22 March 2019

Published March 20, 2019 by rochellewisoff

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The following is the PHOTO PROMPT. Express permission is given for the purpose of Friday Fictioneers only. It is proper etiquette to give credit to the photographer/contributor. Thank you. 

PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson


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Genre: Historical Fiction circa 1950

Word Count: 100


Eighteen-year-old Tammy set the cake on the table. “Seventy-five candles, Grammy.”  

Phoebe blew with all her might. “Wish James was here to celebrate with us.” Winded, she leaned back and shut her eyes. “We met in 1893. I was your age.


“May I sit here, Miss?”

Phoebe gazed into his startling blue eyes. “Certainly.”

“Think this contraption is safe?”

From their car at the top of the observation wheel, an unheard of 264 feet, she took in the whole fair. Heart pounding, she grasped his hand. He squeezed hers.


Tammy squeezed Phoebe’s stiff hand. “Give Gramps a kiss for me.”


For a little more about the Ferris Wheel CLICK HERE

The original Ferris Wheel at the Chicago Worlds Fair in 1893

118 comments on “22 March 2019

    • Dear Penny,

      I could have sworn I replied to your lovely comment earlier but it’s nowhere to be found so I’ll try again. I think Tammy is very close to her grandmother. 😉 Thank you for your kind and confirming comments. .




  • Great stuff. Thomas Berger wrote about the 1893 Ferris Wheel in The Return of Little Big Man. His story involved all of Cody’s Indians lining up to ride it again and again because it was like a giant medicine wheel. I guess the cars were enormous, too. People could eat lunch.

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  • A beautiful tale, as always. There’s just something about a ferris wheel that brings out the deepest fears imaginable for me. Now, to try to compile them into 100 words…argh, you set a high standard. LOL! We just got a new “sky wheel” here in Kentucky. I’ll have to check it out…from the ground, of course.

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  • How sweet!
    And so well written (not that this surprises me – your writing is fabtastic!)
    I never read anyone’s story before I write mine, so of course I find it fascinating when themes revisit, even if not at all in the same way or tone.
    Here’s mine:

    Also left the link at the New-Froggy, who still makes me redo everything from scratch each time, but I’m resigned that it had won … 😉


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  • That was lovely, though your seventy-five-year-old sounds older than I feel, and I will be that age on sunday! Forgive me for not visiting many other blogs this week – I will be in Tenerife celebrating with my girls.

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  • Querida Rochelle,
    Amor – siempre un tema que me encanta.
    Muy bien escrito.
    I’m afraid I can’t get Mr. Froggy to appear. I’m gone a few weeks and BAM all is changed.
    I shall continue to persevere and add it. Any hints greatly appreciated. I love directing visitors to FF. Enjoy your weekend …
    Abarzos y Shalom,
    Isadora 😎

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    • Querida Isadora,

      Gracias para sus palabras amables. ❤

      Sorry about the Mr. Froggy. Personally I'm liking the update. Unfortunately it's causing some consternation for a few others. No doubt there's a learning curve.

      Shalom y cariño,



  • Very poignant! I’ve posted my own story for this prompt and added it to inLinkz (at least, I think I have), but for some reason my post isn’t showing up in Reader – so I don’t know if anyone can see it! Since this is my first time joining in Friday Fictioneers, I’m wondering whether I’ve done something wrong or left something out. Maybe it’s just a WordPress glitch. Just in case, here’s the link: https://flagstonesfog.wordpress.com/2019/03/23/second-chance-friday-fictioneers/. Thank you.

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      • That’s great, Rochelle. I’m so glad I found the Fictioneers, as I’ve been wanting to try flash and microfiction for a while. It’s exciting to be here, and I look forward to reading more from you and all the other contributors.

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        • It’s only fair to warn you, Valerie, this exercise in brevity is highly addictive. I joined the gang 7 years ago and within a few months became the facilitator. (something I’ve NEVER regretted.) Not only did I find something that has helped my longer pieces immensely, I’ve found a global community of writers and friends.

          The key to making friends is reciprocation. Commenting and receiving comments can be half the fun. Some of those exchanges, have for me, spilled over into other areas and grown into lasting friendships.

          Enjoy the ride.



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  • Ah, that’s so poignant, Rochelle. What exciting points of contact rides and fairs and dances must have been back in the days when mixing with the opposite sex was such a rarity! The thrill of it. Love your structure here, the back and forth between the present and the past, that echo of hands from so long ago to the present that also represents something beginning and something coming to an end. We come full circle in so few words and it gives a satisfying whole to Phoebe’s story. Just lovely writing

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  • I don’t know how I missed this prompt or I would have had the girls on the ferris wheel at Navy Pier. I still might.

    Rochelle, as soon as I saw Dale’s photo, I knew you would take us to another ferris wheel in Chicago, the first one. I just didn’t know what I would see. I think this is one of your better stories I’ve read, the last line so sweet.

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  • I’m glad I can come back to Friday Fictioneers after nearly 4 years and still be wowed by your writing. Excellent!

    And I know I’m quite late to this one, but I just wanted to appreciate the writing and get back into the Fictioneers groove. No regrets!

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