20 July 2018

Published July 18, 2018 by rochellewisoff

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PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson

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Genre: Historical/Biographical Fiction

Word Count: 100


            Resting his chin on his palm, Freddie pouted and stared out the window.

            Fred McPheely ached for his grandson whose asthma prevented him from roughhousing outside with other children.

            Sinking down beside him, Fred ruffled his namesake’s hair. “Feeling blue, kiddo?”  

            “Yeah, I guess so.” The boy sniffed. “Grandpa, why do neighborhood kids make fun of me?”

            “Can’t say. Maybe they just need love. One thing I do know…”


            Freddie never forgot what his grandfather said next. As Mister Rogers, he repeated it every afternoon to four generations of young television audiences across America.

            “You make my day very special.”

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Fred Roegers – 1928-2003

Farewell to Trolley, King Friday, Queen Sarah Saturday, Officer Clemmons, Mr. McPheely. Daniel Tiger and the gang. You made us all feel very special.

96 comments on “20 July 2018

  • I’d heard of him but we never had the programme here in the UK – seems like a feelgood show for the family. And what a sweetheart, looking out for his poor grandson. I can only imagine how much of a thrill it must have been for that child to share his lovely granddad with the nation. Warm and lovely story Rochelle

    Liked by 2 people

    • Dear Lynn,

      I wondered if this one wouldn’t sail over the heads of my friends across the pond. However, I just felt the unction to write a tribute to this gentle man. I added a video clip in my reply to Neil that I hope will play over there. Sometimes youtube videos from the overseas won’t play here…I only just learned about his grandfather’s influence and that’s where my head went for this prompt. Thank you.



      Liked by 2 people

    • Dear Penny,

      You’ve put my mind at ease. I knew when I posted this one that it might go over the heads as far as recognizing him. He was a unique and gentle individual who spoke into the lives of countless American children over a span of 40 years. Thank you so much for your dear comment.



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  • This was a nice way to introduce Mr. Rogers to many who have never heard of him. He was part of MY growing up (well, age-wise). I am glad he is being celebrated with the new documentary on him. It’s next on my list of movies to see. Thanks.

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    • Dear Stu,

      He was like the comfortable pair of shoes. Always there. My kids loved the show and each watched it when they were small. I really want to see the documentary. The trailers are what inspired me to write my own tribute. (As you can see by my banner at the top of the page, I refuse to grow up, too. 😉 )




    • Dear Iain,

      The only film I’ve heard of is the Fred Rogers Tribute documentary. (see trailer in my reply to Neil.) Why not Tom Hanks. He’s already played Walt Disney, after all. 😉 Thanks for coming by.



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  • Though I didn’t grow up watching him, I’ve come to adore Mr. Rogers when I came across his shows as a young adult. His messages only got more profound with time. I wish more leaders had listened to him. I certainly wish this current one did …
    Thank you for this …
    My entry (already posted via little blue froggy but copied here), takes the prompt to another direction. Or does it? …
    Here’s to a better future and good lessons learned,


    • Na’ama Y’karah,

      My children grew up watching Mr. Rogers. At the time I thought his show was a little lame, but it was still hard not to be drawn in. His messages were simple, yet full of depth and truth and his characters were sweet. Not Sesame Street, but endearing and important nonetheless. Todah rabbah.



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  • This story made me say, “Aw” and “Ah” all at once. Sweet and comforting at the same time. I think it says a lot about what we all crave that his documentary is so popular. It’s on my list of movies to see. Thank you for the sweet respite.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dear Fatima,

      I knew when I posted this that Mr. Rogers would be a stranger to many. Happy to introduce him. Of course the point of the story is that one person can have an impact. Fred and his grandfather Fred, together impacted the lives of millions of American children. 😉 Thank you.




