1 October 2021

Published September 29, 2021 by rochellewisoff

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PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson

Genre: Non-Fiction
Word Count: 100

Seven years ago, after a long silence, Linda called me. “I need to hear your voice, Rocky. Are you okay?”

            I laughed, happy to hear her voice. “Those eating disorder days are way behind me.”

We called her Mother Tucker. She was a platinum blonde firebrand who never suffered fools gladly. No one saw through my lies faster, loved me as fiercely or hurt me as deeply.

            “I’m your bad habit.” She’d say, her eyes flashing ice-blue flames.

            Recently I learned the damned virus took her. I whisper through tears, “I need to hear your voice, Linda. Are you okay?”


I worked with Linda Tucker in the late 90’s. She saw me through the worst of my eating disorder. She’s also the one who nicknamed me “Rocky.” No matter how I fought it, the name stuck. My former coworkers still call me Rocky. For a time Linda and I parted ways (a story for another time…or not 😉 ) We hadn’t spoken for years when she turned up on Facebook and then called. R.I.P. Mother Tucker.

Linda was just a bit on the ornery side.

68 comments on “1 October 2021

  • Dear Rochelle,

    What a wonderful story! It’s so full of interpersonal compassion and conflict, so honest and confessional. Rocky and Mother Tucker — do I even want to know? Yes, I do.

    Peace (Rocky),


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    • Dear Bill,

      Linda wasn’t the tough girl she pretended to be. Not sure why but at one point, she stopped talking to me. It was weird. And when we reconnected I asked her what happened and all she’d say was, “It wasn’t you.” So now I’ll never know. Doesn’t matter. We picked up where we left off.
      You can guess on Mother Tucker. 😉 She just called me Rocky because she said I was a fighter. I didn’t think so at the time, but looking back I get it. Now I own the nickname.
      Thank you.



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  • Thanks for sharing. You are lucky to have had someone in your life who could see through the lies and still love you so fiercely. Strange how these, too, are the people who can hurt the most deeply.
    Your story reminds me of the voices I miss — voices I sometimes hear in whispers. I hope they are okay.
    Your story this week touched me deeply.

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  • Touching story.
    Sad that we will be missing many voices over the years…
    Time will come when our loved ones will miss us. Such is life.
    Sad that the pandemic has expedited the process & many have gone too soon…

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  • I’m so sorry for your personal loss, Rochelle. I know the feeling all too well. My heartfelt prayers are with you. It is a new reality we live in, isn’t it. I’m almost too terrified to try to call old friends, this damned virus has taken so many. Just Sunday, I pulled out a cd of Native Music, popped it in the player… and their voices reminded me that they are ALL gone, now. Making new friends isn’t easy, finding a new norm less so. Know that you are loved and wrapped in the security blanket of prayer. Shalom, Dear One. Shalom, Bear.

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  • Oh Rochelle, I’m sorry for your loss! Life takes twisty turns, doesn’t it? Some of them more ornery than others, all of them fodder for the stuff we are and stuff we share and stuff we may or may not write about.
    Thank you for sharing this with us.
    Am back to FF (and the bloggosphere) after a not-quite-planned-as-such time where there was just too much going on to sneak in any writing. Am still tired, but hopefully will be back to more ‘normal’ (I ain’t normal on the best days … so … 😉 ) in the coming days. Meanwhile was happy to have Dale’s photo as the prompt! 🙂 Hugs Na’ama

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    • Na’ama Y’karah,

      Someone once told me that “Normal” is a setting on a washing machine. And as John Lennon sang, “Life is what happens to us while we’re busy making other plans.” 😉 That being said, I’m happy to see you back on the squares. I hope you’re able to get some rest and time to regroup.
      Thank you for your kind words. I’m happy that things were able to be resolved long before Linda passed.

      Shalom and some restorative hugs,


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      • Gathering them restorative hugs and putting them within arms’ reach … 😉 Am working on it – this ended up being a more hectic trip than I’d planned for it to be, and it had started as a busy and complicated time to begin with … But, all’s well that ends well, and I’m happy to be back! xoxo

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  • Sorry to read of your loss, Rochelle. Those people who can see through us at times of crisis are the most valuable. He wouldn’t remember me even if we met, but I still remember a boy I barely knew who did that for me once. I wonder where he is now.
    This story is so raw and honest and, like others, I love that one line that tells so much about Linda and your relationship.
    Wishing you peace.


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  • Ah! Voices from the past. Sometimes you hear them and wonder where they went. Other times they haunt you and you wonder why they came back. But they always remind you of a life you once led and like it or not they are part of our existence real life experience. Good reflection, sad outcome.

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  • My old mentor called people like her angels with skin. Who says angels can’t be a little rough around the edges. When I hear she named you Rocky I think of the Sylvester Stallone character and his spirit and I also think of that song, A Boy Named Sue, where his dad tells him, “It’s your name that helped to make you strong.” My condolences on another angel going back to heaven. Thank you very much for sharing her story and her connection to you ❤

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  • Dear Rochelle,

    What a character! Rough around the edges, ornery, sharp, and vulnerable: “I need to hear your voice, Rocky. Are you okay?” Lovingly, you made her more than a photograph to us, and for your sake, I hope Linda is okay too. 💞



  • As a therapist, I always referred people who came to me for help with eating disorders. My reason: I had no training in the specific area, and there were others who did, and who knew much more than I about how to help. It is very difficult, as you know, to stop the obsession and the behavior. My specialty was trauma, which often plays a part in ED, and I could help them with that. Sometimes the ED faded as the trauma was put to rest.

    Anyway, I think I would have loved your Linda 🙂

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    • Dear Linda,

      I had a wonderful therapist for a season named Audrey. After a period of time she referred me to someone else because she felt she wasn’t helping me with my eating disorder. Although, she did help me in other ways, she felt she was ill equipped to deal with Annie. For me what finally helped was hitting the point I realized I was going to die if I didn’t stop.

      My Linda was quite a case herself. 😉 Thank you.



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  • Dear Rochelle,
    That’s a wonderful story; I’m sorry for your loss.
    “Linda was just a bit on the ornery side,” says your caption to her photograph. That may be so, but you can see the love shining out of her eyes.

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  • Querida Rochelle,
    It’s never easy when there’s a loss but age is the director of our lives.
    As much as we may dislike it, time continues to march on.
    Un cuento muy triste … bien escrito con sentimiento 💜
    Carino y Abrazos,
    Isadora 😎

    Thank you Dale for the beautiful photograph ❤️

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  • I’m so sorry for the loss of a special person in your life. Someone who saw you through a very difficult time. I know the sentiment. There are a growing number of people that I’d love to hear their voice just once more. Beautiful writing and wonderful tribute, Rochelle. (ps…I like the name Rocky – a fighter!)

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  • Condolences on your loss, Rochelle. Or should I say “Rocky?” I am sure she is looking down on you and possibly has a few choice things to say. Those are some of my favorite people and memories, the ones who keep you giving a good, hard time long after. ❤


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