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4 January 2013

Published January 2, 2013 by rochellewisoff



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Atiya Townes -January 3

David Stewart -January 4

Erin Leary-January 10

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This week’s photo prompt from Lora Mitchell seems to be just the right one to launch the new year.

Copyright - Lora Mitchell
Copyright – Lora Mitchell

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Genre: Historical Fiction

During China’s Song Dynasty (970 – 1260), seen as property,  a woman’s sole purpose was to please her husband.  Officially sanctioned, foot-binding became the essence of feminine beauty. The smaller a woman’s foot, the better her chances of marrying well. The practice continued into the 20th century until China came under Communist rule. To read more on the subject, click here.


             With highly prized feet that fit a man’s palm, bones bound and crushed in childhood, Zhen Xi’s youthful beauty caught wizened warlord Han Donhai’s eye.

            Every night she endured the beatings that followed his inadequacy. She feared he’d too soon discover her secret and she’d suffer the same fate as three past wives who died under his sword for failure to conceive.

            Seven months after the wedding, fireworks spangled the sky in celebration of Donhai’s nine pound heir.

            Hours later his blade flashed above her.

            “You faithless whore!”                      

            She smiled. Her child would live while her unbound spirit ran free. 



.Chinese girl with bound feet

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