  • Nice tribute to one of the first US TV personalities to speak to kids on their level but with respect and understanding. Daniel Tiger’s neighborhood is still on TV. It is the current iteration of his ideas and approach, so i wouldnt say goodbye to him just yet! I know my kid likes it!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dear Andrea,

      He was a dear man. The more I read about him, the more I realize this. Thank you for re my tribute. My kids loved him, too.

      And on another note: I tried to paste this into your post this morning. You might find it in your spam queue:
      Ellen Best tried to comment and I tried to copy it. But I didn’t want you to miss a comment.

      Good morning Rochelle or maybe evening where you are … I am unable to leave a comment on no. 50 under the blue frog, 4963AndyPop (an error code prevented it) so I leave my comment with you in hope that she sees it.
      A stunning write, I am sure I heard the shush of the sea as I settled beside you; quietly absorbing the ambiance.



      Rochelle (and Ellen) 😉


  • Dear Rochelle,

    Lovingly told and you gave us some extra insight. In Canada, he did play but we had our Mr. Dressup 😉
    His voice used to annoy me because it felt too gentle and I just couldn’t listen to him. However, I think we definitely need more Mr. Rogers now more than ever.

    Lotsa love,


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    • Dear Dale,

      I have to admit that my thoughts were similar. Not that I minded his voice, but his show generally came on after Sesame Street or Electric Company and seemed so old fashion and backward next to those. I didn’t fully appreciate what he had to say and how he reached children like E. C. couldn’t do. I agree. We need him more than ever. Don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you got til it’s gone. Thank you, my friend.




  • Dear Margot Liberty W(T)F,

    Looks like you’re into your second childhood already. Is Oscar the Grouch going to abandon his trash can and move into the invisible box? What’s next, an expose on Miss Piggy?

    There’s no doubt Fred was good man. He touched millions of lives in a positive way.

    Think I’ll hang up my sweater now,
    Bubba Biscuit Boy

    Liked by 1 person

    • My dear Bubba Biscuit Boy,

      One has to have finished with their first childhood to be into the second. 😉 Oh..an expose on Miss Piggy? I’ll have to look into that. Haaaaaaay Yah!
      Don’t forget to change out of your tennis shoes.
      Thank you for being my neighbor.


      Margot Liberty W(T)F


  • Rochelle, thanks so much for this. I didn’t know Mr Rogers but I loved the video. He actually reminds me of the actor who plays Sheldon in “Big Bang Theory” and I mean that very positively because that actor has a really infectious smile like the gentleman here. How lovely that he got that inspiration from his loving grandfather. Best wishes, Jilly.

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  • Good morning Rochelle or maybe evening where you are … I am unable to leave a comment on no. 50 under the blue frog, 4963AndyPop (an error code prevented it) so I leave my comment with you in hope that she sees it.
    A stunning write, I am sure I heard the shush of the sea as I settled beside you; quietly absorbing the ambience.


  • Rochelle,

    Oh Rochelle, how very much perfect. I know this post is from back a ways, but Dale sent it to me after I wouldn’t stop gushing about the Fred Rogers documentary I watched on Prime. And how thankful to read this. Because it’s so true, all of it.

    Fred Rogers was a special human being the likes of which this world would never be able to repay in kind. Because his contributions were so vast and far reaching. He saved PBS, he raised a generation of kids and taught them that doing the right thing wasn’t ‘square’. He touched the lives of adults, those close to him and those who came to know him, and he left us all the better.

    I had to watch the video before commenting. I still know the words by heart.

    What a special man, and what a special post. Thank you.




    • Dear Marco,

      I saw the film at the theater with a friend last Summer. I never realized what a treasure he truly was. Thank you for jumping on the ‘wayback machine” and reading this. And…thank you for the very special comment to boot. It’s such a good feeling and you made me feel happy inside. 😉



      Liked by 1 person

      • I wasn’t aware of just how much good he did until I watched this. That scene where he went before Congress? WOW!

        I learned how to tie my shoes thanks to Mr Rogers. And I also credit my love for sweater jackets to him. 🙂



        Liked by 1 person

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