28 December 2018

Published December 26, 2018 by rochellewisoff

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For those who celebrate, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Another rerun this week. For those who have written for this prompt (and you know who you are) feel free to post a repeat as well. This is my story from July 12, 2013 . Time flies, doesn’t it? Thanks to all who have hung with me for the past 6 years. I’d list them, but I’d be sure to leave someone out. Hard to believe this is the last Friday Fictioneers post for 2018! A HAPPY HEALTHY NEW YEAR TO ALL! Shalom, Rochelle 

Genre: Historical Fiction

Word Count: 100


            Life in 1907 New Orleans made Rebecca Karnofsy question the “land of the free”. As in Russia, they were still persecuted. Scapegoats.

            After circling her hands around the candles, she recited the Sabbath prayer, ending with, “Omayn and Gut Shabbos.”

            “Gut Shabbos.” Louis’ smile eclipsed his midnight-brown face.

            “A fine boy.” Bernie patted his head. “Already he’s repaid my loan.”  

            One of the Karnofsky boys sniffed. “He just bought a dumb old horn.”

            Eyes wider than wide, Louis jumped up from his chair. “Someday dis whole wonderful world gon’ hear my trumpet an’ know my name is Louis Daniel Armstrong!”

Young Louis Armstrong with his mother and sister.




My Coffee Table book A STONE FOR THE JOURNEY is now available on Amazon KINDLE or Paperback. Hardcover is available at Barnes & Noble.com

The print version is also available on Amazon.co.uk. Amazon Australia and India have the Kindle version only. I’m not crazy about the formatting job they did on the Kindle, but it’s all there. 😉 

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95 comments on “28 December 2018

    • Dear Neel,

      I’m pleased you liked my story. Seasons greetings to you , dear friend. Please forgive my error in the link. It’s up and functional now. (at least this time I got to link first) Thank you.




  • Another great “roots” story. It shows what some kindness could do. He did go on to change the word of music and perhaps in some ways the world itself and it is possible it would never have happened without the Karnofsy family.

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  • Dear Lady Victoria W(missing T)F,

    What a great rerun. Thanks for playing one of my favorite songs. It is indeed a wonderful world. Or was, until I saw that photo of a MIME in the InLinkz panel of this week’s Hollywood Squares block of writers. It’s a good thing I hadn’t eaten breakfast or I might have lost it.

    That was baaaad,
    Billy D. Gruff

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    • Dear Billy D. Gruff,

      Louie made the world more wonderful by his talent, didn’t he? Obviously you don’t know true beauty when you see it on the inLinkz. (Harumph!) You baaaaaad boy. Thanks for stopping by. Now go away.


      Lady Victoria W(where’s my T)F

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  • Great story. As a boy, Louis learned to play trumpet in the Colored Waif’s Home. He left New Orleans and made it big in King Oliver’s band, but refused to play in New Orleans because it did not allow integrated bands. After the passage of the Civil Rights Act in 1965, he triumphantly played with an integrated band in the city’s Jazz Museum. I consider Louis to be the link between Roy Hargrove and Buddy Bolden. Definitely one of the greatest American musicians of all time.

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  • Another wonderfully written story about an amazing person who fought through adversity to make a difference. I enjoyed the video … “If lots more of us love each other we’d solve lots more problems and there this world would be better.” A wonderful message for the new year. Hope you and your family have a blessed new year!

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  • Dear Rochelle,

    Lookit you, number one in the Hollywood Squares!
    I love how you do this. Someone believed in him as much as he did. Yay Louis… And the world would be a lot less wonderful if he had not had this

    Lotsa love,


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  • Beautiful, inspiring story for another new beginning. Admire the way you write. Congrats on the new book, Rochelle.i will gift it to myself as a new year’s present. A
    Happy and healthy New year to you too.🙂

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  • Ah, what a grand tale this is. What a warming thought, that one persecuted group of people were there to support someone else from another persecuted group – separate but together despite all the world was determined to throw at them. And how that loan would pay off for Louis and for the world. Loved your title, Rochelle, so very fitting.
    Hope you’ve had a quiet few days yourself and thanks for the great choice of photo – repeat or not, it’s an inspiring one 🙂 All the very best for a healthy and happy 2019 and thank you for leaving such a lovely comment on Dale’s Advent post for Word Shamble. I was reading alone when I read it, but still it made me blush with pleasure. Thank you again

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dear Lynn,

      If we all pulled together what a wonderful world it would be, wouldn’t it? Louis did use that loan wisely and weren’t we all blessed because of it? Thank you for the lovely comment and the New Year’s wishes. I hope yours is a good one, to. As for the comment on Dale’s advent post, I meant every word.



