enjoys your visits. Wait…mail’s in. Thank you, Thing.



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  • I frequently lie awake at night worrying about my insomnia but then I remember the words of W.C.Fields “The best cure for insomnia is to get a lot of sleep.” I that find working in an office lets me do that. Nice story and a good song to match.

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  • Dear Rochelle,

    My picture! Thank you. I only noticed today that it was the prompt for this week.

    That old thing, insomnia. You describe it so well and with such wry humour, as if you’re joking about an old friend. Insomnia is so exhausting, especially the useless ruminations about past things that one can do nothing to change.

    These days I sleep well enough when it’s dark. In fact I nod off over a book immediately it’s dark, although I don’t retire to bed until 11 pm. The trouble is that it’s light very early at the moment (around 4 am, I think) and I’m like an animal, awake immediately. It’s then the hamster wheel in my brain starts if I allow it to do so.

    I hope you’re having a good and productive week. Let me know if you’re free for a chat tomorrow, but no pressure if you’re still immersed in artwork.

    All best wishes,

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    • Dear Sarah,

      I did have an appointment today but it’s having to take a backseat. I’m deciding where to go with the artwork next. Decisions decisions.

      I tend to fall asleep quite early…between 7-9 as a rule, but then wake around 10 or 11 and not be able to fall back to sleep. Frustrating times.

      Hope to chat soon.



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      • Dear Rochelle,

        I’ve been off-blog all afternoon, and have only just re-appeared again. Have been catching up with doing book reviews.

        Perhaps we can manage something next week now.

        Try to get some rest this weekend, if that’s at all possible.

        All best wishes,


  • What a great story and how I can relate to the mind that would shut OFF! I`ve suffered insomnia for decades but what comforts me since I started blogging was writing keeps me company and there is always someone in another part of the world that it is daytime and I can chat with sometimes. Chaim Pottock would be so proud to read your novels, my dear! What a great way to start my day listening to Sherry:)
    Shalom, Cheryl-Lynn

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    • Dear Cheryl-Lynn,

      I must tell you that you and one other friend compared me to Mr. Potok the same week. It was then I realized I hadn’t read his work. I did have a copy of “My Name is Asher Lev” languishing on my bookshelf. What a delight! I couldn’t put it down. And what high praise! Thank you. I would love to see my books as widely read. 😉
      I’m plagued with insomnia from time to time. Fortunately it’s not a constant. Glad you enjoyed my story and thank your for noodging me to read Chaim Potok.




      • Years ago I read The Chosen twice! Then The Promise and In the Beginning Twice again lol. I was so happy when the trilogy of Asher came out and I read them in a row…My Name Is Asher Lev, Danita’s Harp, and The Gift Of Asher. I think I will reread The Chosen again … such a gifted storyteller.

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        • I related to Asher Lev on so many levels. He made me question myself as an artist and Mr. Potok made me question myself as an author. 😉 A friend of mine who owns a used bookstore is holding copies of The Chosen and Davita’s Harp for me. I’m looking forward to feasting on them. 😀


          • The Chosen was my first and rereading it a few years later was still a treat…The trilogy impacts us on so many levels, spiritually, our faith, our purpose…I admired Potok so much for writing all that he wrote…he told us more than a story but let us take sneak peaks in the lives of so many wonderful, rich characters.


  • I came here for a nice little history lesson and now I have the four seasons going round and round in my head! I remember my parents playing this a lot when I was a little boy and thought it was the beach boys, not sure I’m going to be able to get to sleep tonight… 🙂

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  • You totally have a handle on this ‘sleepless thing.’ And I have to admit that I was just finally starting to relax when you blasted us with that last line. Bummer.
    Not only that, but now I’ll go through the rest of my day hearing “Sherry Baby” playing in my head.

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  • Querida Rochelle,
    I’m still suffering with this awful dental work. YIKES … !!! Hope yours is all done. : )
    LOL … on the song. They’ve been advertising the Four Seasons show in a town nearby. The song has been haunting me. 😂
    Sleep … awww … that creepy lil guy/gay who goes away. Yet, I don’t know of any teenager that has a difficult time with sleep. Don’t you wish you could sleep like that again. Perhaps, a nice infant sleep. No worries, no cares, just peaceful sleep. Oh well, at least we’re not alone in this dilemma.
    Hope you enjoy my late-story this week.
    Abrazos y carino, 😍
    Isadora 😎


  • The problem with insomnia is often you don’t it is insomnia until the sun rises. You lie there in hope that you’ll fall asleep soon. It’s only when the whole night’s been wasted that you realise you’re not sleeping that night. I enjoyed this take, Rochelle, like many I can relate to the situation.


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