16 September 2022

Published September 14, 2022 by rochellewisoff

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PHOTO PROMPT © Trish Nankeville

Genre: Poetry
Word Count: 100


Ah the warm smell of lilacs
Rising up in the air.
Daffodils, ever my favorite.
A feast for the eyes.
Flora and fauna.
Dandelion seeds delight children
Who blow them into the wind.
A Mid-Summer-Night’s Bad Dream.
According to Dr. John Bostock in 1828

Neither bleeding nor purging
The itch of the eye,
Or running of the nose,
Or the incessant tickle in the throat.
That was then, this is now.
Antihistamines bring some relief.
In closing,
A word of advice, my fellow allergy sufferers,
Take care whilst driving.
It’s impossible to sneeze without shutting your eyes.


74 comments on “16 September 2022

    • Dear Sandra,

      As I write I’m trying to wake up from my antihistamine fog. I did sleep well, though. 😉 This is the worst season I’ve experienced in some time. Fortunately I don’t suffer in the spring but come mid-August…achoo! The cruel irony here is that swimming in chlorinated pools can exacerbate the problem and we know I’m not giving that up. Thank you.




    • Dear Trent,

      This year seems to be a more challenging one than I’ve had in a while. In my much younger days I suffered terribly in late summer and fall. Although I read that swimming in chlorinated pools exacerbates pollen allergies so I’ll just have to put up with it until the freeze. 😉 Thank you re my attempted poem.



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  • Very true about sneezing… and when you’re short like me and sneeze hard it’s almost a given to crack your head against the steering wheel. Hubby says that one day, I’m going to sneeze and release the airbag… I foresee the snot spray with that one. LOL!

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  • Well, that’s a different and delightful departure for you, Rochelle! I don’t remember seeing you wax poetical before–maybe I just missed it 🙂

    It has been a VERY bad year for allergies here in my corner of PA. Today, however, the humidity is low, the skies are a heavenly blue, there’s a delicious breeze, the temp is only 63, and the pollen count is low. Ahhhh, Fall! i love Fall!

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    • Dear Linda,

      I’ve waxed poetic on very rare occasions. 😉 Perhaps before you joined.
      This has been the worst year for me in quite some time. I’m a big fan of all, too. Although this has me looking forward to a good heavy frost.
      Thank you for your kind words.

      Shalom and achoo!


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  • I might try a bit of bleeding or purging tomorrow. Something’s got to work! Although I’m relatively lucky, I don’t seem to mind the pollen. It’s the cats that get me. Particular the one who likes to lick my face when I’m asleep!

    Feel better soon

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  • Querida Rochelle,
    Blessed am I to not have this issue but hubby does. I can relate through his discomfort.
    Yes, some years are worse than others. I suppose nature is in charge of that. I hope it passes quickly for you.
    Summer is ending and so is my out-of-state company. I should be back on track soon.
    Abrazos y Carino,
    Isadora 😎

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      • Al is a sneezer when the allergies flare up. For some reason, it makes me laugh. I try my best not to do that. At least, it’s only in the Spring when flowers bloom. His eye MD told him to place a washcloth in warm water and place over his eyes to keep from scratching out his eyes. LOL It helps a bit. Hope it’s over soon … 💜 🍷🍷💜


  • I liked how you started the story so pleasantly and then brought in the goldenrod and ragweed. Shivering when I think of the old time doctors/barbers draining blood to alleviate itchy eyes. Our future generations will shudder at what we’ve done in the name of “curing.”

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    • Dear Keith,

      Thank you for the driving tip. I’ll try to remember that. Although that might be a challenge since I drive a standard transmission. 😉 Thank you re my poem. I wax poetic infrequently so feedback is much appreciated.




    • Dear Clare,

      My allergies kicked in when I was around nine. After that my school pictures taken at the beginning of the school year featured Rochelle the Puffy Eyed Wonder. 😉 I feel for your daughter. Thank you for reading and commenting.




  • Dear poetic pollen protestor, Rochelle,

    As I read your poem, I wondered, “who puts goldenrod and ragweed in their poem?” Next line, “Oh. I get it.” LOL

    The worst hereabouts is called Mountain Cedar (it’s really Ashe juniper) in Jan or Feb. I used to hike through thick yellow clouds of the pollen unaffected. Other times, I react to things one-and-done. But my wife is a long term sufferer of “nonallergic” rhinitis. She reacts to everything and must medicate year-round.

    My sympathy to all allergy sufferers of what’s in the air today. I did not know about the pool thing. I would have thought the opposite. There’s nothing like a dose of pool water up the nose to cleanse the sinuses. 🙂

    Wonderful poem. Made think of the “Ned Nostril” song by Ray Stevens. LOL.



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    • Dear Bill,

      I never heard Ned Nostril before. That was too funny! That’s a lotta schnozz. I have tears in my already watery eyes. 😉
      My husband suffers from nonallergenic rhinitis as well. His is compliments of the burn pits in the Mideast when he served during Enduring Freedom. Although he doesn’t seem to react to pollen.
      Glad you enjoyed my poem. Thank you for sharing Ned with me. Not sure how that went right under my nose. Nothing to sneeze at.

      Shalom and achoo to you, too,


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    • Dear Adele,

      In my teens and twenties my allergies were much worse. I took shots with no relief. Then in my late thirties, early forties they seemed to go away. Now they’re back and could be so much worse. Thank you re the poem and advice. )



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  • Fabulous!!! A mid-summer night’s bad dream. Perfect. I’ve lived it off and on for the past 50 years and I’m still trying to figure a way to keep my eyes open. When I’m not rubbing them!

    Write on dear friend.

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    • Dear Bradley,

      Glad I found out who commented. 😉 I’ve tried keeping my eyes open while sneeziing. It doesn’t work. And rubbing the itchy eyes is the worst. I actually was able to wear my contacts for a few hours today.

      Thank you and shalom, my sweet friend,



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