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      • I loved Louis’ voice and he was such a talented musician, an innovator too. I read a book a while back set in New Orleans (The Axeman’s Jazz by Ray Celestin) that had a young Louis helping to solve some rather unpleasant murders. It might not have been realistic but it was intriguing! Thank you for your lovely words, Rochelle. Every one cherished, I assure you


    • Dear Liz,

      I might not be 100% accurate but that’s why we call it fiction. 😉 I truly can’t believe I’m into my 7th year of facilitator. It’s one of my joys in life. Thank you for hanging with me.




  • Fascinating story, made me google and found about his seventy-seven page hand-written document he entitled, “Louis Armstrong + the Jewish Family in New Orleans, La, the Year of 1907.
    “When I would be on the Junk wagon with Alex Karnofsky . . . I had a little Tin Horn — the kind the people celebrates with. — I would blow this long tin horn without the Top on it, Just — hold my fingers close together. Blow it, as a call for old Rags — Bones — Bottles or Anything that the people and kids had to sell. The kids would bring bottles and receive pennies from Alex.”


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    • Dear Shrawley,

      It’s only through a blunder that I’m first on the hit parade. It seems that I scheduled the list to live Friday instead of Wednesday. Oops. Fortunately there were only three who caught it before I woke up to correct it. You see, I schedule it all to go live at 2:30 AM my time. Before I retired three years ago that was my wake up time on Wednesdays. There you have it. Thank you for reading and commenting. And a Happy New Year to you and yours.



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  • Dear Rochelle, thank you for the lovely story. I never paid much attention to “It’s a Wonderful World” when it was first being played but now I totally get it. These days imo that song could bring a tear to a glass eye. I am late to the table with my responses this time and may even get a really late post up tomorrow. I got off a jet plane two days ago and I am still a little bug-eyed. I just wanted to say thank you so much for all you do and for welcoming me into a group which has consistently amazed, inspired and taught me stuff. Happy New Year, Rochelle, and many more of them, Jilly.

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    • Dear Jilly,

      How very kind of you to take the time to read and leave such a comment on my story after all of the traveling. I”m sure you’re fried. We were in the car for 8 hours Thursday coming back from our son’s place and we collapsed for the evening. Your comments re Friday Fictioneers is the reason I’m compelled to keep it going. (Besides the fact that I’m a comment junkie. 😉 )

      Thank you and Happy New Year,


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  • Dear Rochelle,

    Foist of all, Happy New Year.
    And yes, it is a wonderful world!

    I just got back from visiting my kids in Florida and saw that you stole a picture from my family album.
    Goasts of winters past, egad.
    Mine father never looked better.

    All my best.
    I couldn’t resist writing one for the road based on my own picture.

    Much love,


    Liked by 1 person

    • Dear Randy,

      As I recall, the photo was generously donated way back when. Todah Rabbah. It makes my world a little more wonderful to see you here. You should never resist. I hope you had a good visit with your kids…not the goat kind I hope. 😉

      Shalom and a Happy New Year,



          • I thought it was a book that would be better as an actual book, rather than a e-book. Until two weeks ago I haven’t really worked since my fall on Oct. 3, 2017. As you might imagine, money has been tight. I’m working now, in a job I think I am going to really like, but it is not full time, so we will see. Anyway…so…more info than I am sure you were looking for but, well, there it is. lol
            Happy New Year Rochelle!

            Liked by 1 person

            • It’s okay, Dawn. I do understand. I’m not crazy about the Kindle version. I downloaded it and the formatting is wonky IMHO although if you play with it you can see the artwork without it being warped. I haven’t seen the paperback and. at present, Amazon is selling it for the hardcover price. Barnes and Noble the hardcover. I can sell it for less, although I do have to charge shipping. And I autograph it. 😉 No rush. But I know you enjoyed the trilogy and this is a nice companion to it. IN any event I’m glad you’re doing better and have a job you like. Hopefully that will work into full time.



              Liked by 1 person

              • And even as I wrote I went to Amazon and saw that they have all three versions available. I think the site’s under construction. I wonder if they won’t sell the paperback for a lower price. We’ll see. 😉 Of course I’ll keep everyone posted. 😀


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